Orange Line

By - 9/10/07 - 10:37 am

To get out the vomit that Enuh Cork couldn't help but notice this morning (along with a woman who sighed every single time the bus to the station stopped).

By - 9/7/07 - 10:00 pm

Jen Stewart reports from the Orange Line:

By - 8/30/07 - 9:09 am

Hondo reports on a fun little incident yesterday morning at Haymarket: A guy scoots through a CharlieGate without paying, under the watchful eye of a T employee, who refuses to call T police even when a paying customer asks him to:

... The other passenger basically lit into the T employee. All he had to do was call it in. But he openly said that he didn't care. ...

By - 8/25/07 - 10:18 pm

CS was on an Orange Line train close enough to that electrocuted guy to smell his burned flesh as the current to the train shorted out. Just as bad was the awful way passengers had to get off the train - after 45 minutes of just sitting there, they were led down the tracks to a Bunker Hill Community College parking lot::

By - 8/18/07 - 8:47 am

EnuhCork explains why you really shouldn't lean against the door that leads to where the driver or conductor of the train sits (probably applies to the Blue Line as well).

By - 8/9/07 - 8:15 am

You'll have to forgive Tape for feeling a bit upset with the MBTA. First he notices the above map on an Orange Line car. Then he tries to use's trip planner, only to be greeted with an error message that "the system is being updated:"


Danny, when do you think people want to plan trips on the MBTA? I bet a lot of them want to plan trips on the MBTA shortly before they get out of work at 4:00 or 5:00. ...

Moronic MBTA trip planner

By - 8/1/07 - 9:08 am

Angela relays an account from her boyfriend about a recent experience at the Mass. Ave. stop on the Orange Line:

... He noticed the man had two lit cigarettes sitting on the bench. He immediately recognized that for one man to have two lit cigarettes just burning meant only one thing - he was preparing ashes for smoking crack. ... Even more astounding, as the man lit his pipe and smoked it, he opted to face the stairs instead of turning his back to the wall. It's obvious he didn’t care who watched him smoke his crack. ...

By - 7/28/07 - 10:17 am

Jen Stewart asks:

Nothing says 'Summer on the Orange Line' quite like being stuck next to a sweaty, smelly drunk who is trying to grope your thigh, wouldn't you say? ...

By - 7/16/07 - 3:47 pm

Jeremy Thomas, 18, and Jonathan Thomas, 20, face charges that they shot a guy twice (well, that one of them shot the guy repeatedly but only managed to hit him twice) as their Orange Line train opened its doors at Ruggles station on June 28. Roxbury District Court Judge Edward Redd today ordered the brothers held on $200,000 cash bail, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

By - 5/22/07 - 9:30 pm

Turns out that Some Assembly Required was on that Orange Line train yesterday. He reports:

By - 3/9/07 - 3:00 pm

Does bright orange make you more likely to want to stab somebody? Alyssa Boehm ponders that as a possible answer to the recent designation of Back Bay station as Stab City.

By - 3/8/07 - 8:49 pm

over and over and over and over again

The hot dogs slowly spin over and over and over again. Somebody must buy them, right?

By - 2/20/07 - 9:07 am

Globe: Teen Critical After Orange Line Stabbing.

On CharlieBlog, Mike writes it's time to end the feuding between state and MBTA police over a merger:

By - 2/15/07 - 10:01 am

On BadTransit, David R. reports on his two-hour commute from Copley Square to Watertown yesterday that featured: No express bus, a broken Orange Line, a creeping Red Line train that stopped repeatedly in the tunnel between Central and Harvard and, finally, after he gets somebody to pick him up, his discovery of where all the 71 buses were:

... ALL OF THEM - I literally mean all of them, were disabled by the star market. Riders were standing out in the street with the thumbs hanging out. ...

By - 2/13/07 - 11:11 pm

Single Girl in the City exhales a list of T complaints, including:

... A coworker reported to me this morning that she and about 100 other passengers coming into North Station from the Communter rail were actually unable to get *out* of the station into the Orange line because the gates wouldn't open. It wasn't until someone was coming *out* of the Orange line that a gate opened and they were able to exit.

By - 2/13/07 - 3:09 pm

Michael Blim slinks by the jodhpur-clad transit cops doing a bag search at Stony Brook, but that gets him to pondering the police's newfound ability to conduct searches without warrants, at least on MBTA property:

By - 2/8/07 - 12:27 pm

Took the Orange Line to Chinatown this morning to renew my license. Adding value to my CharlieCard was a snap, there weren't any crazy people (or fetid pools of vomit) on the train, the Registry people were pleasant and I was probably in and out in 20 minutes.

I know: Shocking!

By - 2/7/07 - 1:13 pm

Yesterday, Tim McIntire bumped into some guy with his large gym bag on the stairs at the Malden T stop. This morning, he did it again - and this time words such as "Buddy" and "RELAX" were exchanged:

... A very New England exchange. Not only did I never used to call people "buddy" (or "pal" or "Sully"), but I've learned the hard way that "relax!" is generally what a New Englander yells when he's trying to stop himself from punching you in the face. ...

By - 11/5/06 - 10:27 pm

If only there were some money associated with being a human freak magnet; Jennifer Stewart would be rich:

... Some drunk guy got onto the shuttle bus last night (the Orange Line was shut down from Wellington to Oak Grove) and sat right across from me and tried to engage me in word games. Yes. Word games. Not that they made any sense, really, because he was completely pickled. I refused to make eye contact though, so he finally turned his attention to the guy next to him and started yelling at him to not touch him with his elbow. ...