Zoo on

To make fun of: "What are you, zooin' on me?" Heard in Hyde Park.
Dan Lebowitz



re: Zoo on

Zooed was coined in Marsh-Vegas in 1980 on the Furnace Brook Middle School Band trip to the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Derivations include:1. When playing a joke on some one "You bin zooed"2. When confused "I am totahly zooed"During this time, "wicked nippa pissa cool" was also coined!That is also when Marshfield was given the name "Marsh-vegas". . . thanks to Mandy! The class of 1985 had a lot to do with this, as well!

re: Zoo on

I have been known as Marsh Vegas for about 20 years, first called this when I lived in an area of Antigua called Marsh Village.