What the natives call Roslindale, Boston's premier neighborhood; also an adjective for a person or place in the neighborhood. Not to be confused with Southie, Eastie or Westie.




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Hey Everybody!!!Looks like I'll have to make a visit to my town Rozzie.Ofcourse my name is Rosalind , I nicknamed myself in the first grade and it stuck!!

But in the olden days

In the olden days, it was Roslindale Village. I think people started calling it The Square around the 60s. I don't know if there was another name before they called it Roslindale Village the first time around.


I use both terms. The square

I use both terms.

The square is bounded by South St., Poplar, and Washington. The village encompasses the larger area. I can say that I live in Roslindale Village, but am 2 blocks from the square (dare I say village square?).

On another historical note, I believe that the train station has been Roslindale Village for several decades, although it was at one time called Ssouth Street Crossing.

The train station is

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The train station is Roslindale Village, the busses say Roslindale Square. My family's been here since 1900 and all my relatives used to call it the square and never knew it otherwise. Whatever you call it, it's the best damn place to live...until you pass American Legion then...not so much!


perhaps a 3rd?

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how about just ROZ (soft "o") / LIN / DALE ?
seems to work for me

not too sure about "RAW" or "ROSS", meaning that those may be ways some folks pronounce the word (due to dialect, accent, etc.), but grammatically speaking, I think this way fits. this is how most of my Rozzie neighbors pronounce it.

Roslindale name

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From Wikipedia: In the 1860s, the area was called South Street Crossing, due to the railroad's intersection with South Street. However, when the community applied for a post office district of its own, the name "South Street Crossing" proved to be unacceptable to the government. The name Roslindale was suggested by John Pierce, a well-traveled member of the community, who told the assembled citizens that the area reminded him of the beautiful historic town of Roslin, Scotland, outside Edinburgh. Pierce thought the area was like a dale because of the hills surrounding it. Thus the combination of "Roslin" and "dale" was submitted to the United States Postal Service and the name Roslindale was formally established.

Rozzie or Rozzi?

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can anyone that's been (lived, worked, etc) here in Roslindale "foreva" confirm which spelling is more lilkely the correct one? as a Rozzi resident since '99, I've grappled with this exact issue.

my opinion is that when I read "Rozzie", I want to pronounce the word as you would "Rosie" or "Rosey" (a female's name or the like). conversely, when I see it spelled "Rozzi", I want to pronounce it "rah-zi", which I can attest is how everyone I know whether they live here or not pronounces it.

thanks for any clarification on the spelling and/or pronunciation of our fine 'burb!


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