Jamaica Plain

By - 8/9/06 - 11:23 am

Lissa Harris notes JP Licks has come out with a new line of multi-culti ice-cream flavors, but says the chain missed a few.

By - 7/13/06 - 11:08 pm

Mike Ball discovers a hidden urban wilds in Jamaica Plain:

... Unless you're on foot and hawk-eyed, you'd likely miss the overly discreet sign for Allandale Woods where Centre Street joins the VFW Parkway. ...

One distinguishing characteristic: A long and old stone wall.

Rhea Becker discovers that America's first baseball factory was located at 39 Green St.

By - 7/10/06 - 10:12 pm

Kat puts together a slide show of JP murals.

By - 6/30/06 - 8:44 pm

Abby reports that roads in Jamaica Plain are getting fixed - although the area around the Green Street T station is still rough.

By - 6/26/06 - 11:00 pm

Rhea wonders why there's a teepee in Jamaica Plain, near the Eliot School.

By - 6/26/06 - 8:14 am

That's what the T calls it when they find a body on the tracks, this time at Green Street. So buses instead of trains between Forest Hills and Ruggles.

Via b0st0n.

By - 6/25/06 - 8:10 pm

Allegedly during robbery. MBTA police investigating.

Hyde Park Ave.

More info.

By - 6/15/06 - 11:15 pm

Male, 17, taken to a local hospital with injuries not considered life threatening.

26 Horan Way

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Video on what makes Jamaica Plain so cool (with bonus fun fact about how JP got its name, sort of).

Via Steve Garfield.

Rhea Becker offers up some facts about the 'hood (like who knew the original Dole, as in Dole Pineapple, was a JP boy?).

By - 6/5/06 - 2:00 pm

Mattapan boy, 12, along with partners, 14 and 15, charged with mugging a teen at knifepoint outside Boston English High School.

McBride St.

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By - 6/1/06 - 8:38 pm

Himalayan Bistro opened yesterday, bringing relief to long suffering Indian-food fans in West Roxbury, Roslindale and East Dedham. It also doubles as the Boston area's first Nepali restaurant.

We stopped by tonight for some takeout. I admit it, I wasn't feeling so adventurous, so I got chicken curry with some naan.

Very good! Only quibble: I'd asked for mild and the curry was relatively hot - which normally I like, except when it's already wicked hot and humid out like it was before the downpour.

The restaurant takes the place of the old Yoo Hoo's ice-cream parlor. It's an amazing transformation. Yoo Hoo's was a narrow space, but Himalayan Bistro is this huge (well, by West Roxbury standards), high-ceilinged, wood-panelled room (with small candles on every table, even).

And, oh my God, they have brunch on both weekdays and weekends. I am SO there.

Himalayan Bistro is at 1735 Centre St., across from West, and a block away from the Holy Name rotary. Map.

The sign
By - 5/22/06 - 8:54 pm

Memorial Day sale

Wellsmere Monumental Works on Washington Street is having an appropriate sale this week. So's Davis Monuments next door.

Meanwhile, Rhea, who lives in the neighborhood, checks into cremation costs at Forest Hills and finds they're pretty thrifty.

By - 5/18/06 - 11:01 am

Steve Garfield photographs Jamaica Pond's newest bench, thoughtfully set aside for people who like sitting in incredibly weird positions. Or cats.

By - 5/5/06 - 7:05 pm

Yeah, today was a beautiful day, but was there any excuse for this? Kat somehow manages to capture the shot across from the Forest Hills T stop:

... Is it that hard to pull up your pants?

By - 4/30/06 - 6:21 am

Burned body of black teenage female found. IDed as Dominique Samuels, formerly of Milton.

170 Morton St.

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By - 4/20/06 - 9:34 am

Abby on Proactive Busybody is grooving on the news that a movie will be set and filmed in Jamaica Plain:

... Wonder if I'll run into any Amy Poehler and Will Arnett in Zon's or something.

By - 4/19/06 - 9:54 pm

Panhandler asks guy walking into the Tropical Market for a dollar. Guy says he has no money. When he comes out with a purchase, the panhandler accuses him of lying and then stabs him several times in the arm and chest, police report, adding the alleged stabber was picked up not long after - and that the victim was taken to a local hospital.

By - 4/18/06 - 6:00 pm

JP resident, 22, asked for dollar. He says no, goes into Tropical Market, When he comes out, panhandler accuses him of lying, then stabs him several times in arm and chest. Note: Time not given in police report.

Lary Wilkins, 23, of Roxbury, arrested. Victim taken to local hospital

280 Centre St.

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