Orange Line

By - 6/23/08 - 11:14 am

Enuh Cork reports an upsurge in people attempting to scratch out the 'P' and 'TH' from the "NO PASSING THROUGH" messages at the ends of Orange Line cars.

A useful tip on the Blue Line as well.

By - 6/3/08 - 7:55 am

Enuh Cork reports the automated announcer at Malden took yesterday morning off:

... [S]o I did not know the exact moment when the next train to Forest Hills was approaching or arriving. It's hard to understand how I got on the train without any warning.

By - 5/27/08 - 7:10 pm

Red Line service disrupted by fire at Downtown Crossing this afternoon rush hour (Orange Line, too, but not for as long).

Firetruck on Washington Street.

By - 4/26/08 - 10:01 am

The MBTA is about to embark on an expensive, time-consuming effort to change New England Medical Center to Tufts Medical Center on all its maps and at the station itself. Although the T has asked Tufts to help pay for the work, Steve Garfield doesn't get it:

Why add the Tufts branding to the T signs? If they want to purchase naming rights, have them pay.

Otherwise, just get some white paint and white stickers and change the name from New England Medical Center to Medical Center.

Like on this map on the Orange Line at Downtown Crossing? Maybe they could apply some of that white paint to the Arborway line while they're at it.

Arborway line?
By - 4/18/08 - 10:46 am

An Orange Line rider wonders what was up around 9 a.m.:

Yellow taped off parts of the parking lot - tons of cops, a few posted around with binoculars looking at the parking lot. I overheard something about a red car. No one would tell me what was up, but it sure looked like something had the MBTA and police crews out in full force. ...

By - 4/13/08 - 5:09 pm

Flann takes a photo on the Orange Line of the Quincy Market Ben Franklin, you know, the one who gets crabby if you try to take his picture without paying him. No word if he started yelling at her or didn't mind because he was off the clock.

By - 3/31/08 - 3:06 pm

Enuh Cork reports on the screaming band of teen-age girls at Back Bay station this morning:

... They didn't seem to be in distress since they were laughing between screams. Police officers took notice, but reacted indifferently. I think once they understood that there was no danger, they went about their business. ...

By - 3/30/08 - 1:58 pm

Boston Police report arresting a guest at the former Charles Street Jail (now known as the Liberty Hotel) who was allegedly spoiling for a fight in the lobby last night. When they arrived and he offered to duke it out with them, they escorted him to another building with bars on the windows.

His arrest comes a month after he was arrested for raising a similar ruckus at Olives in Charlestown.

Also click on the link to read about the perils of inevitability: Boston officers already at the Forest Hills T stop on another matter got on a train just in time to see a guy unzip his pants:

Officers shortly thereafter observed the suspect removed his private parts from his pants, and ordered him to zip up his pants, and get off the train. The suspect stated to officers "It's too late!" At this time officers observed the suspect start to urinate all over the floor of the train causing people to scatter and scurry away from the suspect.

Finally, in the mayhem department, police report that when security guards at the Back Bay Lord and Taylor tried to stop an alleged shoplifter, he warned he was armed and willing to shoot. They backed off; police report arresting the guy at Clarendon and Stanhope.

By - 3/25/08 - 2:12 pm

One of these days, alarms will start blaring at a T stop and people will actually pay attention. But not today, and not at Downtown Crossing, Jenny Frazier reports:

... It took me my entire walk up to the Orange Line to realize that not a single person, including myself, batted an eyelash at the heinously loud alarms. Instead we all just continued on our merry Bostonian way. ...

By - 3/19/08 - 9:42 am

Yes, it's another episode of "Compare a busy, decaying Blue Line stop to the stunning, rarely used Courthouse stop on the Silver Line." Today's contestant: Fabulously Out There, who reports from the decaying steps leading from the Blue Line to the Orange Line at historic State Street station:

... There is a woman sitting on the stairs and a MBTA dude standing in front of her.

My immediate thought? A drunk? This early. Jesus christ. Then I noticed her business attire clothing and while I am walking down the stairs I am noticing several chunks of one of them crumbled on the floor.......then I pass the lady and she's in tears holding her ankle talking on her cell phone while the MBTA guy talks on his walkie-talkie. ...

Maverick vs. Courthouse.

By - 3/18/08 - 9:15 am

Sam Baltrusis provides proof with a photo from the Orange Line's Mass. Ave. stop.

By - 3/7/08 - 1:50 pm

Halleyscomet reports on a man wearing a trench coat on the northbound Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing this morning:

... His legs were bare, but he wore dress shoes and black socks. His chest was also bare, something that was visible because the trench coat was not buttoned at the top. In his hand was a pair of dress slacks, shirt and tie. They were on a hanger in plastic as if he'd just picked them up from the dry cleaner. ...

By - 3/5/08 - 9:32 am

Flann wishes the Orange Line had more conductors like the one she rode with one rush hour:

... One evening she got fed up and yelled "If you don't get back BEHIND the YELLOW LINE you WILL be DRAGGED BY THE TRAIN!" ...

By - 3/4/08 - 6:28 pm

Orange Line to Forest Hills this evening: Three teens, two girls and one guy, are trying to figure out where they know each other from. They figure it out and they start to chat, when one of the young ladies asks the guy where he lives:

Seaver Street! Wooo, Seavey! You must hate me 'cuz I live on Seaver, but I don't rep Seaver.

No, she didn't hate him; by the time we got to Forest Hills, they were trying out secret gang handshakes with each other.

By - 3/3/08 - 3:47 pm

Flann reports on a knife fight on one of the shuttle buses the T was running instead of trains along the Orange Line north of Boston on Saturday:

By - 2/29/08 - 9:40 am

Sam Baltrusis says this photo he took at the Orange Line stop is freaking him out because he sees a ghost in it.

By - 2/24/08 - 6:45 pm
Tough guy

When I saw this ad on the Orange Line yesterday, my first thought was, "Ooh, that guy looks tough; I don't want him coming over here and ripping my cell phone out of my hands and snapping it in two." Or something like that (since I never use my cell phone on the T because, really, I have nobody to call).

Betty Noir, however, looked at that ad and wondered why the T can't hire copywriters who know how to use semi-colons; like the one that should come between "Please limit your cell phone usage" and "loud conversations can disrupt everyone around you" instead of the comma that uncomfortably rests there. So she is thrilled to report that somebody with a Sharpie has changed the comma there to a semi-colon, at least on a Red Line platform at South Station.

It's enough to make Andrew Watson wonder if there is a tribe of Grammar Vandals in Boston, armed with felt-tip markers as they fight against the forces of darkness and bad grammar.