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Jamaica Plain & Roslindale

Monday, June 19 at the Curley School, Centre Street near Hyde Square
Meet the candidates at 5:45
Forum begins at 6:30
Sponsored by the Ward 19 Democratic Committee, the Ward 11 Democratic Committee, and the Massachusetts Latino Democratic Caucus

"Making Comic Sense"
Fundraiser for the Boston Ward... Read more

By - 5/29/14 - 7:20 pm
What happens when you try a U turn on the Jamaicaway

Jordan captured what happens when you attempt a U turn on the Jamaicaway by Pond Street: Nothing good, is what.

By - 5/25/14 - 12:07 pm

Transit Police report arresting an out-of-towner they say used a hockey stick to threaten the driver of a 39 bus at Forest Hills and prevent riders from boarding around 7:45 p.m. on Friday.

Police continue that John Capehart, 50, of Marlborough did not willingly go with them to the penalty box:

Officers attempted to calm Capehart and ascertain what his issue was, however Capehart

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By - 5/23/14 - 3:12 pm

Police are looking for two guys they say politely said hello to commuters leaving the Orange Line station this afternoon before they settled on a particular woman, followed her home and then robbed her of her phone.

By - 5/23/14 - 10:56 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports Mayor Walsh has basically thrown up his hands and said there's nothing he can do to stop state plans to tear down the Casey Overpass and replace it with surface roads because, you know, it's state land and the state can do what it wants with its land. Meanwhile, the Gazette adds opponents of teardown, who want the... Read more

By - 5/16/14 - 12:48 pm

David Bernstein alerts us that David James Wyatt, who ran for mayor last year on a platform of saying virtually nothing, has collected enough signatures to get on the ballot against state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz in the 2nd Suffolk district this fall.

In a mayoral debate last year, Wyatt said he is a pro-life Republican.... Read more

By - 5/15/14 - 9:04 am

It might all be a moot argument, given that the T has committed no money, but Forest Hills residents gathered last night to discuss possibly moving the "temporary" Arborway bus depot to a zoo parking lot turned mulch yard on American Legion Highway in Mattapan, near the Roslindale line.

Jamaica Plain News reports Roslindale residents also attended, wearing "Ask Rozzie" stickers to tell JP... Read more

By - 5/14/14 - 1:44 pm

The owner of Tres Gatos is buying the Centre Street Cafe and plans some renovations and menu changes before it re-opens this fall, under the same name.

David Doyle told the Boston Licensing Board this morning that he's working on an Italian dinner menu with a Mediterranean-influenced lunch menu as well, featuring such things as homemade pastas. However, he said he is planning no changes... Read more

By - 5/14/14 - 7:43 am
Jamaica Plain tiny free library

The tiny little lending library on South Street is back in business after disappearing a few days ago, with the following note inscribed on a plank underneath:

Dear Book Club,

I live in Chicago now. Coming back to this specific Book Club Box brings me much joy. When I saw it was gone, my heart sank deep into thedarkness of the place your soul

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By - 5/12/14 - 9:35 pm

Around 8:20 p.m. at the Jamaicaway and Bynner Street. Nine prisoners in the sheriff's department vehilce were injured, five of them badly enough to require an ambulance to a local hospital, per Boston EMS Incidents and Alert New England.

By - 5/12/14 - 6:21 pm

Around 5:10 p.m., Robin reported:

ALERT. There is a shirtless man simultaneously jogging and juggling on Centre St. by the Arboretum.

Thanks to John Ruch, we now know joggling is a thing.

By - 5/12/14 - 12:38 pm

State and federal officials gathered at the Arnold Arboretum this morning to declare Jamaica Plain and parts of neighboring Roslindale free of the Asian Longhorned Beetle.

In practical terms, the declaration means residents in the quarantine zone no longer have to do anything special with any tree limbs or trees they chop down.

The discovery of the bugs in a tree on the grounds... Read more

By - 5/9/14 - 7:41 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports the city is having to re-bid a project to move a pole yard from the MBTA bus depot in Forest Hills to some land on American Legion Highway because nobody bid on the project initially. A city spokeswoman is quoted as saying this is probably because the DPW doesn't tend to have much call for pole moving and so... Read more

By - 5/8/14 - 5:20 pm
Car crash in Jamaica Plain

Joe Growhoski photographed a new wreck at South and St. Mark streets this afternoon.... Read more

By - 5/7/14 - 8:25 am

Jamaica Plain News reports the victim's phone and wallet weren't enough for his muggers in Hyde Square early Saturday.

By - 5/6/14 - 3:57 pm
Tiny Free Library on way back in Jamaica Plain

Roving UHub photographer Kevan Grimaldi noticed a bit of construction work going on atop a certain traffic-control box on South Street in Jamaica Plain today.

By - 5/4/14 - 9:45 am
Where the tiny free library used to be in Jamaica Plain

UPDATE: Return of the Free Tiny Library!

Jessica Atcheson wonders what happened to the JP Free Tiny Library that used to sit on South Street.

The city's smallest library had been there since late 2012, when it showed up while the BPL Jamaica Plain branch across the street was closed for renovations.... Read more

By - 5/3/14 - 11:37 pm
Big head in Jamaica Plain

Mike Ball took plenty of photos at the Wake Up the Earth festival in Jamaica Plain today, including this big round head.

Posted under this Creative Commons license. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.... Read more