Jamaica Plain

By - 5/26/05 - 7:33 pm

There's no coming together of the local minds on the guy who allegedly spent seven years vandalizing neighbors' cars for supposed parking infractions.

Miki: Who the hell is THIS guy to take things into his own hands and "enforce " city parking rules vigilante-style?

Tim doesn't condone his actions but says he can't help but sympathize:

By - 4/1/05 - 12:05 am

Hot off the video camera and straight onto the internet: Video from tonight's NStar community meeting.

You'll read about it in tomorrow's newspaper and you won't see it on the TV news.

JP in the Dark
NStar blackouts in Jamaica Plain:
What Should be done?

A community meeting with NStar
March 31, 2005

80 Blackouts in 21 months

NStar is in the middle of a program to upgrade Jamaica Plain

By - 1/19/05 - 7:52 pm

Steve's posted several photos of the First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain after yesterday's fire.

By - 1/18/05 - 7:44 pm

Neal reports:

The First Baptist Church on Centre St is being consumed by a five alarm fire. I can see it in the distance from my window, I counted six helicopters hovering above my neighborhood until a few minutes ago.