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By 10%, WCVB reports.

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Crowds on the Red Line

Just another day on the Red Line. Photo by Mike Atlas.

There were a few delays on the T this year. Here are some of them, set to rhyme.

Note: In collecting these headlines, I realized my meter really sucks. I should work on that in 2016, although even better would be if there were fewer opportunities for me to resort to rhyme. Also, this is far, far from a comprehensive listing of all the major delays on the T in 2015. I missed some (especially early in the morning), I didn't try to make light of delays caused by, say, people jumping in front of trains, and during the Winter of Our Discontent, my brain was just too cold to try to organize too many rhymes.

Train of the damned in Lynn (Photo by Laura):

Dead train in Lynn

Stacking 'em up during an Orange Line delay (Photo by Meredith Sandiford):

Orange Line problems

Green Line track woes (Photo by Turlach MacDonagh):

Green Line track problem
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Scollay Under sign at Government Center MBTA station in downtown Boston

The MBTA has released a batch of photos showing the state of Govermment Center station as it approaches its spring, 2016 re-opening, still on schedule despite having to replace all the glass panes in the above-ground part of the station (if you click on the link, scroll down the page a bit for the photos).

Stairs and escalator take shape: Read more.

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The Orange Line is a bit of a mess right now. Then again, it's Friday, and it's raining.

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I like how they removed the phrase 'three year duration' and replaced it with "completion in December 2018". Technically the same information, but sounds like " we hope most people will gloss over it and not do the math".

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Around 6:25 a.m. a train needed to be taken out back and shot at Andrew. Inbound, of course.

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This time, an outbound Stoughton Line train met up with the ferryman between Forest Hills and Readville around 5:30 p.m. As JDB put it:

Stuck on broken down #mbta commuter rail looking at sign stating that #mbta is ready for winter.40 min delay this morning. #IRONY.

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Train 806 from Providence crossed the River Styx just north of Sharon and now it sits there, forlorn and alone, its riders literally in the dark. Tristan, on the train, looks on the bright side:

At least easier to nap in the dark.

In other T news, inbound Red Line trains have "minor" delays due to a switch problem near Andrew; inbound Orange Line trains have similar delays due to signal problems at Ruggles.

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An Alewife-bound Red Line train developed some electrical issues shortly after 6 p.m. and that meant smoke at Central Square, so the train was taken out of service.

Around the same time, some young women got into a bit of a fight on the outbound platform at Chinatown just as a train was pulling in. The train was halted so police could clear up the affray, but, of course, that halted all the trains behind it.

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We only get one Big Dig, state declares: MassDOT and the board that now runs the T agreed today that they're not going to pay any more for the Green Line Extension than the state's already committed to, so if the project's costs can't be shrunk by a billion dollars or so, it's dead, unless "other sources" come up with the extra money, and by "other sources" they mean cities that really want the thing (both of them), landowners and developers that would benefit from being right on the proposed line.

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T workers managed to dispose of the carcass of a trolley that died at Cleveland Circle earlier this morning, but now there are signal issues at Copley jamming up the works.

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Jamaica Plain News posts some video of what happens when the local Honk band is waiting at Green Street for a train to a climate-change protest on the Common.

UPDATE: The music didn't stop when the train pulled in.

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Yes, it's another commute with signal problems at Braintee on the Red Line. However, all trains are operating with drivers.

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WBZ reports the driver of the runaway train used a cord to tie down the speed-control lever to bypass the "dead-man's switch" feature before getting out of the train to flip the switch that would let the train travel through red signals - the ones that had been plaguing the Red Line in Braintree all week. Oops: He didn't set the train's brakes first.

WBUR reports Gov. Charlie Baker called the untended ride "an isolated incident" that resulted when "a single individual made multiple errors."

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Kidlet got to school a bit early this morning and found this in the school library.

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The T is warning of "moderate" delays on the Red Line to and from Braintree this afternoon, due to signal problems. Of course, Braintree has been having signal problems all week, including this morning, when a train left the station without the driver who had gotten out to deal with them.

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State Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack acknowledged this afternoon that the train's driver left the train to prep it to deal with signal problems that have plagued the Braintree branch of the Red Line all this week.

But at an afternoon press conference, Pollack added that "operator error" is the primary focus of an MBTA investigation into the incident - in which a train traveled from Braintree to North Quincy without a driver. Read more.

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The T is investigating how a Red Line train managed to travel several miles from Braintree to the Neponset River without a driver at the controls.

Equipment tampering is one of the things investigators are looking at; trains aren't supposed to just move on their own volition, let alone travel several miles. The Herald reports the FBI is now on the case.

MassDOT reports: Read more.