By - 1/5/07 - 10:20 am

Plumtreeblossom reports:

... The readers on every gate said "Not Enough Value" though I paid $59 for this damn thing two days ago. It worked until this morning.

By - 1/4/07 - 7:42 pm

Charlie on the MBTA writes that after just four days of use, his CharlieCard died:

... Neither the faregates at Harvard Square or the vending machines could read the chip. The (customer service agents) tried to solve the problem but alas I was told to go to the new CharlieCard Service Center located in the concourse at Downtown Crossing (located on the Red, Orange

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By - 1/4/07 - 4:09 pm

Put one in your back pocket and you can open a Charlie gate with your butt.

By - 1/2/07 - 11:56 am

Feel free to post yours!

Gary McGath reports from Cambridge: Porter Square was a disaster, but Harvard Square seemed OK.

By - 12/28/06 - 9:14 pm

Single Girl in the City reports:

I just got an email from our HR department stating that our T-passes for the month of January haven't been delivered. Apparently, this is a "statewide" issue, which I take to mean all state offices are lacking their T-passes for January... we were informed that "there's a chance" the passes will be delivered tomorrow. ...

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By - 12/22/06 - 1:18 pm

Santa was down at Fields Corner this morning handing out CharlieCards with money on them to celebrate the re-opening of the station there:

... Mine had $10, others got $2.50 or $5, and some probably had even more stored value. I also heard that a few of the gift CharlieCards had a LinkPass on them. ...

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By - 12/17/06 - 10:00 am

Jesse Legg says 90% of his rides on the Red and Orange Lines are good - he wonders why the T has no friends:

... Yeah, I did have a hard time getting my hands on a Charlie Card. Staff weren't there when I thought they should have been. Yeah, the new system is very questionable. Yeah, Copley Square station really smells. But public

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By - 12/13/06 - 2:11 pm

TC says Charlie can kiss my ass, because all but two of the turnstiles at Malden Center were set to accept only CharlieCards today:

...Smart cards have only been distributed for the past week or so, and aren't going to hit major active use until January when they replace T Passes. So how is it that somebody thought there'd be such a dramatic increase

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By - 12/10/06 - 10:28 pm

A BadTransit correspondent gets to watch as an entire row of Charlie machines reboots at Porter Square - right into Windows XP.

By - 12/5/06 - 1:15 pm

The Globe's transportation reporter provides a handy video on how to use the new card - and shows why he desperately needs somebody at to change that dorky photo of him on his blog.

By - 12/3/06 - 11:25 pm

Jenny G reports she tried buying a CharlieCard at Davis Square with her credit card on Friday. Just wouldn't take. Finally, one of those roving T "ambassadors" told her the machines weren't accepting credit cards - so she used the last of the change in her purse to buy one. Surprise:

... Today I checked my credit card on line & see that I

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By - 11/29/06 - 2:41 pm

Jason, on the Red Line:

When I ride the T, I am reminded of why I don't mind the hassles of owning and driving a car in the city.

Single Girl in the City, on the new extra-slow CharlieReaders on the Green Line (B trolley, to be exact):

The way I'm looking at it now, if I drop the T-pass and

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By - 11/19/06 - 4:17 pm

Gary McGath notes the new CharlieCards will have RFID chips and that the T plans to retain information on where and when you get on the T for up to two years:

... It opens the possibility of privacy invasion, both by government agencies and by private parties. What information can be read by someone with a completely placed scanner? Does it have openly

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By - 11/10/06 - 7:44 pm

John Daley notes the T's fare increase is timed to coincide with the formal launch of CharlieCards, which, of course, are named for the protagonist of a song who will never return, no, he'll never return, because he couldn't get offa that train after a fare increase:

... I suppose it makes sense since, just like Charlie, a lot of working people now won't

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By - 10/9/06 - 8:33 am

Somebody at the company that built the software for the new Charlie machines needs some help with decimal points.