By - 2/1/12 - 11:31 am

WilsonA Quincy man was arrested at Ashmont station yesterday after a passenger on an arriving 215 bus from Quincy reported he'd been masturbating on the trip.

Michael Wilson, 51, was charged with open and gross behavior, according to MBTA Transit Police. A police report quotes one witness who said she was sitting in the...Read more

By - 1/27/12 - 8:16 am

Nancy Parker, 53, will be arraigned in Suffolk Superior Court today on charges she faked an attack on her MBTA bus in Chelsea, then collected worker's compensation.

Parker, of Burlington, is formally charged with worker's compensation fraud, misleading an investigator and filing a false report for the Oct. 2, 2007 incident on a 111 bus, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The T fired...Read more

By - 1/26/12 - 4:00 pm

Karin posts an ode to her early commute today.Read more

By - 12/29/11 - 12:35 pm

Video provided by the MBTA.

The driver of a rental truck plowed through a red light and slammed into a Silver Line bus about to descend into the tunnel at Northern Avenue and D Street shortly after noon today, the T says.

Photo of the collision. Another photo of the crash....Read more

By - 12/23/11 - 9:02 am

So far this morning, a charred 39 bus was towed from Huntington Avenue near Brigham Circle and buses had to be rolled out for the C line when an overhead power line came down near Cleveland Circle.Read more

By - 12/16/11 - 7:11 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports the city has put the T's Arborway bus yard on its list of problem properties, which it usually uses for places at high risk of catastrophic fires, excessive illegal activities and the like. In the yard's case, the issue is chemical storage and fumes. The T has shelved plans to renovate the property, citing lack of money....Read more

By - 11/29/11 - 12:06 pm

Yep, just when you thought nothing else could cause problems on the T. Channel 4 reports hazmat crews are in the busway with a truck, licensed to carry radioactive materials, with readings showing a possible leak.

UPDATE: Crews began clearing scene shortly after noon, when readings showed acceptable levels.Read more

By - 11/18/11 - 10:37 am

Like, for example, Boston Nightlife Express, which is now providing bus service between the BU campus and various downtown points, 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. You reserve a ride online - mostly $6 a pop - you can buy snacks on board and you get a cookie at your destination.Read more

By - 11/8/11 - 8:23 am

Bostonography visualizes whirled peas 24 hours of bus-speed data, which, if you're really into SimCity, will remind you of a big city's traffic-congestion map, and which, if you're not, can just be appreciated as a really cool piece of art.Read more

By - 11/7/11 - 10:37 pm

Tarik Muhammad didn't want any company on his trip out of Ruggles on Aug. 31, 2010, so when a man sat next to him, he told him to move - and when the man refused, they got into an argument that ended when Muhammed began beating and stabbing him, prosecutors say. Channel 4 has the surveillance video shown in court today....Read more

By - 11/4/11 - 1:45 pm

Video of confrontation between the driver of a 101 bus out of Sullivan and the preacher who refused to shut up.Read more

By - 10/31/11 - 8:40 am

A concerned citizen posts a photo of a big fat tour bus parked at a T bus stop:

Yet another tour bus illegally parked in a city bus stop, causing city bus to double park and disembark passengers in the middle of the street! Please do something about this. We just went to a meeting at City Hall regarding this matter. The Leather District

...Read more
By - 10/21/11 - 6:24 am

Maggie reports on 93 bus driver 69999, one of whose passengers yesterday afternoon was blind and who asked him to let her know when they got to her stop - only he didn't, which led to this exchange:

Operator #69999 replied "Well I stopped and you didn't get off."

Andrea: "You didn't tell me."

Operator #69999: "Was I supposed to pick you up and

...Read more
By - 10/3/11 - 4:03 pm

BeatonA Roslindale man was pulled off a 23 bus and arrested on indecent assault and battery charges Friday after he allegedly moved his hand up the thigh of a woman sitting next to him.

According to an MBTA Transit Police report, the woman, 68, told officers that Douglas Beaton, 46, appeared to be asleep...Read more

By - 10/2/11 - 10:49 pm

Boston Police are looking for two men who held somebody up at knifepoint at the lower Ruggles busway and got away with a laptop, around 10:40 p.m.

Both suspects are black; one was wearing a dark jacket and a red plaid sweater, the other a Chicago White Sox cap. They were last seen running toward Melnea Cass Boulevard. A possible suspect was found at Kerr...Read more

By - 9/19/11 - 2:24 pm

WilkinsonA Fall River man was arrested Saturday on charges he took video of at least one man urinating in the men's room at the South Station bus terminal.

Kevin Wilkinson, 44, was caught red-handed with an iPod Nano with the streaming video of a man at a urinal, according to an MBTA Transit Police...Read more

By - 9/7/11 - 9:00 am

Wicked Local Cambridge reports on an incident early on Aug. 31 on Mass. Ave., in which an alleged drunk screaming epithets at riders on a T bus was pulled off and then started hitting his head on the sidewalk. When an officer put his boot under the guy's head to keep him from cracking his head off, the report states, the man began bitting...Read more

By - 9/6/11 - 3:26 pm

Morales MBTA Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester man for indecent assault and battery on a 28 bus Saturday afternoon - thanks in part to the bus driver, who refused to open the doors for him as she pulled into Dudley station.

According to a police report, Jose Morales, 28, was sitting near the...Read more

By - 8/28/11 - 1:17 pm

Inman Square bus stop

Tom Myers took this photo of the Cambridge Street bus stop in Inman Square, adds:

Worth closing the T.

Read more
By - 8/18/11 - 1:43 pm

Hughes A man arrested but never tried for stabbing and spitting on a man on a 39 bus in Jamaica Plain in 2004 will finally face charges after police tracked him to his new home in Roxbury.

Michael Hughes, 64, never went before a jury because not long after his arrest, he was turned...Read more