Mission Hill

By - 3/3/07 - 2:11 pm

Boston Police report that when a tow-truck driver asked a woman to move her double-parked car in a Columbia Road parking lot yesterday afternoon, she started cursing him out and threw oil at him:

The suspect was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon to wit: oil.

Alas, no word on whether the oil was motor or salad.

By - 1/19/07 - 1:22 pm

If BPDNews isn't enough for you, you can always sign up for the Boston Police's Citizen Alerts, which are e-mail messages designed to alert residents and businesspeople in specific neighborhoods about things they should be on the lookout for - patterns of specific types of crime and the like.

By - 1/8/07 - 9:02 am

Pixnit spray paints buildings and is an acclaimed artist. Tel spray paints buildings and is a common criminal. What makes one better than the other? A publicist?

By - 10/12/06 - 3:25 pm

Add border historian Charles Swift to the list of people who wish real-estate brokers would stop conflating neighborhoods. Specifically, stop calling Mission Hill part of Jamaica Plain:

... First, Mission Hill is not part of Jamaica Plain. Look at the two names. One has "hill" in it, the other "plain". These two geographic features are mutually exclusive. Jamaica Plain was that part of Roxbury which flattened out from Fort Hill and Mission Hill, from the Stony Brook over to Jamaica Pond. ...

By - 3/16/06 - 12:27 pm

John Daley snaps a cool, eerie photo of Mission Church at the end of one of yesterday's snow squalls.

By - 2/5/06 - 2:05 pm

On Left Center Left, Chris Cagle reports on the mystery that was the Ward 10 Democratic caucus for Mission Hill:

By - 12/17/05 - 9:11 am
By - 11/4/05 - 11:26 am

What do you people have against poor Dan Grabauskas? Yeah, I'm talking to you, Single Girl in the City. Just because the T reduces the number of cars on Green Line trolleys after the students return is no reason to complain about how overcrowded that makes things: