Orange Line

By - 1/22/08 - 4:11 pm

Enuh Cork reports on an outbreak of Duffel Guys on the Orange Line - Dudes who should know better who put their large duffel bags on seats during rush hour.

Seat-stealing louts on the Worcester line.

By - 1/19/08 - 1:24 pm

Hours of fun for the whole family! Lewis posts the rules:

Make a mental note of all the leaks that you find within your ride to work or play. Tell everyone about them.

Since he made up the game, he goes first, starting with Maverick station in East Boston, where part of the station leaks like a sieve even though it was just renovated, and ending with Bucket Central, a.k.a. Back Bay station.

By - 12/18/07 - 10:18 pm
Bus stragglers at Oak Grove

Jen Stewart took the above photo at the Oak Grove Orange Line station this morning. She reports that it wasn't bad enough that the T bus driver told everybody to get out in the street, way away from the station. When the refugees then straggled up the road because the T didn't shovel the sidewalks, the bus driver honked at them for getting in his way.

By - 12/13/07 - 4:20 pm

Update: Both lines are still running.

Figures: Even the T's Web site is affected by signal problems. With the site down, I got this e-mail:

I'm stuck here at work with nothing to do except worry about my commute home. is totally unavailable so I can't even check on train schedules or line closings. Some one at work just said the Orange and Red Lines are closed, which doesn't make much sense to me, but I have no way to verify.

Anybody know for sure? Anybody just gotten off the Red or Orange Lines?

By - 12/10/07 - 12:34 am

Robert David Sullivan finds it increasingly hard to believe that the T must shut down the Orange Line every weekend for what seems like 700 weeks in a row to install new signals:

By - 11/26/07 - 9:22 pm

Jenn Stewart learns why some people hate Mondays: She gets to work 30 minutes late because a fire at Roxbury Crossing meant all Orange Line service toward Forest Hills came to a halt just as her train was pulling into Downtown Crossing:

... And after about 5 announcements about how there's a fire emergency of some sort at Roxbury Crossing, the conductor finally just gives up and tells the commuters that walking over to the Green Line might be the best available option.

By - 11/1/07 - 10:02 pm

Call it the straw that broke the Orange Line commuter's back: Karl vows to never ride the line again after his train got stalled at Sullivan Square:

By - 10/11/07 - 9:16 am

The MBTA formally announces its new effort to blast your brain with music and ads while you idly wonder why flames are shooting out from under that Red Line train.

Poll: T-Radio: Yay or nay?

T riders without earbuds or headphones will soon have no choice but to listen to T Radio on the Orange and Green Line platforms at North Station, the Red and Silver Line platforms at South Station and at Airport Station:

By - 10/8/07 - 9:58 am

EnuhCork discovers that when the woman sitting next to you on the Orange Line starts getting into cuddle range with you, it might not be because she likes you - it might be because she's trying to inch away from the guy who's fallen asleep on her other side:

... When the train pulled into State, the guy toppled like a Redwood in an Oregon forest. ...

By - 10/5/07 - 3:29 pm

A not-flirty-enough Bostonist correspondent was only able to elicit "a car tipped over" from a T inspector as an explanation for this morning's Orange Line meltdown. A friend who actually knows something about trains IMed me:

WTF Bostonist? How does a train TIP OVER in a station?

Oh, well, there are several explanations:

  • Late at night, Wentworth students like to sneak into the tunnels and TIP TRAIN CARS OVER and then scamper away laughing.
  • T workers should know Orange Line trains can't handle their liquor.
  • The car was drag racing an early-morning commuter train out of South Station and hit Deadman's Curve.

What other explanations could there possibly be?

By - 10/5/07 - 11:00 am
Mess at Oak Grove

Malden Center this morning, as commuters try to get from the Orange Line to commuter rail, photographed by TC Cheever.

Aren't Friday commutes on the T fun? This morning, thousands of people were forced onto shuttle buses or sidewalks because of a seemingly never-ending series of busted-train problems on the Orange Line.

EnuhCork, who takes the Orange Line in from Malden, reports one conductor told his car the problem was a broken-down work train on the line somewhere between Haymarket and Back Bay:

... One person offered a simple solution in response: "Well, move it," he said.

Maybe it was just that simple. Maybe the T didn't think of that. ...

,According to, it was a rail-grinding car that derailed outbound at Chinatown, "taking several ft of 3rd rail down" - which might explain all the other problems if the trains couldn't get enough power or something - and why the T couldn't simply move the thing.

Third Decade came up from the south on the Orange Line and witnessed a mass of Orange Line refugees walking and hobbling toward Science Park on the Green Line from Community College on the Orange Line:

... I felt bad for them considering how so many of them were overdressed for a walk in the warm weather or wearing uncomfortable shoes. It really looked like Charlestown was under attack and was being forcibly evacuated. ...

C. Grace was one of those Orange Line evacuees; she reports on the chaotic scene on the Prison Point Bridge - and on a completely incompetent 911 operator:

... As we walked down the right side of the bridge the sidewalk disappeared, as it was in the middle of massive construction. There were no police or city authorities present. Tons of people were hopping the barricade and running across the traffic When I saw a guy with a stiff artificial leg try to do this, I called 911 to request police crossing guards.

Here's the truly amazing part. The state 911 transfered me to city 911, and the city 911 operator couldn't figure out where I was.

My cell was transmitting from a tower which was apparently in Roxbury. I explained the "nature of the emergency", and explained that I was not in Roxbury.

+"I'm at Community College Station, the Orange Line."

-(witheringly)"M'am, do you know how many thousands of community colleges there are in Boston?"

+There are hundreds not thousands...and far fewer in the CITY juristiction...and there's only one Community College Station. Near Bunker Hill Community College."

-"Where's that?" ...

But wait, it gets even better, because after the 911 operator simply hung up, she found nobody could get into the Science Park station because the crush of people already there resulted in one person fainting, which led to the station being shut down until the ambulance arrived.

TC Cheever reports it took him two hours to get from Oak Grove to Harvard Square:

... Then I get to Malden Center... where the platform was wall to wall commuters. Angry, surly commuters who clearly had been waiting far too long for a train, and were not pleased to see our already-mostly-full train pull up. Angry commuters who had long ago decided to ignore the laws of physics and wanted to all get on THIS TRAIN RIGHT NOW. So the usual pushing and shoving and "Can you people move all the way in?!?" starts up, except that of course we all are already all the way in, and pushing any further means we're only moving away from one door to the other door that also has people pushing in, until finally people can't move any further and we're all nose to nose angry surly commuters who, for the most part, still haven't moved. ...

By - 9/11/07 - 1:48 pm

Some teen beef at Ruggles station escalated into gunfire yesterday afternoon; nobody injured, however, according to Boston Police, who report they have a gun and one suspect - a juvenile arrested after a foot chase at Tremont Street and Melnea Cass Boulevard. A second suspect eluded MBTA, Northeastern and Boston police.

By - 9/10/07 - 10:37 am

To get out the vomit that Enuh Cork couldn't help but notice this morning (along with a woman who sighed every single time the bus to the station stopped).

By - 9/7/07 - 10:00 pm

Jen Stewart reports from the Orange Line:

By - 8/30/07 - 9:09 am

Hondo reports on a fun little incident yesterday morning at Haymarket: A guy scoots through a CharlieGate without paying, under the watchful eye of a T employee, who refuses to call T police even when a paying customer asks him to:

... The other passenger basically lit into the T employee. All he had to do was call it in. But he openly said that he didn't care. ...

By - 8/25/07 - 10:18 pm

CS was on an Orange Line train close enough to that electrocuted guy to smell his burned flesh as the current to the train shorted out. Just as bad was the awful way passengers had to get off the train - after 45 minutes of just sitting there, they were led down the tracks to a Bunker Hill Community College parking lot::

By - 8/18/07 - 8:47 am

EnuhCork explains why you really shouldn't lean against the door that leads to where the driver or conductor of the train sits (probably applies to the Blue Line as well).