Orange Line

By - 5/18/09 - 1:00 pm

The MBTA says a bad circuit board in the Orange Line's signaling system between Downtown Crossing and Oak Grove are to blame for delays in recent days - in which trains have been limited to 15 m.p.h. and manually directed between stations, with only one train allowed in either direction.

The T says the signals are now working between Downtown Crossing and North Station and expects to have the entire line back to normal operation by Sunday.

According to T spokesman Joe Pesaturo:

The MBTA's Signal Department found a defect in one of the electronic circuit boards used in the Orange Line Signal System from Downtown Crossing to Oak Grove. These boards are used in the control locations on this section of the Orange Line. The MBTA and the manufacturer of this equipment currently are implementing a corrective action plan. ... MBTA Signal staff is working around the clock at the remaining equipment locations that are still affected. As each location is cleared, the manual oversight will be replaced by [automatic train operation] and the delays will be reduced. We anticipate daily improvement until the corrective action plan is completed.

By - 5/15/09 - 5:03 pm

Orange Line commuters tonight once again have plenty of time to wonder whatever happened to those switches the T spent years installing, thanks to switching problems that started Wednesday.

By - 5/13/09 - 10:00 am

It's one of those mornings on the Orange Line. Tom Lee tweets:

I've been stuck in the Sullivan Square Orange Line station For the past 30 mins while the Fire Dept investigates why an alarm is going off!

By - 5/11/09 - 7:48 pm

As I was exiting North Station subway earlier this evening, the following announcement came over the PA:

"Attention Orange Line Passengers. The next train to Forest Hills is now approaching. It will not admit customers. Please stand behind the yellow line."

Leave it to the MBTA to turn something as simple as "The next train is not stopping" into a long-winded phrase that makes passengers say "Huh?!?"

Almost as bad as when the (insert your favorite radio station here) traffic reporters say "The accident is now in the clearing stages".

By - 5/8/09 - 5:27 pm

Your victim might whip out a cell phone and take your picture and then the police will post your photo where everybody can see it as they attempt to hunt you down.

By - 5/2/09 - 10:12 am

Interesting photo of two guys hanging out by the Orange Line entrance at the Filene's pit in Downtown Crossing.

By - 4/24/09 - 8:29 pm

Brittni tweets she was on the Orange Line at Back Bay around 4:30 today when a door closed on the hand of some girl on the platform and then started moving:

She started to scream and was able to get her hand free. The train stopped for a moment right after that.

By - 4/13/09 - 12:02 pm

The MBTA informs us of a renewed push on its "See something, say something" campaign tomorrow morning:

At dozens of stations around the nation's fifth busiest public transportation system, MBTA Transit Police will be joined by bus, subway, and Commuter Rail personnel in talking with customers and distributing tens of thousands of the MBTA's Transit Watch pamphlets that encourage people to report:

An unaccompanied bag or package in a remote area
Any passengers behaving oddly
A group operating in an orchestrated or rehearsed manner
Suspicious odors, fluids, or other substances

By - 4/8/09 - 5:45 pm

The good news today was that all the faregates and Charlie machines at North Station subway appeared to be working properly today.

The bad news is that North Station has been given over to the latest attack of "station domination" (the T's really obnoxious way of raising revenue). In this case, it's really hard to tell you're actually in a subway station and not an airline terminal, thanks to all the JetBlue posters and ads and banners and decals plastered everywhere there's a blank space - yes, even on the FLOOR of the station as you approach the faregates.

By - 4/6/09 - 11:55 am

This morning, NONE of the faregates at North Station subway were accepting monthly passes. Instead, they had a single CSA manning the 'Reduced Fare' faregate, and you flashed your pass at them as you went through.

Also, the ticket machines were apparently not accepting debit cards today, as the single CSA at the gate was yelling to people who were having problems with the machines. And yes, there were no other CSAs in sight near the machines to actually help those people who had trouble.

By - 4/2/09 - 6:00 pm

Channel 5 reports the T was stopping Orange Line trains at Jackson Square after somebody called in a bomb threat that mentioned Forest Hills around 3:30 p.m. Police evacuated the Orange Line terminus, but re-opened it in time for the evening rush.

By - 4/1/09 - 11:37 am

MullaneyTransit Police report arresting a Quincy man on charges he used a column at the Haymarket Orange Line stop to help pleasure himself last night as a woman watched on in horror from the other side of the tracks.

Police say they were called to the station around 9:45 p.m. after the woman, on the northbound side, allegedly spotted Richard Mullaney, 41, first exposing himself, then using a silver support column on the southbound platform for more than just support:

By - 4/1/09 - 7:56 am

Apparently, nobody at the T checks to see whether two ads maybe shouldn't be right next to each other.

By - 3/26/09 - 3:04 pm

Boston Police report arresting two teens on weapons charges in connection with a brewing street battle between rival groups outside the Green Street T stop in Jamaica Plain yesterday afternoon:

... Officers observed one young man removed his sweater and place both hands in the air and get into a fighting stance. Officers immediately exited their marked police vehicle to look into this situation and while doing so heard one member of the group exclaim an expletive at the other group. Officers spoke to the young man who was yelling and he explained to the officers that one member of the other group had put his hand in his pocket and pointed it in his direction. ...

David Arias, 17, of Roxbury, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition. Eric L. Ortiz, 17, of Roxbury was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon.

Innocent until proven members of either the Sharks or the Jets.

By - 3/19/09 - 4:29 pm

Boston Police report somebody was stabbed on the Orange Line platform around 3:15 this afternoon.

By - 3/14/09 - 11:16 am

Which might explain the train Alison was on last night - The doors opened as the train was still moving into the station - and people tried to get on. Or maybe this was just to make up for the fact that once the train did stop, all the lights went out and the train just sat there for awhile.

By - 3/11/09 - 1:50 pm

Captured: Alleged Orange Line groper led away at Stony Brook.Captured: Alleged Orange Line groper led away at Stony Brook.

MBTA Transit Police report arresting an Everett man yesterday on charges he kept feeling up a woman who didn't want to be felt up on the train between Green Street and Forest Hills.

By - 3/10/09 - 7:52 am

Christine Murphy watched a report last night on that State House bake sale/protest for the MBTA and she got mad - although not the way the organizers would hope. Murphy explains how she wants to ride the T, but can't, because the Orange Line is just too unreliable and that increases in the gas tax should be going to fix the state's potholed roads:

... What the gas tax hike needs to be paying for is stuff like fixing all of the damned potholes. You can't drive anywhere around here without hitting one. The pothole problem has gotten even worse this year, due to more cold and snow than usual this winter. So if we drivers must be taxed, use the money for that ... why tax us to pay for [the T] that we won't use, and then make us pay for new tires because we hit potholes that had not been fixed in years? It just isn't right.

Even if the gas tax hike passes, and the T gets its six cents on the gallon, don't look for any improvements any time soon. The service will still suck, they will still be doing the never-ending work between Wellington and Oak Grove, the buses and trains will still be dirty and skeevy, and won't run on time. ...

The Outraged Liberal, though, thinks the MBTA Riders Union was onto something with its baked goods:

[T]he timing got me to thinking -- particularly after I rode an MBTA bus so dirty that it was impossible to see out the window.

Maybe we are going about this all wrong. Maybe we can all chip and help the T hold a bus wash -- proceeds going to knock down the fare increases being threatened unless the Legislature does something, anything to deal with the transportation infrastructure nightmare this state faces.

Or maybe we can go out to the barn and put on a show. It would still be more than lawmakers have accomplished. Other than running their mouths on why the don't like Patrick's proposal.

By - 3/9/09 - 9:17 am

The Globe interviews the person who held that poor woman's hand as she died at State Street station.