By - 3/12/13 - 8:35 am

Just yesterday, 11 new lawsuits were filed in US District Court in Boston against the New England Compounding Pharmacy in Framingham over its fungus-laced anti-pain medicines.

By - 3/11/13 - 10:00 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports.

By - 3/11/13 - 11:33 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that a chain of arts and craft stores violated a state consumer-privacy law when it used a woman's Zip code on her credit-card transaction to figure out where she lived and start bombarding her with circulars.

The opinion, however, does not mean Melissa Tyler gets anything, because her suit against Michaels is in federal court and the state's highest... Read more

By - 2/22/13 - 9:47 am

Walgreen is suing the maker of the Purple Pill, alleging the company paid off generic drug makers not to offer cheaper versions of it.

The suit against AstraZeneca, which has offices in Westborough and Waltham, was filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston.

It's Walgreen's second attempt to wrest money out of AstraZeneca for alleged anti-trust violations. In 2008, Walgreen lost a... Read more

By - 2/15/13 - 7:58 am

Maranatha Christian Church, a Pentecostal organization serving Brazilians in the United States, says it's just not true it's shipping money to its parent organization in Brazil to buy convertible Lamborghinis for church leaders.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, the New Jersey-based organization - which has local churches in Everett, Framingham and Marlboro, accused broadcaster Beto Moraes of... Read more

By - 2/14/13 - 12:31 pm

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today that a state trooper will get his day in court to make the case that two Boston detectives libeled him in a report on overcrowding at a nightclub where he sometimes moonlighted as a DJ.

In its ruling, which overturns a lower court's ruling against Trooper Anthony Dear, the court said a report by detectives John Devaney and Kevin... Read more

By - 2/14/13 - 8:34 am

The Framingham audio company yesterday filed a patent lawsuit against a company that makes an iPhone docking system that competes with its own SoundDock offering.

In its suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Bose charges SDI Technologies' iHome line, which lets users turn their Apple iDevices into boomboxes, violates a patent Bose was awarded on Jan. 29 for a system for... Read more

By - 2/4/13 - 7:46 am

David Lavitman, a Milton driver who signed up for Uber, has sued the car service, claiming its illegally keeping half drivers' tips.

Lavitman filed his suit in state court in December, but Uber had it moved to federal court this month.

Lavitman alleges the company collected a 20% gratuity fee on all rides, but only gave half that to drivers.

Uber tells the Boston... Read more

By - 1/31/13 - 11:44 pm

The sad case of Tiffany Moore - the 12-year-old shot to death as she sat on a mailbox in 1988 - continues to wend its way through the court system.

A federal appeals court today ordered a new civil trial for Timothy Callahan, a homicide detectives who helped make the case against Shawn Drumgold as Tiffany Moore's murderer.

Drumgold spent 14 years in prison... Read more

By - 1/30/13 - 11:06 am

A judge did not abuse his discretion by ordering a 12-year-old to pay to clean up the graffiti he sprayed on neighbors' houses - and then extending the kid's probation when he failed to make any payments - the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today.

The court rejected the Easthampton teen's argument that making him pay nearly $1,100 to clean up the graffiti he sprayed around... Read more

By - 1/29/13 - 11:09 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today Massachusetts residents do not have a Constitutional right to keep loaded handguns in unlocked bedside drawers.

The ruling by the state's highest court upholds a state law that requires gun owners to either store guns in locked containers or equip them with locking mechanisms when they're not under their "immediate control."

The ruling comes in the case... Read more

By - 1/26/13 - 5:49 pm

A Sharon obstetrician yesterday filed suit against an Illinois blogger with whom she's been engaged in an increasingly nasty flamewar over home births.

In her suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Dr. Amy Tuteur of the Skeptical OB, charges that Gina Crosley-Corcoran, who writes the Feminist Breeder, is abusing a federal online copyright law to try to shut her down.... Read more

By - 1/26/13 - 4:28 pm

Alaunus Pharmaceutical, a Framingham drug wholesaler with the same owners as the shuttered New England Compounding Center, yesterday sued Michigan residents who say they or family members suffered fungal meningitis from a pain reliever sold by New England Compounding Center.

In the lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Alaunus says it had nothing to do with the spore-laden drugs sold by NECC and... Read more

By - 1/18/13 - 11:07 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today that Boston Police Officer Paul Durkin lost his right to a city pension the night he pulled out his service revolver and shot another cop who was trying to get him to stop stumbling down VFW Parkway in West Roxbury after a night of drinking.

It cannot be gainsaid that police officers, who are extensively trained in the use

... Read more
By - 1/16/13 - 8:28 am

A woman injured during a brief but furious gun battle between a man she was talking to and police has filed a civil-rights lawsuit against the city and the police officers involved, alleging she's been left with permanent physical and mental scars because of the "unreasonable and excessive" force used even after the man was down.

Niquel Reid's filed suit this week in US District... Read more

By - 1/15/13 - 7:30 am

In a lawsuit filed yesterday, AMD charged that a former vice president and three managers at its Boxborough plant left for jobs at rival NVidia only after copying more than 100,000 confidential documents to take with them to their new jobs.

The suit, filed in US District Court in Worcester against Robert Feldstein and three managers, seeks the return of the files and, naturally, large... Read more

By - 1/10/13 - 7:43 am

M/Y NamohM/Y NamohThe owners of a yacht that rents for $99,500 a week are suing a Long Wharf marina over damage they say was caused by a sunken piling the marina should have done something about before the yacht hit it.

In the lawsuit, filed this week... Read more

By - 1/9/13 - 8:02 pm

A federal appeals court once again upheld efforts by Massachusetts lawmakers to protect patients at abortion clinics and rejected the latest legal challenge by people who say they have a First Amendment right to get in the face of women entering the clinics.

In a decision that drips with the basic sentiment of "enough, already," the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in... Read more

By - 1/7/13 - 7:27 pm

A Beacon Hill Times photo of a grinning German faker and his little daughter leaving church one Palm Sunday may be iconic, but Sony did not violate any copyright laws by using a replica in a TV show because it removed the elements that made the original photo unique, a federal appeals court ruled today.

Donald Harney, who took the photo on April 1,... Read more

By - 1/5/13 - 1:10 pm

In a lawsuit filed yesterday, MIT and Children's Hospital charge Shire Regenerative Medicine's product aimed at people with diabetic foot ulcers violates patents they hold for building skin grafts on a polyester matrix.

The two local institutions say Shire's Dermagraft, in which cells from newborn foreskins are laid on a thin membrane to grow a layer of skin that are then applied atop the... Read more