Jamaica Plain

By - 2/2/14 - 10:59 pm

The Monument Square Tedeschi, 779 Centre St., was held up around 10:45 p.m. by a Hispanic man in his 30s wearing a black hat and a black puffy coat. After getting a large amount of cash, he fled in a blue, 2-door car last spotted headed down South Street towards Forest Hills.

This is the same store where a clerk was shot to death... Read more

By - 2/1/14 - 8:24 pm

A Jamaica Plain man allegedly found packing a loaded gun during a traffic stop last night was on probation following his October release from federal prison for illegal possession of a loaded gun in 2008 - when he was just 19 and already an official career criminal.

Boston Police report arresting Dominique Hines, 24, after the driver of the car he was in was... Read more

By - 1/31/14 - 2:37 pm

A week after the Boston Licensing Board said it had no beer and wine licenses to give to a new Asian restaurant in Audubon Circle, it found one for a Jackson Square sandwich and pizza shop.

However, the beer and wine license granted to Il Panino, 268 Centre St. is "restricted," which means that owner Themistocles Vlahoulis can't sell it if he goes out of... Read more

By - 1/28/14 - 3:53 pm

A Boston Juvenile Court judge today set bail of $250,000 for two teens charged with shooting a third at the Jamaica Plain housing complex yesterday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Should the younger of the two - 15 - somehow make bail, he still would be forced to remain in DYS custody, because Judge Paul Lewis also granted a request from prosecutors... Read more

By - 1/27/14 - 4:32 pm

UPDATE: Two suspects arrested, one at Huntington and South Huntington with a gun, the other at Parker and Alleghany, where Angie V. was able to watch the action (above) out her window.

AlertNewEngland reports a man was shot around 4:15 p.m. in the Bromley-Heath project. The initial report came in for Horan Way, but police found shell casings on Heath Street in what... Read more

By - 1/26/14 - 4:40 pm


Democrats in Boston Ward 19 will be holding a caucus at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Hall, 25 Colgate Road, 2nd floor, on February 8, 2014 at 10:30 AM to elect 24 delegates and 4 alternates to the 2014 Massachusetts Democratic Convention, where Democrats from across Massachusetts will vote to... Read more

By - 1/26/14 - 10:17 am
Cranberries in winter

European cranberries

Mike Ball finds bright color amidst the winter whites and grays at the Arnold Arboretum.

By - 1/18/14 - 3:48 pm

JP Licks is running a contest to find a new name for its Oreo ice cream, because the Oreo people say that is not how their cookies will crumble, thank you very much.

Via Mike Ball.

By - 1/18/14 - 2:38 pm
Jamaica Plain in the snow

At least it's pretty, as Mitchell Diatz shows.

By - 1/17/14 - 7:45 am

The MBTA has rejected a proposal to move the "temporary" bus yard to American Legion Highway in favor of a plan to rebuild the current bus yard - and hand over several acres to the city for housing and parkland, the Jamaica Plain Gazette reports.

However, the T has no plans to fund the rebuilding proposal.... Read more

By - 1/15/14 - 5:50 am

Stanley Staco reports that a prisoner brought to Faulkner for medical treatment escaped his Boston Police guard around 2:50 a.m.

Boston and State Police officers and dogs flooded the area and the unarmed man was recaptured nearby about an hour later.

By - 1/14/14 - 10:06 pm

State Police had to block a lane on Centre Street outbound just past Faulkner Hospital tonight when several boulders plummeted to the sidewalk and bike lane from the rock formation between Allandale Street and the Trinity Lutheran Church.

Workers from the state Department of Conservation and Recreation quickly joined troopers as they tried to figure out how to remove the rock slide and keep another... Read more

By - 1/12/14 - 10:31 pm

The Globe travel section yesterday ran an introduction to an exotic locale where both the shopping and the dining offer a break from the humdrum - and where the locals are friendly and, in many cases, able to converse with you in English.

There’s nothing ordinary about Jamaica Plain, or "JP" as it’s called, a dynamic Boston neighborhood located southwest of downtown.

Unfortunately,... Read more

By - 1/12/14 - 8:52 am

Design for windows for the Chapel of the Psalmist, Forest Hills Cemetery. See it larger.

The Boston Public Library has posted hundreds of photos of studies and work orders for stained-glass windows in churches, synagogues and cemeteries by the studio of Charles J. Connick in the mid-20th century.

Executed in watercolor and gouache, these studies provide critical insight into the nature and range of an artist’s working process, as well as a valuable glimpse of the artist’s own hand,

... Read more
By - 1/8/14 - 12:48 pm

Boston Police are looking for a man who allegedly hit another person in the face with a bicycle lock around 12:30 p.m. on West Walnut Park at Amory Street, then rode away on his bike.

He's described as black, 6'3" and 240 lbs., and was weaing a yellow jacket and gray sweatpant.

By - 1/6/14 - 8:33 am
Fog in the Arnold Arboretum

If by "moors," you mean a path at the Arnold Arboretum this morning, that is, as Adam Shutes illustrates.

Nearby, at the Forest Hills commuter-rail stop, Chris reports visibility was down to 20 feet:

By - 1/4/14 - 9:13 pm
Flooded basement at 99 Bay State Rd. in Boston

Ladder floats in flooded basement of MIT frat on Bay State Road. Photo by BFD.

From downtown office towers to apartments across the city, Boston firefighters were kept busy tonight dealing with sprinkler systems failing under the onslaught of cold temperatures.

Firefighters went floor to floor in the 33-story 44 Federal St. tonight, ordering all unnecessary workers out of the building after they shut the entire building's sprinkler system due to a leak.

Around the same time, firefighters responded to... Read more

By - 1/4/14 - 5:50 pm

The Ward 19 Democratic Committee will meet Monday, January 6, at 7:00 PM at the Roslindale Community Center. The Committee welcomes any voters registered as Democrats in Ward 19 who are interested in participating in Committee events, and contributing to our mission, to attend our meetings. At this meeting, we will be preparing for our February caucus.

To find out if you live in Ward... Read more

By - 1/4/14 - 11:55 am
Potted space saver after the snow in Jamaica Plain

AMO spotted this potted (and, yes, fake) plant today on Forbes Street in Jamaica Plain.