Jamaica Plain

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Part of a mural on Hyde Park Avenue, across from the Forest Hills T stop.

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Perspicax reports that after he got on the train yesterday afternoon, it took 70 minutes to get from Forest Hills to Back Bay.

I wonder how long it would have taken to just walk?

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Adam and family take in the fair (he posts some pics). He adds:

... Toward the end, I saw a dreadlocked Jamaican Rastafarian driving a big van who needed to get past a road block into the pedestrian area. A crew-cut Boston cop approached the van, and I was bracing myself for racial profiling and intense scrutiny. I was pleasantly surprised when the cop just waved the guy on after he indicated where he was headed.

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Susannah takes a picture of a pigeon on the T:

He walked on at Forest Hills and walked off at Green Street. Like it's a perfectly normal trip he takes every day.

Earlier: Pigeons on the glass, alas.

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A couple friends of mine, one of whom is a teacher in Boston and lives in JP, are down in Arizona working on a film dealing with the migrant issues that have been in the news lately. They're calling it John Doe Mexican. The stories are moving, the pictures are incredible, and the plight of many of these people that my friends have been witness too is just incredible.

They have been blogging about it, and it's turning out to be an amazing journey for both of them:

"I was standing in the desert, staring at a dead man. To be more accurate, I was staring at the viewfinder of my video camera, which was aimed at the dead man."

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Nervda visits his grandparents' graves at Forest Hills:

... My mother's mother raised my brother and sister and I, while my parents were working 12 hour days. I can hardly believe that she's been gone for 7 years now. While we were at her grave, this dragonfly kept landing right next to where we were setting up. The dragonfly kept touching down on a flower that had lost all of its petals, like its wings were a peculiar bloom. ...

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John is sad to read that El Oriental de Cuba was firebombed:

... Let's hope they can rebuild and get back to business soon.

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There's no coming together of the local minds on the guy who allegedly spent seven years vandalizing neighbors' cars for supposed parking infractions.

Miki: Who the hell is THIS guy to take things into his own hands and "enforce " city parking rules vigilante-style?

Tim doesn't condone his actions but says he can't help but sympathize:

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Hot off the video camera and straight onto the internet: Video from tonight's NStar community meeting.

You'll read about it in tomorrow's newspaper and you won't see it on the TV news.

JP in the Dark
NStar blackouts in Jamaica Plain:
What Should be done?

A community meeting with NStar
March 31, 2005

80 Blackouts in 21 months

NStar is in the middle of a program to upgrade Jamaica Plain

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Steve's posted several photos of the First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain after yesterday's fire.

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Neal reports:

The First Baptist Church on Centre St is being consumed by a five alarm fire. I can see it in the distance from my window, I counted six helicopters hovering above my neighborhood until a few minutes ago.