Mission Hill

By - 9/25/07 - 3:05 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today found Etanis Cumba, 19, not guilty in the murder of Joseph Wilson, 20, on Oct. 2, 2005, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Prosecutors had alleged that Cumba crashed a Huntington Avenue party, got into a fight with Wilson and stabbed him several times in the chest.

Jurors deliberated for two days.

By - 9/17/07 - 4:03 pm

While riding a bicycle, Otelino Goncalves, 21, of Lynn allegedly shot a man at Bowdoin and Tovar streets around 1:30 this morning, Boston Police report.

About an hour later, police report arresting a Wentworth student, Aidan Lindh, 19, for allegedly doing his part to mark up Mission Hill:

... On arrival, officers observed the suspect applying paint to a US Mail Box. When officers approached the suspect, the suspect immediately dropped a can of spray paint (pink in color). ...

By - 9/16/07 - 3:45 pm

Specifically, to answer charges in Roxbury District Court: Boston Police report busting up three loud parties within an hour on Mission Hill early this morning, arresting a total of 10 Northeastern students; nine on charges of "being keepers of a disorderly house" and one on a charge of being a minor in possession of alcohol.

142 St. Alphonsus St., 89 Hillside St. and 1548 Tremont St. suddenly grew quieter after police showed up between 12:28 and 1:33 a.m.

By - 8/25/07 - 9:49 pm

Decosta Turner, 17, of Roxbury, was arrested yesterday morning at 71 Pontiac St., allegedly after breaking into an apartment, and police say he may be responsible for a string of recent burglaries in the neighborhood:

By - 7/25/07 - 9:59 am

Seems Andrew White, a.k.a. Tel, who marked up much of Mission Hill, pleaded guilty earlier this month to a felony charge of vandalism of property. In addition to two years' probation, he has to pay $10,000 to the Community Alliance of Mission Hill and Wentworth College. Harry Mattison of Allston, who attended some of the court hearings, is thrilled:

By - 7/23/07 - 3:09 pm

Reggie Knight, charged with fatally stabbing his girlfriend and a male companion 15 years ago, was found not guilty by a jury in Suffolk Superior Court today, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office announced.

By - 6/17/07 - 1:43 pm

Boston Police report:

Man, 35, found shot repeatedly near 194 Parker Hill Ave. around 12:40 this morning. Taken to Brigham and Women's Hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Man leaving a gas station at Cummins Highway and Itasca Street watches two guys shoot at a third guy around 3 a.m.; then realizes he got shot, too. Taken to Brigham and Women's; will live. Later, the guy the thugs were aiming for apparently checked into Boston Medical Center.

By - 5/22/07 - 5:23 pm

John Conley, 40, of Mission Hill, today pleaded guilty to manslaughter for using an aluminum baseball bat to kill a downstairs neighbor who was himself wielding a nail gun during an argument on April 12 of last year, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office:

Evidence and testimony would have established that (Frederick) Montgomery, who worked as a contractor and repairman, was holding a Ramset tool gun, a device that fires nails and resembles a shotgun. Seeing the object, Conley went back upstairs and retrieved the baseball bat.

By - 3/3/07 - 2:11 pm

Boston Police report that when a tow-truck driver asked a woman to move her double-parked car in a Columbia Road parking lot yesterday afternoon, she started cursing him out and threw oil at him:

The suspect was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon to wit: oil.

Alas, no word on whether the oil was motor or salad.

By - 1/19/07 - 1:22 pm

If BPDNews isn't enough for you, you can always sign up for the Boston Police's Citizen Alerts, which are e-mail messages designed to alert residents and businesspeople in specific neighborhoods about things they should be on the lookout for - patterns of specific types of crime and the like.

By - 1/8/07 - 9:02 am

Pixnit spray paints buildings and is an acclaimed artist. Tel spray paints buildings and is a common criminal. What makes one better than the other? A publicist?

By - 10/12/06 - 3:25 pm

Add border historian Charles Swift to the list of people who wish real-estate brokers would stop conflating neighborhoods. Specifically, stop calling Mission Hill part of Jamaica Plain:

... First, Mission Hill is not part of Jamaica Plain. Look at the two names. One has "hill" in it, the other "plain". These two geographic features are mutually exclusive. Jamaica Plain was that part of Roxbury which flattened out from Fort Hill and Mission Hill, from the Stony Brook over to Jamaica Pond. ...

By - 3/16/06 - 12:27 pm

John Daley snaps a cool, eerie photo of Mission Church at the end of one of yesterday's snow squalls.

By - 2/5/06 - 2:05 pm

On Left Center Left, Chris Cagle reports on the mystery that was the Ward 10 Democratic caucus for Mission Hill:

By - 12/17/05 - 9:11 am
By - 11/4/05 - 11:26 am

What do you people have against poor Dan Grabauskas? Yeah, I'm talking to you, Single Girl in the City. Just because the T reduces the number of cars on Green Line trolleys after the students return is no reason to complain about how overcrowded that makes things: