Hyde Park

By - 5/20/13 - 3:51 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Michael Corbin and Earl Fulgiam for the 2011 double murder of Billie Marie Kee and Kevin Thomas, Jr. in their apartment at 957 Hyde Park Ave., the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

The verdict means a mandatory sentence of life without possibility of parole.

According to the DA's office:

The evidence and testimony showed that the

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By - 5/3/13 - 10:09 pm

Chocolate Strong

At Ron's in Hyde Park.

By - 4/18/13 - 1:02 pm

At 12:42, State Police tweeted:

Report of explosion at Hyde Park Commuter Rail station is unfounded. Bird flew into overhead power lines. Responding units called off.

Ed. note: I was listening to Boston Fire on the scanner at the time, and they were just responding to a report of smoke underneath the River Street bridge - which was gone when they got there -... Read more

By - 3/26/13 - 8:02 pm

Yes, Hyde Park has a town/gown problem. James Thomas, one of the owners of Master McGrath's on River Street, told the Boston Licensing Board today that Thursdays are Curry College nights and that the bar employs two door people to check IDs and make sure only students from the college just over the line in Milton get in.

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By - 3/14/13 - 7:29 am

Jose "Joey" Carrasquillo of Roxbury was ordered held without bail yesterday at his arraignment on a murder charge for the death of Orlando Guerrero at the Mandela Homes project in December, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to prosecutors:

Boston Police homicide detectives conducted an interview with Carrasquillo in which he allegedly admitted to robbing Guerrero with another man. Carrasquillo allegedly admitted

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By - 3/11/13 - 3:02 pm

UH has been OK about reporting on the Townsend's shenanigans and delays. Adam's less invested than those of us in lower Hyde Park though.

We're fairly giddy watching sudden activity on the signs of biz. For over a year, a FOR RENT sign has been in the front window by the bar; shades have been down and nothing visible. In the past week:... Read more

By - 3/6/13 - 6:24 am

The Globe reports a West Roxbury District Court magistrate didn't find probable cause for criminal action against Kenneth Veiga, who was suspended from his job last month after, police say, he threatened a superior with carnage. That came following an incident at the Readville fire station.

By - 3/1/13 - 8:11 pm

Stanley Staco reports somebody in a gray Jeep shot up the area around 1295 Hyde Park Ave. around 7:15 p.m.

The location is roughly a block south of the E-18 police station.... Read more

By - 3/1/13 - 1:54 pm

Join Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders at our annual Summer Party held outside in the heart of Provincetown, MA on Saturday, July 27 from 4:00-7:00PM. Enjoy the view of the harbor, mingle with other GLAD supporters and learn more about our ground-breaking cases.

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By - 2/23/13 - 4:19 pm

Mike Ball reports from the Boston Snow Dog Run today near the Stony Brook Reservation skating rink.

Those of us with images of driven Ititarod racers fairly devouring 1,000 miles of ice and snow were obviously amused at the huskies playing with each other and sometimes pulling in different directions. It seems they are largely pets who have a great time. Getting them competitive

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By - 2/21/13 - 10:28 pm

A firefighter charged with threatening to go on even worse of a rampage than that Los Angeles cop was angry when the fire department ordered him back to work from a leave granted after he tackled another firefighter trying to kill himself in the Engine 49 firehouse in Readville, a source says.

The incident, about a week ago, ended with Kenneth Veiga covered in blood... Read more

By - 2/13/13 - 2:21 pm

Fish heads

Local lad at Shaw's on Hyde Park Avenue has fun with fish heads.

By - 2/13/13 - 1:00 pm

The long closed restaurant at 81 Fairmount Ave. could soon re-open as the Fairmount Grill.

Christopher Rassias went before the Boston Licensing Board this morning for permission to open an American bistro with "upscale dining at affordable prices" at the site of the former Townsends. With board approval, Rassias would buy a full liquor license being given up by Clarke's, a shuttered South Station pub... Read more

By - 2/2/13 - 12:44 pm

Boston Police are looking for a group of teens that may be responsible for 10 housebreaks over the past couple of months in the area along River Street between Metropolitan and Wood avenues.

The breaks typically occur during daytime and the thieves are not averse to kicking in rear doors or breaking windows to gain entry and steal jewelery, cash and small electronics. In e-mail... Read more

By - 1/11/13 - 11:24 am

Confirmed flu cases (l) and rates of ER visits for flu-like symptoms. Source: BPHC.Confirmed flu cases (l) and rates of ER visits for flu-like symptoms. Source: BPHC.

City statistics for the week ending Jan. 5 show Roxbury and... Read more

By - 12/23/12 - 9:23 pm

Fairmount Hill lights

Darryl Houston captured the daylight-powerful lights on Fairmount Hill in Hyde Park - put up by a guy who rents an aerial lift to ensure no surface is unilluminated.

Uma Mirani photographed Cambridge Common:

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By - 12/20/12 - 11:25 am

UPDATE: Arrest made.

GuerreroBoston Police report a man fatally shot in the head Saturday morning outside the Mandela Home housing project on Windsor Street was Orlando Guerrero, 42.

According to his obituary, Guerrero was a native of Bani, Dominican Republic, where many of Boston's Dominican residents come. His funeral... Read more

By - 12/13/12 - 12:46 pm

Boston Police report officers found a Ford Explorer crashed into the garage at the BPD evidence-storage facility at 1545 Hyde Park Ave. around 2:45 a.m.

The driver, an off-duty Boston Police officer, was semi-conscious and had "serious injuries to his head, face, neck, shoulder, and chest area," but is expected to survive, police say.

BPD Internal Affairs is now investigating the crash;... Read more