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re: Woof

"Woof" is gay slang used by guys to describe an attractive rugged manly guy. (i.e. You would say so and so is pretty "woof", or you could just say "woof" to the guy.) It can also mean "I dig you." etc.. It is usually used to, or when describing someone who is masculine but gay. It is the equivalent to how guys used to whistle at a woman in the 70's, but it is normally directed to another man, and the man is generally beefy and rugged.

re: Woof

"Woof" in gay terms is the canonical gay bear sound of approbation. It's not a dog's 'woof', rather the breathy 'wuf' a bear makes when showing interest.For those coming up to speed on Gay Subcultures 101, "Bears" (& Cubs, Muscle Bears, Daddy Bears, Polar Bears, Wolves, Otters, and other assorted furry menagerie) are the big hairy friendly lugs of the gay community. They range in size and shape but are typically identified by their Paul Bunyan attire and hirsute face.There are Bear Clubs ("Mass Bay Bears") for Bears & fellas who are into Bears to get together to socialize. Bear Magazines, offering everything from porn ("Bear", 'American Bear", "Euro Bear", "Grizzly", etc.) to lifestyle tips ("A Bears Life"). Bear websites ("Bear411") for online congregating. Bear Events ("Out of Hibernation", "Int'l Bear Rendezvous", "Bear Trek"), and of course Bear Bars ("The Alley Bar"). There's even an annual "Mr. New England Bear" title holder.The phrase "woof" and term "Bear" are widely recognized in the popular culture these days with references popping up everywhere from "The Simpsons" to "The New Republic". Indeed "Bear" has gone internationial with "Bear", "Orsi", "Orso" etc. groups organizing & fraternizing around the globe.Locally resources to check out are:The Mass Bay Bears, Eastern Massachusett's Bear Clubhttp://www.MassBayBears.orgThe Alley Bar, a popular downtown Boston Bear barhttp://www.TheAlleyBar.com

Woof vs. Wuf

Often the "Bear" culture claims more ownership of gay culture and gay terminology than is actually theirs. "Wuf" is a "bear call" as described while "woof" CAN simply mean a call of attraction IE: You're hot, I like you etc. It's a term that connotes an involuntary attraction to another guy, usually "masculine" or more "normal" or "str8" appearing guy to either a gay appearing guy or another "normal/regular/str8/masc" (whatever term u like) appearing gay guy.

So please Bears, have your culture but you don't have to own all the masculine gay terminology!


My brother-in-law got woofed at...

I recently uploaded a photo of my brother-in-law and nephews onto Facebook, and one of my friends "woofed" at him - he called my sister in a panic, thinking that somebody thought he was ugly... My sister and I had fun explaining to him what it meant to be "woofed" at by a gay guy...I think he felt better after that!!


The History of Woof!

Woof... Started in a gay bar called "The Stud" on Andrews Avenue in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the early 1990's by 3 guys named Bobby, Ziggy and Twinkie (Micheal). After watching the movie "Young Frankenstein" for the 100th time, the boys set off cruising A1A for "Fleet Week" in a blue Chrysler LeBaron convertible. Woofing and barking at all the hot sailors in uniform as a tribute to Madeline Kahn from a scene in "Young Frankenstein" when the Monster unzips his pants for the first time. Seeing what the Monster had, Ms Kahn couldn't say anything but her trademak "WOOF!". Later that night at the Stud, the guys continued drinking and Woofing at hot, masculine men and almost got into a few fights because some people thought they were being insulted. The Stud being the number one club at that time, with tens of thousands of gay men from all over the world coming there each and ever year, getting laid and Woofed at, it caught on. Just like with most things gay, if one does it, all do it. Now, for us who were there, it is laughable to hear. So, the next time you hear "Woof!", laugh, think of Madeline.