Orange Line

By - 3/5/08 - 9:32 am

Flann wishes the Orange Line had more conductors like the one she rode with one rush hour:

... One evening she got fed up and yelled "If you don't get back BEHIND the YELLOW LINE you WILL be DRAGGED BY THE TRAIN!" ...

By - 3/4/08 - 6:28 pm

Orange Line to Forest Hills this evening: Three teens, two girls and one guy, are trying to figure out where they know each other from. They figure it out and they start to chat, when one of the young ladies asks the guy where he lives:

Seaver Street! Wooo, Seavey! You must hate me 'cuz I live on Seaver, but I don't rep Seaver.

No, she didn't hate him; by the time we got to Forest Hills, they were trying out secret gang handshakes with each other.

By - 3/3/08 - 3:47 pm

Flann reports on a knife fight on one of the shuttle buses the T was running instead of trains along the Orange Line north of Boston on Saturday:

By - 2/29/08 - 9:40 am

Sam Baltrusis says this photo he took at the Orange Line stop is freaking him out because he sees a ghost in it.

By - 2/24/08 - 6:45 pm
Tough guy

When I saw this ad on the Orange Line yesterday, my first thought was, "Ooh, that guy looks tough; I don't want him coming over here and ripping my cell phone out of my hands and snapping it in two." Or something like that (since I never use my cell phone on the T because, really, I have nobody to call).

Betty Noir, however, looked at that ad and wondered why the T can't hire copywriters who know how to use semi-colons; like the one that should come between "Please limit your cell phone usage" and "loud conversations can disrupt everyone around you" instead of the comma that uncomfortably rests there. So she is thrilled to report that somebody with a Sharpie has changed the comma there to a semi-colon, at least on a Red Line platform at South Station.

It's enough to make Andrew Watson wonder if there is a tribe of Grammar Vandals in Boston, armed with felt-tip markers as they fight against the forces of darkness and bad grammar.

By - 2/4/08 - 8:05 pm

Third Decade reports spotting three guys playing craps - and a fourth acting as a lookout - at the State Street T stop today:

... At first I thought the location was a little weird (a dark, dirty, stairway at State), then it kind of hit me that they were playing craps. I didn't know people still played that.

By - 2/2/08 - 9:57 am

Some of them, anyway, the Globe reports:

... At North Station, where MBTA officials have spent more than $262 million renovating the station, water poured in through the ceiling. ...

At North Station, however, T official say the problem is due to ongoing construction of a nearby building.

By - 2/1/08 - 10:26 am

Jason reports on his futile effort to put a monthly pass on his CharlieCard on the Orange Line this morning, starting at Green Street:

By - 1/30/08 - 7:57 pm

The Missus reports her husband didn't have the best of commutes this morning:

... Was on the orange line and suddenly 2 kids ran out of the train at New England Medical with a young guy chasing. I thought they may have just been late trying to get off the train. Nope - they apparently punched the young guy (likely mid-20's) and stole his i-Pod. The young guy chased them, but fell getting out of the train and the kids took off. ...

By - 1/28/08 - 2:08 pm

MBTA police say violent and theft-related crime in the transit system dropped 10% last year, but that non-violent crime, such as public drunkeness and lewdness, vandalism and mouthing off (a.k.a. "simple assault") went up 12%.

In terms of percentages, the Blue Line was the most peaceful line, barely beating out the Green Line. Surprisingly, commuter rail had almost as many violent incidents per 100,000 riders as the Orange Line, although in both cases, the odds of getting attacked or robbed were still fairly small (0.45 incidents per 100,000 riders on the Orange Line; 0.41 on commuter rail).

By - 1/25/08 - 1:47 pm

The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports:

Shots exchanged across New Washington Street between one person at Forest Hills Station and three people in the Southwest Corridor Park at approximately 7:50 p.m. on Jan. 17 resulted in no injuries or fatalities, according to MBTA officials. ...

Shooting in September.

By - 1/22/08 - 4:11 pm

Enuh Cork reports on an outbreak of Duffel Guys on the Orange Line - Dudes who should know better who put their large duffel bags on seats during rush hour.

Seat-stealing louts on the Worcester line.

By - 1/19/08 - 1:24 pm

Hours of fun for the whole family! Lewis posts the rules:

Make a mental note of all the leaks that you find within your ride to work or play. Tell everyone about them.

Since he made up the game, he goes first, starting with Maverick station in East Boston, where part of the station leaks like a sieve even though it was just renovated, and ending with Bucket Central, a.k.a. Back Bay station.

By - 12/18/07 - 10:18 pm
Bus stragglers at Oak Grove

Jen Stewart took the above photo at the Oak Grove Orange Line station this morning. She reports that it wasn't bad enough that the T bus driver told everybody to get out in the street, way away from the station. When the refugees then straggled up the road because the T didn't shovel the sidewalks, the bus driver honked at them for getting in his way.

By - 12/13/07 - 4:20 pm

Update: Both lines are still running.

Figures: Even the T's Web site is affected by signal problems. With the site down, I got this e-mail:

I'm stuck here at work with nothing to do except worry about my commute home. is totally unavailable so I can't even check on train schedules or line closings. Some one at work just said the Orange and Red Lines are closed, which doesn't make much sense to me, but I have no way to verify.

Anybody know for sure? Anybody just gotten off the Red or Orange Lines?

By - 12/10/07 - 12:34 am

Robert David Sullivan finds it increasingly hard to believe that the T must shut down the Orange Line every weekend for what seems like 700 weeks in a row to install new signals:

By - 11/26/07 - 9:22 pm

Jenn Stewart learns why some people hate Mondays: She gets to work 30 minutes late because a fire at Roxbury Crossing meant all Orange Line service toward Forest Hills came to a halt just as her train was pulling into Downtown Crossing:

... And after about 5 announcements about how there's a fire emergency of some sort at Roxbury Crossing, the conductor finally just gives up and tells the commuters that walking over to the Green Line might be the best available option.

By - 11/1/07 - 10:02 pm

Call it the straw that broke the Orange Line commuter's back: Karl vows to never ride the line again after his train got stalled at Sullivan Square: