Orange Line

By - 2/13/07 - 11:11 pm

Single Girl in the City exhales a list of T complaints, including:

... A coworker reported to me this morning that she and about 100 other passengers coming into North Station from the Communter rail were actually unable to get *out* of the station into the Orange line because the gates wouldn't open. It wasn't until someone was coming *out* of the Orange line that a gate opened and they were able to exit.

By - 2/13/07 - 3:09 pm

Michael Blim slinks by the jodhpur-clad transit cops doing a bag search at Stony Brook, but that gets him to pondering the police's newfound ability to conduct searches without warrants, at least on MBTA property:

By - 2/8/07 - 12:27 pm

Took the Orange Line to Chinatown this morning to renew my license. Adding value to my CharlieCard was a snap, there weren't any crazy people (or fetid pools of vomit) on the train, the Registry people were pleasant and I was probably in and out in 20 minutes.

I know: Shocking!

By - 2/7/07 - 1:13 pm

Yesterday, Tim McIntire bumped into some guy with his large gym bag on the stairs at the Malden T stop. This morning, he did it again - and this time words such as "Buddy" and "RELAX" were exchanged:

... A very New England exchange. Not only did I never used to call people "buddy" (or "pal" or "Sully"), but I've learned the hard way that "relax!" is generally what a New Englander yells when he's trying to stop himself from punching you in the face. ...

By - 11/5/06 - 10:27 pm

If only there were some money associated with being a human freak magnet; Jennifer Stewart would be rich:

... Some drunk guy got onto the shuttle bus last night (the Orange Line was shut down from Wellington to Oak Grove) and sat right across from me and tried to engage me in word games. Yes. Word games. Not that they made any sense, really, because he was completely pickled. I refused to make eye contact though, so he finally turned his attention to the guy next to him and started yelling at him to not touch him with his elbow. ...

By - 10/16/06 - 10:16 pm

Tim McIntire has had enough with daily delays on the Orange Line:

Let's cut to the chase: if any of you had even a shred of professional pride, you would immediately hang yourselves - if you could possibly find rope with the tensile strength to support your flabby, useless asses long enough to do the job.

By - 10/13/06 - 11:30 am

Jenny reports she was transferring from the Red to the Orange Line when a man ran into her:

... Not like was "running trying to get by me and accidentally clipped my side but was entirely sorry" - THE MAN CAME UP FROM BEHIND AND FULL ON RAN INTO ME AND SHOVED ME TO THE SIDE SO HE COULD GET BY. Hit me so hard to the point where I made the noise you would imagine you yourself would make if someone ran into you. The kicker? He did NOT even glance back to say "I'm sorry".

By - 10/6/06 - 1:39 pm

Some Orange Line riders got an education today in the difference between a door and an escalator.

By - 10/5/06 - 10:56 pm

Stray Bullet Hits MBTA Bus In Boston.

Made for one hella commute, Mike Hillwig reports:

... First, the silver line bus I was on went out of service because its route was blocked by a police barricade.

I tried getting on the Orange line, but the trains weren't running. I believe it was because the entire system went into lockdown.

By - 9/17/06 - 1:52 pm

One of the reasons organizers of the recent PodCamp held it at Bunker Hill Community College was because the school is right on the Orange Line. Naturally, the Community College stop was closed that weekend. Steve Garfield shows us what getting to the sessions from Forest Hills was like.

By - 9/13/06 - 11:29 am

Nice pictures to remind you that subway trains occasionally do go fast here and here.

By - 9/10/06 - 9:04 am

Orange you glad you didn't take the T this weekend?Last summer, the T had to do some scheduled maintenance on the Orange Line. Even though it was scheduled, the T couldn't figure out how to direct passengers to alternate routes.

You'd think the T would have learned from that. Nope. Yesterday, the T had to do some more scheduled maintenance on the Orange Line. Charley on the MTA provides an account of a ride that normally is about as easy as it gets (Sullivan Square to Back Bay) turned into an exotic adventure:

... Downtown Crossing, when I finally get to it, is such a mess that the ad-hoc signs saying "Forest Hills" (i.e. southbound) are actually pointing to the "Oak Grove" platform. Huh? So I ask a very nice MBTA gentleman where the Forest Hills platform is, and he points to the Oak Grove platform. Riiiight -- the train actually reverses direction at that very platform. Nobody actually said that, of course. ...

By - 9/3/06 - 9:37 am

Cliff Franceour takes his photo.

By - 9/1/06 - 12:39 pm

Yes, those CharlieTickets can be so annoying. Thankfully, at least for today, the T left a nice open gate at NEMC for anybody who didn't want to bother going through that whole buy-a-ticket thing - which I discovered when I saw somebody taking advantage of it.

By - 7/30/06 - 8:54 am

Dinane recounts your typical Orange Line commute involving a train going out of service with, of course, the alleged service train right behind it that eventually moseys into the station looking like the last train out of Paris in "Casablanca," then realizes:

... I'm very lucky to have a life where the most annoying and painful things are almost always public transportation in Boston.

It could be way worse.

By - 6/26/06 - 8:14 am

That's what the T calls it when they find a body on the tracks, this time at Green Street. So buses instead of trains between Forest Hills and Ruggles.

Via b0st0n.

By - 10/27/05 - 7:06 pm

One guess what the new T-Rage blog is about. It's by a former Orange Line rider now living in Dorchester who is starting to hate the Red Line, too:

By - 10/21/05 - 10:36 pm

Unless you don't mind people scrawling answers to them:

... On my way home on the orange line a few nights ago, I noticed an ad that asked "Is a biolab safe in the south end?" with graffiti scrawled below it that said "No or anywhere else". ... [O]n an ad that said "Where's Whitey" (probably referring to "Whitey" Bulger the FBI informant at the center of recent scandal) the artist had replied below "In the Suburbs". ...

By - 9/23/05 - 2:00 pm

Sarah gets that Emily Post feeling when she notices the young couple across from her on the Red Line making out. At 7:45 in the morning:

... I just don't need to hear wet, sucking sounds while I try and look away as his hand moves from her face down her neck and to her breast/shoulder. ...

But it gets even better when a male acquaintance of theirs gets on at Central and snuggles in.

By - 9/21/05 - 1:54 pm

Jesse recounts angry people taking off their belts and snapping them at each other at Downtown Crossing on the Orange Line and miscreant poodles on the Green Line:

... Yesterday a woman gets on the very crowded train, kind of a glitzy aging Paris Hilton character. Lo and behold, she brazenly brings two little poodles with her, not in her purse, but walking on the floor. They sniff all around, climb on things and cause five passengers to almost fall while trying to not step on them. ...