By - 6/30/13 - 9:26 am

Ed. note: Federal lawsuit filings have "summary" pages that list a specific amount the plaintiff demands. When I looked it up yesterday, the "demand" field read $10 billion (actually, "$10000000000"). This morning, it reads only $9,990,000.

A man who got his PhD at Harvard says the university and the professor he worked with tried to cheat him out of royalties on his work to develop... Read more

By - 6/27/13 - 8:18 am

A Mansfield man hired to help build sets for Adam Sandler's Boston-based "That's My Boy" is suing Sandler's production company, Sony, Columbia Pictures and Black and Decker because of what he says is the way he lost fingers on his right hand to a table saw.

In his suit, filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Richard Houpert says he was working on... Read more

By - 6/24/13 - 10:33 am

Associated Press reports the court will consider whether a law that bans anti-abortion activists from getting within 35 feet of people entering clinics violates their First Amendment rights.

In January, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit upheld the law, again, saying no "creative recalibration of First Amendment principles" would trump the privacy rights of clinic patients and that the Massachusetts... Read more

By - 6/11/13 - 7:34 am

A woman unable to use a $59 discount coupon for a local fitness club before it expired has filed a class-action lawsuit against locally based Rue La La on charges the expiration dates on its coupons violate federal and state consumer-protection laws.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Boston, Leah Mirabella seeks to become lead plaintiff in a case in... Read more

By - 6/7/13 - 4:03 pm

Ron Newman reports Jonathan Monsarrat's lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss Monsarrat's lawsuit against him, former Somerville Journal editor Deb Filcman and 100 unnamed people with prejudice, which basically means Monsarrat can't file it again.

Pursuant to the provisions of Mass. R. Civ. P. 41(a)(1)(i), the Plaintiff, Jonathan Graves Monsarrat, in the above-captioned matter, hereby files and gives notice of dismissal, with prejudice

... Read more
By - 6/7/13 - 8:02 am

Massachusetts residents yesterday sued Sur La Table and the Container Store after they say got junk mail even though they never gave the chains their addresses.

In separate lawsuits, Judith Monteferrante and Elizabeth Christiansen say the data mining the chains used to dredge up their addresses based on their Zip codes and credit-card information violates Massachusetts consumer-privacy laws.

In March, the Supreme Judicial Court... Read more

By - 6/7/13 - 7:44 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports a Suffolk Superior Court judge has dismissed the council's lawsuit against a proposed development on South Huntington Avenue because it's not a branch of city government and so has no standing to sue.

The council is considering whether to appeal. On the bright side, the ruling could mean the council, elected by JP residents, can go back to ... Read more

By - 6/4/13 - 1:17 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that a man who outgrew his violent neighborhood to become a respectable member of society still cannot legally own a concealed weapon in Boston for self protection, even though he sometimes carries large amounts of cash.

The state's highest court said state gun laws do not violate Mirko Chardin's Second Amendment rights because even the US Supreme Court... Read more

By - 5/23/13 - 8:56 am

An arbitrator says Carney Hospital has to rehire six of the twelve nurses it fired in 2011 in a scandal involving physical and sexual abuse of patients in its adolescent psychiatric unit.

Arbitrator Philip Dunn said that while the hospital proved "a stunning level of dysfunction" in the ward, it was wrong to fire every single worker in an attempt to end a "deviant culture"... Read more

By - 5/18/13 - 10:22 am

Aston Martin Lagonda and an Aston Martin dealership in Waltham are racing at each other full speed in a dispute over whether the car company - whose cheapest model goes for $122,400 - can open another dealership in Wayland.

Aston Martin of New England on Linden Street in Waltham, says the plan would cut its sales dramatically and wants $3 million in... Read more

By - 5/16/13 - 11:43 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Our House East on Gainsborough Street engaged in "unfair or deceptive conduct" under the state's consumer-protection law by building an illegal and unsafe staircase down which Jacob Samuel Freeman fell to his death while talking on his cell phone in 2007.

However, the court sent the case back to a lower-court judge to reconsider the monetary awards,... Read more

By - 5/15/13 - 9:41 pm

The lawyer for Ron Newman, one of the LiveJournal 102, is firing back at local entrepreneur Jonathan Monsarrat with an 18-page letter that demands the $5.5-million suit be dropped immediately, unless Monsarrat and his lawyers want to face counter claims for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

The suit names only two people specifically and then refers to 100 "John or Jane Does." A number... Read more

By - 5/13/13 - 11:04 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that doctors' first responsibility is to their patients, not to the public at large.

The decision comes in suit by a man who wanted damages from a Mass. General neurologist whose patient suffered a seizure and crashed into him.

Richard Medina required multiple operations to repair the arm damage done in the 2001 crash and said Dr. Fred Hochberg... Read more

By - 5/10/13 - 7:46 am

Vickie Henry and Claire Humphrey yesterday sued the IRS, alleging rules that prohibit them from filing tax returns as a married couple unconstitutionally taxes them at a higher rate than other married people.

The pair, who filed their suit in US District Court in Boston, say they have filed amended returns listing them as married for 2007 and 2009 and want a refund on their... Read more

By - 5/5/13 - 7:22 pm

A Somerville man's lawsuit over posts on the local LiveJournal and on the local newspaper Web site went national today, in a request for legal help for Ron Newman, named in the suit.

Meanwhile, lawsuit bringer Johnny Monsarrat has been busy digging up the names behind comments he doesn't like and sending them letters warning them to take down their comments or... Read more

By - 5/4/13 - 9:38 am

A tiny company called Lexington Luminance is suing both Amazon and Google over a patent it claims is violated by the LEDs used in the companies' tablets.

Boston University this week filed its own LED patent lawsuit against Amazon over the LEDs used in its Kindle tablets.

Yesterday, Formosa Epitaxy, the company that makes the LEDs that Google uses in its Nexus 7 tablets,... Read more

By - 5/3/13 - 7:42 am

Boston University yesterday sued, charging the LEDs used in its Kindle tablets violate a patent the university holds on making the lights.

BU, which has already sued several LED manufacturers, says the lights infringe on work by Theodore Moustakas, a BU professor of electrical engineering and computer science, on "growing" LED components out of gallium nitride.

BU alleges that Read more

By - 5/2/13 - 7:51 am

Homegrown Karmaloop and some California woman who leads an organization for "professional groupies" are battling over the right to sell things with the word "Plastics" on them.

In a pre-emptive strike, Karmaloop this week sued Yvonne Nicoletti, a.k.a. Lexxa Vonn, for the right to continue producing trucker hats that say "PLASTICS" on the front and "She's fabulous but she's evil" on the lower brim.... Read more

By - 5/1/13 - 9:58 am

Mike O'Dea yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against Warner Bros. over its plans for a movie called "The Ghostman," about a thief who evades the FBI, saying it infringes his trademark on a comic book and movie he is working on called "Ghostman" about a thief who evades the FBI.

In his suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, O'Dea says he has been... Read more

By - 5/1/13 - 7:43 am

Our own Ron Newman, a longtime participant in the Davis Square LiveJournal community, reports that he, former Somerville Journal editor Deb Filcman and 100 "John and Jane Does" are being sued for more than $5 million for libel by Turbine founder Johnny Monsarrat. At issue: A lengthy LiveJournal discussion and a couple of Wicked Local blog posts about Monsarrat's... Read more