By - 1/17/13 - 8:47 am

WBUR posts a statement by US Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

Meanwhile, a California congresswoman is proposing changes to the law used to go after Swartz to try to keep anybody else from going through what he did.

By - 1/12/13 - 3:23 pm

Aaron Swartz, 26, who co-founded Reddit and who allegedly broke into an MIT wiring closet to download large numbers of academic articles from a non-profit database, committed suicide, the Tech reports.

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig expresses his outrage at the Department of Justice's prosecution of the case even as the database's owner declined to press charges:

By - 1/11/13 - 7:15 am

Pacman at MIT

A roving UHub photographer captured the scene this morning at the Great Dome, where Pacman hopes to gobble up the energy pills while avoiding Blinky.

By - 1/5/13 - 1:10 pm

In a lawsuit filed yesterday, MIT and Children's Hospital charge Shire Regenerative Medicine's product aimed at people with diabetic foot ulcers violates patents they hold for building skin grafts on a polyester matrix.

The two local institutions say Shire's Dermagraft, in which cells from newborn foreskins are laid on a thin membrane to grow a layer of skin that are then applied atop the ulcers that some diabetic patients develop on their feet.

They're seeking tons of money for the injuries the alleged patent infrigement has done them.

By - 12/7/12 - 8:02 am

The Tech reports last week's Cambridge power outage blew out so many wireless access points across campus that the school has had to order replacement units:

Until then, IS&T recommends connecting to the MIT network via Ethernet connections whenever possible. Students may visit the IS&T office in E17-110 to pick up an Ethernet cable.

By - 12/4/12 - 6:51 am

The MIT Tech provides the most detailed explanation you'll ever read of last week's Cambridge blackout, including an answer to the question:

Why didn't MIT's 20 megawatt cogeneration turbine power the campus like a lighthouse in a sea of Cantabrigian darkness?

By - 11/27/12 - 10:25 am

The story behind HoboJacket, in which the author spends most of his time discussing how he built the site and ends with a comparison to Mark Zuckerberg (note to kid: He went to, um, Harvard). Among the valuable life lessons he learned from making bums/Caltech the butt of his joke:

By - 11/10/12 - 1:49 pm

BocaNewsNow reports a woman in Boca Raton was initially turned away from the polls because she was wearing an MIT shirt. has heard from multiple sources that an election supervisor at the polling place ultimately realized that MIT stands for “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” — a school where students tend to know how to spell — and was not a campaign shirt for the Republican candidate, who spells his name MITT.

By - 10/30/12 - 8:29 am

And that answer is paintballs:

Sung Wook Paek SM '12, a graduate student in MIT's Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, says if timed just right, pellets full of paint powder, launched in two rounds from a spacecraft at relatively close distance, would cover the front and back of an asteroid, more than doubling its reflectivity, or albedo. The initial force from the pellets would bump an asteroid off course; over time, the sun's photons would deflect the asteroid even more.

By - 10/29/12 - 10:22 am

Oculus workers

A roving UHub photographer couldn't believe it when she saw workers at the top of the Great Dome, working on the tarp covering the oculus being installed there:

Seems that they've decided at the 11th hour to remove the tarp. Scaffold contractor is up there trying to remove it. I'm praying for these guys. Not good conditions to put it mildly.

By - 10/19/12 - 7:55 am

The Tech reports how MIT didn't wait for a subpoena to give federal investigators detailed network information in their probe of a guy charged with downloading millions of documents from a paid database after allegedly breaking into an MIT wiring closet.

By - 9/28/12 - 9:27 am

Great Dome at night, when an oculus wouldn't do much good. Photo by Ali Almossawi.Dome at night; not much use for oculus then. Photo by Ali Almossawi. Used under this CC license.

By - 5/19/12 - 4:12 pm

MIT yesterday sued two TV makers for refusing to pay licensing fees on digital-television patents it was granted in the 1990s.

In lawsuits against Funai - which makes Philips, Magnavox, Sylvania, Emerson, Funai, and Symphonic products - and Vizio - MIT says it held four patents at the heart of American digital television and that it's owed licensing fees and penalties because the two companies refused to buy licenses for the technologies, unlike other makers of TVs and Blu-ray players.

By - 5/7/12 - 1:05 pm

Channel 5 reports male mice fed yogurt gained shinier coats, bulgier testicles and just a more Tony Manero-like outlook on life:

"You know when someone's at the top of their game, how they carry themselves differently? Well, imagine that in a mouse."

By - 5/4/12 - 9:14 am

The Tech reports on MIT's latest plans for the area around its campus, from extending the Infinite Corridor to building a new residential tower on Sidney Street. Also in the works: A "river walk" from Kendall Square to the Charles.

By - 4/20/12 - 10:26 pm

Matt Saunders took this video of the Tetris game on the side of the Green building tonight (via Jessica).


By - 4/17/12 - 5:26 pm

Isaac Diaz looked out his window at work today and spotted something unusual at the Stata Center.

By - 4/15/12 - 9:54 pm

At the MIT Flea.

Turlach MacDonagh took in the first MIT Flea of the season (more info on the Flea).