Jamaica Plain

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Steve Garfield transfers a local family's home movies to the Web:

Mutascio Family of Jamaica Plain, MA 1939-1963 Contains moving images of Centre Street, Horse Riding the Jamaicaway, Jamaica Pond, Sledding, a wedding, Franklin Park Zoo. Fleeting moments captured on film.

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Mass. Marrier is our host (and, yes, it's true - e.e. cummings really is buried under a tombstone reading EDWARD ESTLIN CUMMINGS):

... Instead of fame by distant contact, consider the fall and winter in one of Boston's most splendid parks. A few photos taken today show a bit of what you can see in staturary, wildlife, art, and iconography. ...

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Thanks to today's Globe, we now know that the guy who owns the Jamaicaway Castle is a Christmas extremist. It's not just that he spends $1,100 a month lighting a path for jets heading to Europe or that he turns his lights on in October, but his attitude toward his neighbors that makes him so special:

"People in the back, they don't like it," he shrugs. "Well, too bad. It's Christmas."

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On Hyde Park Avenue in Forest Hills.

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Hatoff sign

Best review of a gas station EVAR! This review by Brittany was spotted on Yelp and is about Hatoff's in JP:

Holy s**t. This is the most awesomely f**ked up gas station ever.

They only take cash, and you have to push it under a bulletproof-glass window counter. There are about a million pumps, and I haven't seen cheaper gas in greater Boston anywhere. There are weird slogans painted on the carport area like "GAS IS GAS." They also might be a check-cashing place and/or a place where you can play Keno and/or other lottery games, but I can't decide how updated those signs are. Hatoff's has a constant influx of people listening to loud Caribbean music, and everyone seems like they're totally cool with being at the gas station. I f-ing was! I have never been happier supporting the oil industry in my horrid car than I was at Hatoff's. Hat's off to YOU, Stan Hatoff!

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It's one thing to put a sign in your yard. Quite another to fill up an entire rotary with campaign signs.

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Closed! But for good or just short term, nobody knows.

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Rhea Becker notes that local Dead Poets Society member Sylvia Plath has had another poem published.

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Chef Brad Brown of the Blue Frog Bakery got really creative for Halloween this year and baked the cupcakes from every protective parent's nightmares. SPOOKY!

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Man speaking on phone approached by six men, one of whom showed gun - they fled toward Day Street with victim's wallet.

201 S. Huntington Ave.

More info.

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Donayer captures some stunning long-exposure images of last night's JP Lantern parade.

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When residents spotted some guy with a gun on the roof of 30 Jamaicaway, they called police. Police found six people, armed with what turned out to be replica semi-automatic weapons and handguns.

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Add border historian Charles Swift to the list of people who wish real-estate brokers would stop conflating neighborhoods. Specifically, stop calling Mission Hill part of Jamaica Plain:

... First, Mission Hill is not part of Jamaica Plain. Look at the two names. One has "hill" in it, the other "plain". These two geographic features are mutually exclusive. Jamaica Plain was that part of Roxbury which flattened out from Fort Hill and Mission Hill, from the Stony Brook over to Jamaica Pond. ...

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Car with violations ordered to stop in Roxbury. Car flees. Man gets out. Points gun at officer, officer shoots him; he flees. Later turns up in hospital.

24 Heath St.

More info.

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Officers from District 13 responded to 3095 Washington St in Jamaica Plain yesterday at 8:05am for a robbery report. On arrival officers spoke to the victim who reported that he came to the store earlier to open when three unknown males grabbed him from behind and pulled his shirt over his head. Victim further reported to officers that the suspects took him inside to the basement of the store and demanded that he open the safe. The victim was able to call 911 after the suspects left but search of the area for the suspects was unsuccessful.

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Rachele Rosi-Kessel says they had to meet at Doyle's because Roslindale doesn't really have any restaurants that could handle such a meeting. Maybe, she suggests, it's time to face the cold hard fact that Roslindale now has enough bistros.

Ed. question: Hmm, but what about the Pleasant Cafe? They have a back room. And a full liquor license.

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Abby has the details on a string of recent residential break-ins in the Revere Street / Alveston Street area.

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Jamaica Plain now has a mailing list for reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Via Neighbors for Neighbors.