Jamaica Plain

By - 2/17/15 - 10:28 am
Skeleton with a shovel in Jamiaca Plain

Robert Farrell looked up at his neighbor's house in Jamaica Plain this morning.Read more

By - 2/17/15 - 9:02 am
Cat with space saver

You know it's bad when even the cats are getting in the act. Chumley shows us Willow and the warmest space saver in all of Jamaica Plain.Read more

By - 2/17/15 - 8:03 am
Car spins out on the Jamaicaway

Even on roads that look black, it's still slippery out there. Patty Neal inched past a spun-out car on the Jamaicaway between Bynner and Huntington around 7 a.m.Read more

By - 2/16/15 - 8:59 pm
Brookside Avenue in Jamaica Plain

Things are getting bad out there. Around 8:40 p.m., Night Sea looked out at Brookside Avenue in Jamaica Plain, a normally two-way road now down to barely one lane, where two groups of motorists heading in opposite directions faced off, with neither budging.

UPDATE: Night Sea reports on the final outcome:

it took a lot of backing into driveways, church parking lots and side streets

...Read more
By - 2/16/15 - 1:22 pm
Fire at 545 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain

545 Centre St. Photo by Shamus Moynihan.

A two-alarm fire on the seventh floor of the Forbes Building, 545 Centre St., reported around 1 p.m. forced the evacuation of residents today.

The fire was reported knocked down around 1:30 p.m.

The Boston Fire Department reports:

Fire Investigators have determined cause was careless disposal of smoking material. Chief estimates loss at $100,000.00.

Several residents in eighth-floor apartments were trapped by the...Read more

By - 2/16/15 - 12:00 pm
Man on a unicycle in the snow in Jamaica Plain

Steve watched this guy wheel by on Ritchie Street at Slayton Way last night.

Snow unicyclist in Cambridge.

Copyright Steve. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr....Read more

By - 2/15/15 - 7:58 pm

LinaMariaGiraldo.com brings us a new time lapse video of the storm, but this time focuses on the awesome neighborhood cleanup!Read more

By - 2/14/15 - 10:40 pm
Shoveled in car in Jamaica Plain

OK, so a lot of people fantasize about shoveling in the car of somebody who's annoyed them, but as Joseph Porcelli shows us, somebody actually went through with it on Weld Hill Street in Jamaica Plain, leaving us to wonder why (hey, if you live near there, why not leave a note asking why?)Read more

By - 2/14/15 - 6:21 pm

Ryan Hamilton Walsh thinks this is a winner, and we'd be hard pressed to disagree.Read more

By - 2/12/15 - 8:09 pm

A gang associate from Hyde Park was ordered held without bail today on charges he gunned down a man who really was shoveling snow on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain yesterday morning, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

According to assistant DA Ian Polumbaum, after murdering Kenneth Lamour and then shooting at a police officer who chased him, Josiah Zachery, 18, briefly evaded...Read more

By - 2/12/15 - 1:33 pm

Boston Police today identified the man shot to death on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain as Kenny Lamour, 21, of Hyde Park.

Lamour had ridden in a van to the Arborway rotary to do snow cleanup as part of a "transitional employment program" organized by Roca, Inc., which tries to steer young people with troubled pasts away from violence.

In 2011,...Read more

By - 2/11/15 - 11:25 am

Boston Police report charging a Hyde Park teen with murdering a man in his 20s around 10:30 a.m. on Centre Street near the Arborway, then opened fire on an officer who started chasing him.

Boston Police report the murder happened outside 891 Centre St., near the Arborway rotary.

Steve Abreu, who took the photo, reports he heard four shots, saw one suspect,...Read more

By - 2/10/15 - 3:26 pm

City Councilor Matt O'Malley says he's giving out $5 JP Licks gift certificates to kids in his district who shovel out hydrants. E-mail him before and after pictures (or tweet the photos to him or post to his Facebook page). Sorry, no parents - just kids....Read more

By - 2/8/15 - 11:54 pm

Jamaica Plain News reports on the tire slasher of Creighton Street, possibly upset by people parking where he doesn't want them to.Read more

By - 2/8/15 - 5:33 pm

A Far Cry, a string orchestra with no conductor that plays at the Gardner Museum, is up for a Grammy for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance.

The awards ceremony in Los Angeles starts at 8 p.m., EST. On their way there, the group stopped off in Tucson. They were supposed to leave for LA yesterday, but there plane was delayed for five hours....Read more

By - 2/8/15 - 10:04 am
Clean out the fire hydrant, bozo, in Jamaica Plain

Sujei ran across this sign on Paul Gore Street in Jamaica Plain this morning.Read more

By - 2/5/15 - 6:51 pm
Sign in Jamaica Plains says: Please park here

Brett Martin reports "my faith in humanity is nearly restored" after seeing this sign on Oakview Terrace off Centre Street across from the 7-Eleven in Jamaica Plain tonight.Read more

By - 2/5/15 - 11:59 am

Reports are coming in from Jamaica Plain of a power failure along Washington Street from Green south towards Forest Hills. Power is out at Green and Amory and Sumner Hill. The traffic lights at Green and Washington are out.

NStar, um, Eversource Energy, reports 877 customers without power in Boston....Read more

By - 2/5/15 - 9:05 am

Seems people are continuing to park across from the train station, even though the city never cleared the road to the curb, narrowing the road to one lane and creating backups that now extend down to Roslindale.

The Clumsy Jeweler reported around 9 a.m. on her efforts to get a bus to the train station this morning:

5 full 32's passed since 7:45. Finally

...Read more