Jamaica Pond

By - 9/6/14 - 8:05 pm
Fire response to missing swimmer in Jamaica Pond

Fire crews looking for swimmer near the boathouse. Photo by Kevin Murray.

UPDATE, 11 p.m.: Boston Fire Department reports not finding anything, all units leaving.

UPDATE, 8:12 p.m.: Dive team being called in to search the pond.

Witnesses told police and fire responders the woman got in the water around 7:15 p.m., then swam toward the center of the pond. Only problem is while one witness said she walked into the water near the boathouse on the Jamaicaway, others said they saw her enter the pond on the opposite side, off Perkins Street.

By - 7/6/14 - 2:02 pm
Flamingos in Jamaica Pond

Sometime overnight, a flock of pink flamingos landed on the island at the Perkins Street end of Jamaica Pond. The pond's native geese and ducks gave them a wide berth.


H/t BostonStrolls.

By - 7/4/14 - 10:22 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette interviews Rob White - at JP Licks, of course.

By - 4/9/14 - 12:08 pm

The city Parks and Recreation Department says it's installed a WiFi hotspot in the area of the boat house and bandstand.

By - 2/15/14 - 3:51 pm
Jamaica Pond at the start of the storm

Rachel visited Jamaica Pond around 3:30 p.m.

By - 12/13/13 - 7:00 pm
Tobogganing in Franklin Park

The BPL has posted lots of photos of Boston in the snow in the old days, such as this postcard showing tobogganing at Franklin Park sometime in the early years of the 20th century.

Back in 1941, the city still used one-horsepower plows on the Common, as Leslie Jones showed:

By - 10/20/13 - 9:58 am
2013 Lantern Parade in Jamaica Pond

Steve Garfield took in the annual lantern parade around Jamaica Pond last night.

Posted under this Creative Commons license.

By - 6/11/13 - 9:53 am

FasterHorses recounts what happened as he was panting on the pathway following a particularly hard run around Jamaica Pond yesterday:

A girl (walking) who I had passed about 50 yards back caught up to me. She signaled for me to take off my headphones and said, "I don't know who you are, but I just wanted to say that you're awesome and I want to give you a high-five. I always want a high-five when I run, so here's a high-five."

By - 2/26/13 - 5:01 pm

Late this afternoon, Boston firefighters and EMTs rushed to the Jamaica Pond boathouse, off of which a man took a plunge into the ice-covered water after his dog did likewise, a day after a woman and her dog had to be rescued from the icy depths. Both man and beast got themselves out and left the scene before emergency responders could ask any embarrassing questions.

By - 2/25/13 - 4:55 pm

Boston EMS tweets the woman was taken to a local hospital this afternoon to be checked out after firefighters and police managed to get her out. The dog was also recovered alive, Alex Jones tweets.

By - 1/27/13 - 6:55 pm

Geese on the move on Jamaica Pond

We spent a some time on the north side of Jamaica Pond today, watching the geese (and some ducks and one seagull) flocked around the one remaining patch of open water on the pond (what looks like open water near the boathouse in the photos below is actually ice):

By - 9/16/12 - 4:04 pm

A color-conscious citizen complains about a brownish light pole on the path around Jamaica Pond:

Doesn't match color of every other streetlight around the pond. It's not black.

By - 8/31/12 - 8:37 am

Jamaica Plain Patch reports.

By - 7/3/12 - 9:08 am

Tree go boom

Andy Dean spotted this downed tree this morning on the Perkins Street side of Jamaica Pond.

By - 10/23/11 - 12:18 pm


Leslee took in the lantern festival at Jamaica Pond last night. The lantern parade continues today, starting at 6 p.m.

By - 10/19/11 - 6:23 pm

Ron Newman gets e-mail from the Forest Hills Educational Trust that the cemetery has put the kibosh on the trust's once annual Nov. 2 celebration of the Mexican ritual.

JP fans of the mystical will instead have to content themselves with this coming weekend's Lantern Festival at Jamaica Pond.

By - 9/15/11 - 11:20 am

Walk/Don't walk

At the brand-new crosswalk installed by the DCR on the Jamaicaway at Jamaica Pond, Carol Garfield ponders how, exactly, the state wants her to get across the road.