Jamaica Plain

By - 1/14/15 - 7:36 am

The Harvest Co-op board says declining sales gave it little choice but to shut its South Street location on April 30.

In a report on its decision, the board says sales started going down even before Whole Foods opened on Centre Street and that its South Street landlord did not accede to "dramatically lowering the rent and reducing the term of the lease" to...Read more

By - 1/12/15 - 6:06 pm

Jamaica Plain News reports the MetroPCS on Centre Street was held up at gunpoint on Sunday.

The suspect was described as a white guy in sunglasses - as was the suspect in robberies of JP Auto Services on Centre Street on Jan. 3 and JP Variety Store on South Street on Jan. 6....Read more

By - 1/11/15 - 5:15 pm

On Boston Reddit, jamesishere recounts an encounter with a Spark Energy salesman who showed up during the Pats game last night, demanded to see his electric bill and then wouldn't leave even after he dialed 911:

I figured he was going to run at this point, but he says he will wait for the police. So I make him wait out on the porch,

...Read more
By - 1/10/15 - 2:39 pm
Starbucks papers all over the Arboretum

A concerned citizen notes the presence of a broken-open safe and what are apparently Starbucks documents strewn about the Arboretum near South and Bussey streets.Read more

By - 1/8/15 - 1:31 pm

Clayton Harper has been taking a detailed look at what happens when the Casey Overpass comes down to make way for surface roads. Forest Hills station will be getting a lot of changes as part of the project - many related to the busways.Read more

By - 1/7/15 - 8:22 am
Car in front of a hydrant in Jamaica Plain

Ted Hanno spotted this miscreant this morning on Chestnut Avenue near Forbes in Jamaica Plain. He reports the note on the windshield is a request not to park in front of this thing that we Bostonians call "a hydrant."

The owner is lucky firefighters didn't need access to the hydrant....Read more

By - 1/6/15 - 6:01 pm
No Justin Bieber fans in Jamaica Plain; you'll get charged extra

Gordon Hallett spotted this sign today in the Subway on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain today.Read more

By - 1/6/15 - 2:52 pm

Around 2:40 p.m., a white man with a small black gun held up the JP Variety Store, 162 South St. He took about a dozen packs of cigarettes, which he stuffed in a white plastic bag, and headed to the Southwest Corridor.

He was 5'11" or 6' and appeared to be in his early to mid 30s. He had brown hair and eyes, a...Read more

By - 1/4/15 - 7:55 pm

The Ward 19 Democratic Committee will meet Monday, January 5, at 7:30 PM at the Roslindale Community Center in Roslindale Village. The Committee welcomes any voters registered as Democrats in Ward 19 who are interested in participating in Committee events, and contributing to our mission, to attend our meetings.
The Roslindale Community Center is at 6 Cummins Highway, and is accessible by bus from...Read more

By - 1/3/15 - 7:04 pm

Shortly before 7 p.m., JP Auto Services, 429 Centre St., was held up by a white man, in his 20s, 5'10" to 6' and with light-brown hair. He wore dark sunglasses, a silver cloth jacket and jeans, and was last seen running up Barbara towards South Huntington.Read more

By - 1/2/15 - 3:28 pm

WBZ reports police are investigating how two people wound up dead in Forest Hills Cemetery this morning. Boston EMS Incidents reports they were found outside a car "reportedly turning blue."Read more

By - 12/31/14 - 12:03 pm

Ula Cafe, in the same complex as Sam Adams at 284 Amory St., goes before the Boston Licensing Board next week to seek a license to add beer and wine to its offerings, which currently include baked goods, sandwiches, coffee and tea.

The board's hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall....Read more

By - 12/28/14 - 11:53 pm

The Harvest Co-op's lease on its South Street location ends on Feb. 28. Although board members are continuing to negotiate with their landlord, there's a chance the store could close, forcing members to journey to the newer Harvest on Washington Street on the JP/Roslindale line.

The co-op board meets on Jan. 5, starting at 6 p.m., at the Cooperative Artists Institute, 311 Forest...Read more

By - 12/26/14 - 2:50 pm

Around noon, in front of the housing project. The victim was taken to a local hospital, John Duffill reports.

Mike Flynn photographed the car.Read more

By - 12/22/14 - 12:34 pm

Officers arrived on Barlow Street just in time to flush three guys out of a house around noon.

They ran through backyards towards Tower Street. One was captured on Woodlawn, a couple blocks away. The other two made it to Tower, where they disappeared. And then showed back up again on Woodlawn, which proved to be a mistake, given all the cops there,...Read more

By - 12/22/14 - 12:29 pm

Boston Police are looking for five teenagers for an armed robbery around 12:10 p.m. at Columbus and Weld avenues.

The suspects were described as black, all about 6' tall. One wore a black, puffy coat and a hat with some sort of baskeball logo on it. They made off with the victim's wallet and phone.Read more

By - 12/21/14 - 6:06 pm
Carolers in Jamaica Plain

Mike Fedore caught up with some carolers on Green Street in Jamaica Plain this evening.Read more

By - 12/19/14 - 9:51 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette interviews Boston 2024 President Dan O’Connell, who says that the committee has already IDed a North Shore site (hmm, so maybe they're not so short-sighted?) in case the local city councilor comes out against shutting down Franklin Park for use by the horsey set:

If, for example, “[City Councilor] Matt O’Malley came to me and said there is no support

...Read more
By - 12/19/14 - 8:59 am
Parcel U proposal in Forest Hills

The BRA yesterday approved a 124-unit housing project on the long grassy field on Hyde Park Avenue between Ukraine Way and Tollgate Cemetery.

Urbanica, Inc., is proposing 48 townhouse condos and 76 apartments on the parcel, which once sat under the end of the elevated Orange Line. Some 44 of the units - 6 of them condos - will be marketed as "affordable." Apartments will...Read more