Female undergrament. "I have to buy a new brar, the straps on this one have had it".
Debra DeSando



re: Brar

this is actually only true when the following word begins with a vowel. it would not be "i have to buy a new brar, the straps...etc.," it would be "i need a new brari'm goin' crazy wit dis one." the attached r makes the two words become one.

re: Brar

OMG! That is a trip!! My wife is from Lynn, MA and Im from California and I always wondered why she said "brar", LOL. We lived together in Beverly for almost a year and I always thought it was just how SHE said it. And I only heard a few others say it like that too. Now I know. Too funny! She also introduced me to "all set", and she had me sayin' it in no time!!