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Jamaica Pond sunset
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Will make U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan, who brought the charges against her, an issue, the Globe reports.

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Boston Daily gets ahold of Councilor Turner, who tells the media to look up what Jesus said about juries or something and leave poor Wilkerson alone, judge not and all that. He also says he wouldn't support Sonia Chang-Diaz because she lives in a white neighborhood:

She's not part of our district.

Now what about Rep. Byron "Z" Rushing?

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And will city councilors Charles Yancey, Sam Yoon, Stephen Murphy, and John Connolly do likewise? You may recall they made a point of not endorsing anybody in the 2nd Suffolk state-senate race after their horse lost by a nose in September. Now that said horse has made them look like, at best, tools, you think they might make the best of a bad situation and endorse their fellow Democrat?

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I wonder if Sandy Tennant wants his money back? According to state campaign records, on Oct. 15, the Republican fundraiser and former executive director of the Massachusetts Republican Party donated $500 to Wilkerson. His wife, Cynthia, donated another $303.

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Boston Police report finding Garibaldis Pena, 27, with a gunshot wound at 101 Rossmore Rd. near Franklin Park around 2:55 p.m. Pena was rushed to Boston Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

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A Roxbury man is scheduled for arraignment this morning on charges he helped kill a teenager last month.

Michael Gaines, 20, was arrested last night following a grand jury investigation into the Sept. 15 gunshot murder of Thomas Webb, 17, according to the Suffolk County DA's office. He is scheduled for arraignment this morning in Roxbury District Court.

Not long after Webb was gunned down, police arrested Elbert Newson, 19, of Dorchester after they found him in Roxbury "jogging, sweating, and breathing heavy, gasping for air."

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The Phoenix reports on two more issues involving Wilkerson:

One involves a questionable personal loan from a powerful developer who has dealings with the State Senate, and the other involves, yet again, failure to file tax returns, this time for a nonprofit she has run.

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Dianne Wilkerson's campaign Web site is now www.diannedelivers08.com instead of www.diannedelivers2008.com, so don't even think of going to the latter, especially since the campaign simply pulled the plug on it, rather than doing anything so radical and risky as redirecting people who click there to the new site.

On Monday, the Herald reported the old site still listed endorsements from pols who no longer back Wilkerson, now that she's no longer the Democratic nominee for the 2nd Suffolk State Senate seat. The new site lost the endorsement list, along with the "20" in the URL.

Via PolitickerMA.

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Boston Police last night arrested Jermeil Robinson, 17, of Jamaica Plain, for the Saturday shooting at the Academy Homes project that sent three boys to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

He's to be arraigned this morning in Roxbury District Court on charges of assault by means of a firearm, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, assault with intent to murder, unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, discharge of a firearm within 500 ft. of a dwelling and carrying a loaded firearm on a public way.

Witnesses and relatives told the Globe the attacker just walked up to the boys, 11, 11 and 12, and started shooting.

According to the Jamaica Plain Gazette, thugs at the Bromley-Heath project in Jamaica Plain have a long-standing beef with thugs at Academy Homes.

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Sonia Chang-Diaz, could be on her way as the first Latina-American to become a state senator, representing the 2nd Suffolk District of Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill and others.

Meanwhile, Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner (African-American) blasted the "Soon-To-Be" first ever Latina on her way to becoming the next State Senator; calling Chang-Diaz "A Non-Latina" with no kind of Latino blood background in her whatsoever.

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Saturday, October 18th, hundreds of residents "spotted" the duo knocking on doors in Roxbury and Dorchester. Is that Sonia whatever-her-name-is? And is that MC Spice? The conversation is sparked, and the pitch to get support at the polls is made. Residents are wowed to have Ms. Diaz at their front door showing her normality and human side. Most were especially glad to see an old friend of the community supporting the Democratic nominee for state senate.

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Boston Police report that several people at a Jamaica Plain party did not go quietly into that good night when officers arrived at 944 Parker St. to shut their boisterous soiree down early Sunday:

On entering the apartment, officers were met by hostile partygoers who berated officers and were combative. While continuing to quell the disturbance and find the person in charge, officers were assaulted and struck by several people who were in the party, with some individual jumping on the backs of officers and striking them about the head and body. As officers continued to restore peace, they were bitten and kicked by partygoers resulting in the above individuals being placed under arrest.

Arrested: Maria C. Santiago-Cosme, 21, of Fall River, Carlos A. Cosme, 18, of Jamaica Plain, Jose D. Sanchez, 17, of Jamaica Plain, on a variety of charges.

Innocent, etc.


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Jamaica Plain, a.k.a. the Poor Man's Cambridge, although the local real estate prices now approach Cambridge's, forcing many people south to Rozzie.

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David Abel at the Globe buries the lead in this story about that August incident involving a police vehicle hitting a baby in a stroller at Centre Street and Seaverns Avenue in JP: The mother was cleared and the officer involved was issued a citation and banned from driving any police vehicle until after completing a driver's ed class.

Also, the mother got so sick of being blamed for the accident, she and her husband are now renting in Newton as they look for a place in the suburbs.

The article actually tells two stories: One is that of the poor woman and her baby, the other a rumination on the intersection of news, bloggers and victims. Both are interesting, and both show why we still need professional journalists (it was the reporter who interviewed the mother and filed the public-records request that showed the officer's punishment). But gosh, couldn't the Globe have reported earlier on the outcome of the case in an actual news story instead of burying the news at the bottom of a magazine piece - especially given all the online speculation and criticism of the initial Globe article?

Also, the article extensively quotes from the discussion here and on the JP Moms mailing list (and cites Bostonist, which broke the story in the first place). Would it be asking too much to provide links to the three?

UPDATE: The online version of the story now links to Universal Hub and Bostonist.

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Rectory on the move

Donna Dee took this picture today on Centre Street in Hyde Square, where builders were getting ready to move the old Blessed Sacrement rectory to a new location on the site of what will become a series of low- and moderate-income residential units, retail space and a private, non-profit school.

More details on the project.

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Vernon Lee Thompson pleaded innocent today to charges he twice raped a 14-year-old volunteer at the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in July, according to a statement by the Suffolk County DA's office.

He was ordered held in lieu of $500,000 cash bail in Suffolk Superior Court.

According to prosecutors, the psychiatric patient put his arm around the teen - whom he had talked to before - led her to an area with no security cameras, then raped her twice.

The Herald has more.

Innocent, etc.

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Some nice photos from Forest Hills Cemetery, including one of a sunning turtle.

Some nice photos from Jamaica Pond.