Exclamation to confirm a selection, for example, when selecting seats: " 'I call this seat.' 'I call that seat.' 'OK, boarded.' "
Jonathan E. Dyer



re: Boahded

Born and raised in Hyde Park and Dorchester. Educated at the Boston Latin School.I've never heard of "Boahded", rather the term is that I hosied the couch.Also, where on earth did Bobos come from. In my world they were called Sperry's or topsydahs, after the manufacturer...Sperry Topsiders.Worcester has never been pronounced as Wistah...I has always been Whoo(like book)stah.

re: Boahded

We used boahded growing up all the time, but excluisively when playing football. On 4th down the offense would have to yell "call it on the snap boahded." before the defense yelled, "4th down, no snap boahded." Which pretty much meant that you'd have to say wheather you were gonna punt or go for it before you lined up.

re: Boahded

When my sisters and I were driving my mother crazy, she used to say, "You're driving me to Wistah!" She was referring to the state mental hospital that was out there. Don't know if it's closed. Anyway, in Lowell we always pronounced it "Wistah." Actually, I've always believed there is a Lowell accent, where people move out of and into "Brica" and "Chemsfud". I can go into Boston and they often wonder where I'm from.