By - 1/18/13 - 11:07 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today that Boston Police Officer Paul Durkin lost his right to a city pension the night he pulled out his service revolver and shot another cop who was trying to get him to stop stumbling down VFW Parkway in West Roxbury after a night of drinking.

It cannot be gainsaid that police officers, who are extensively trained in the use

... Read more
By - 1/16/13 - 8:28 am

A woman injured during a brief but furious gun battle between a man she was talking to and police has filed a civil-rights lawsuit against the city and the police officers involved, alleging she's been left with permanent physical and mental scars because of the "unreasonable and excessive" force used even after the man was down.

Niquel Reid's filed suit this week in US District... Read more

By - 1/15/13 - 7:30 am

In a lawsuit filed yesterday, AMD charged that a former vice president and three managers at its Boxborough plant left for jobs at rival NVidia only after copying more than 100,000 confidential documents to take with them to their new jobs.

The suit, filed in US District Court in Worcester against Robert Feldstein and three managers, seeks the return of the files and, naturally, large... Read more

By - 1/10/13 - 7:43 am

M/Y NamohM/Y NamohThe owners of a yacht that rents for $99,500 a week are suing a Long Wharf marina over damage they say was caused by a sunken piling the marina should have done something about before the yacht hit it.

In the lawsuit, filed this week... Read more

By - 1/9/13 - 8:02 pm

A federal appeals court once again upheld efforts by Massachusetts lawmakers to protect patients at abortion clinics and rejected the latest legal challenge by people who say they have a First Amendment right to get in the face of women entering the clinics.

In a decision that drips with the basic sentiment of "enough, already," the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in... Read more

By - 1/7/13 - 7:27 pm

A Beacon Hill Times photo of a grinning German faker and his little daughter leaving church one Palm Sunday may be iconic, but Sony did not violate any copyright laws by using a replica in a TV show because it removed the elements that made the original photo unique, a federal appeals court ruled today.

Donald Harney, who took the photo on April 1,... Read more

By - 1/5/13 - 1:10 pm

In a lawsuit filed yesterday, MIT and Children's Hospital charge Shire Regenerative Medicine's product aimed at people with diabetic foot ulcers violates patents they hold for building skin grafts on a polyester matrix.

The two local institutions say Shire's Dermagraft, in which cells from newborn foreskins are laid on a thin membrane to grow a layer of skin that are then applied atop the... Read more

By - 1/3/13 - 8:12 am

Scott Matalon, owner of Stingray Body Art, yesterday filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against the city of Boston and several Boston police officers he says burst into his home while he was sleeping on Sept. 29, 2010, saying they were investigating a robbery and that when he objected, tackled him, forced him to the floor and then arrested him.

Matalon is seeking compensation for the... Read more

By - 12/22/12 - 12:20 pm

The federal government yesterday sued Yi Soon Bakery, 112 Brighton Ave., on charges it sold 30 pounds of uninspected meat to a Thai market in Lowell after being told repeatedly to knock it off.

The suit, which also names bakery owner Kung Sung, says the Jan. 16 sale violated the Federal Meat Inspection Act, which requires government inspection of any business that is "processing... Read more

By - 12/15/12 - 12:07 pm

Boston University yesterday sued companies in the US and Taiwan that make and sell LED lights it says infringes on a patent it holds.

In two lawsuits filed in US District Court in Boston, BU accuses the companies of offering products that use the same techniques protected under its 1995 patent for highly insulating monocrystalline gallium nitride thin films, which is based on work... Read more

By - 12/1/12 - 12:36 pm

Kerr Leathers, which suffered a warehouse fire in 2010, says two insurance companies re-sold the damaged helmets they took as new - potentially endangering customers and competing against the company with its own products.

In a multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed yesterday in U.S. District Court, Kerr alleges that while it gave permission to Zurich North America and Farmers Insurance to take possession of the helmets as... Read more

By - 11/28/12 - 8:00 am

When a trademark group representing professional sports leagues demanded Stephen Sirabella stop selling reproductions of championship rings, he didn't just pull down his Web site and stop offering the rings on eBay. He sued.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Sirabella argues that the Coalition to Advance the Protection of Sports Logos fouled out with an October letter... Read more

By - 11/26/12 - 11:52 am

The case was from Illinois, but echoed our Simon Glik case. By declining to hear an appeal from the state of Illinois, the nation's highest court left standing a lower-court ruling that you have a First Amendment right to record police on the job in a public place.

In both cases, the rulings came on state laws that made it a crime... Read more

By - 11/9/12 - 11:47 pm

A federal appeals court ruled today Starbucks owes Massachusetts baristas more than $14 million for tips that were shared with supervisors between 2005 and 2011, because state law bars managers from dipping into the tip jar.

Starbucks tried to pour cold water on a class-action suit on behalf of more than 11,000 former and current baristas by arguing that "shift supervisors" weren't really managers because... Read more

By - 11/8/12 - 8:22 am

Five more lawsuits were either filed in or transferred to federal court in Boston on Tuesday and Wednesday against the New England Compounding Center over its fungus-tainted painkiller medications, adding to the pile of legal complaints against the now shuttered pharmacy.

By - 11/6/12 - 3:37 pm

A man who says he contracted meningitis from a painkiller prepared by the New England Compounding Center and a man who says he's suffered mental anguish because he also got one of those painkiller shots have sued the pharmacy and its owners.

The suits, originally filed in state court, were moved to US District Court in Boston this week. Last week, a Pennsylvania woman who... Read more

By - 11/3/12 - 3:24 pm

A Red Lion, PA resident who says she's still suffering from the fungal meningitis she got from a painkiller shot a year ago, yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against the New England Compounding Center in Framingham and against the individual members of the Conigliaro family who owned and ran it.

In her suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Michele Erkan recounts what she... Read more

By - 10/26/12 - 2:38 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today a state board was wrong to bar an embalmer from working in Massachusetts because he agreed to an interview with the Boston Phoenix.

In a ruling today, the state's highest court said the Board of Registration of Funeral Directors and Embalmers simply went too far in banishing Troy Schoeller for allegedly speaking in "an undignified and salacious manner about... Read more

By - 10/19/12 - 8:33 am

A roving UHub Web browser points us to an ambulance Annie chaser with a Web site featuring a grinning OJ Simpson lookalike holding a stack of Benajmins:

Are you a victim of the MA Drug Lab Scandal?
Our Lawyers can help you get the compensation that you deserve!

OJ, is that you?... Read more

By - 10/18/12 - 11:09 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today tossed a former Chinese dissident's trademark suit against a non-profit group that uses the Web to promote a video that is critical of her actions in Beijing in 1989.

In a 2-1 decision, the court said the Long Bow Group, of Brookline, was not trying to confuse people into thinking it was sponsored or in any way affiliated with... Read more