Peking ravioli

Peking ravioli, from #7 Chinese Cuisine in West Roxbury.Peking ravioli, from #7 Chinese Cuisine in West Roxbury.

A dumpling filled with meat, found only at Boston-area Chinese restaurants, unlike in the rest of the world, where they eat just dumplings or potstickers (except for Paris, where they loves them some raviolis pekinoise). Joyce Chen came up with the name in the late 1950s and it, well, stuck.

-- Marty St. George.


Twitter chimes in: What do they call them westa Wuhstuh?

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Boston isn't the only place!

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There is one other place where I've seen them called Peking Ravioli - it's what they're called in Paris. It's Ravioles Pékinois there.

Another hyper-local "Chinese" item

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Something very local, found in Salem at the Willows, is a "Chop Suey Sandwich" using a hamburger roll.