MBTA Bingo

Make your T ride slightly more fun with MBTA Bingo. Click the Print button below and take a copy with you. Then just check off items as you see/hear/smell them. And when you win? Yell "BINGO!" as loud as you can - see if you can startle the guy at the other end of the car whose music you can feel in your bones.

Hit Reload to get a different board.

All hail Cheryl Stober for this brilliant idea. Have ideas for additional items? Post 'em in a comment below.



Phrases so far

Customer service agent
"Traffic ahead"
Singing rider
Summer session ad
Rolling bottle
Dead train
Foul odor
Discarded Metro
Train standing by
Broken door
Broken escalator
Religion ad
Somebody smoking
Chinese food
Bag check
Backpack smacks you
Rachel Kaprelian
MP3 player cranked to 11
Bag on seat
Exotic wildlife
Duct-taped window
Somebody eating
Person rushing in before everybody exits
Train goes express
Sob Story Guy
Flash from 3rd rail/overhead wire
AC not working
Zipcar ad
Person reading paper that costs money
Cellphone TMI
Door blocker
Guy spread across 2 seats
Clinical-study ad
Nail clipping

Switching problems Shuttle

Switching problems
Shuttle service (ie, when train breaks, routine weekend maintenance, and my personal favorite--The Elevator Shuttle)
Pre-paid pass expired
A T worker yells at you
Coffee flood
unknown liquid flood
broken umbrella
discarded scratch ticket
Dunkin Donuts trash
pole leaner (so you have no place to hold on)
someone sitting on the ground
someone drawing
someone on a laptop
someone taking a picture thinking no one sees them
someone grading a paper
someone studying a printed power point lecture
someone in scrubs
someone on a cellphone saying "I'm on the T and about to go underground"
someone on a cellphone saying "can you hear me now"
post-game chaos
a sticky substance
obvious urine

Ooh, buses...

Forgot about those. In that case, we need a space for the Big Mama drivers...

"OK, now honey, you gotta tap the card...did I SAY to put the money in yet? MMhmm. Come on, come on, tap it again. NOW you put the money in."

some more esoteric ones

Train reboots -- electronics power down/up.

Fare inspectors at work.

Workers on track as you go by.

Blue line train attempts to depart Airport station without switching power supply (seen it once).

Bus displays wrong info on sign.

Bus uses piece of paper with route number.

Broken stop request strip.

Someone parked in bus stop.

Passenger demands to alight while not at bus stop.

Operator repeats each station announcement same as automated messages.

Cars block crossing of trolley at street-level.

Trolley blows horn at interloper (car or person).

Scheduled vehicle fails to show up ever.

Packed bus stops to pick-up passengers while nearly empty bus skips stop.

6+ Green line trains pass before your branch shows up.

3+ Green line trains of same branch pass consecutively.

Get off full train and realize there's an empty one right behind that.

Spot elusive 4-car Green Line monster.

Bus drives around with foldable seat up because no one can figure out the latch.

Stop request indicated but nobody alights.

Passenger gives seat to elderly person or pregnant lady.

Someone pays fare with small change onboard.

Except he's not a robot

He's from here, so he should know betta! Like "Saint BO-tolph Street". (Did he say "Saint Botox Street"?)

Another one: People who sit on the steps between the levels of the low-floor Green Line cars. Way to be a space hog and a tripping hazard.

Passenger whistling a tune, more or less.

* obviously pregnant woman

* obviously pregnant woman standing while everyone around them pretends not to see them
* passenger stretched out sleeping across four seats
* ginormous baby carriage
* conductor yelling "Don't hold the doors!!!"

Pickup artist hitting on

Pickup artist hitting on young women.
While waiting for a bus at a station 3 "out of service" buses come in a row.
Person presses stop request when bus is arriving at it's destination train station (Duh, don't worry, if the bus says Wonderland for example the driver will actually stop at Wonderland).
Train comes to abrupt halt when it hits a red signal. Extra points if it moves an additional 2 feet and comes to another abrupt halt.

Mismatched seat

Mismatched seat coverings
"The" Ron Newman
"This train is being taken out of service"
Bad body odor
Transit police
System map or roll-sign with the A line *instant win*
Raving mental patient
Someone barefoot
Ralph Nader
Subway musician
Michael Dukakis

really yucky stuff

The yuckiest stuff I've seen, besides nail clipping:

woman squeezing blackheads on (off? out of?) boyfriend's face

woman picking nose and wiping it on the pole by the door

blood smeared on inside window

very angry man cleaning really dirty fingernails with very big buck knife

man putting on belt/getting dressed