The start of moving weekend

boxes 'n' stuffFabulously Out There reports from the fabulous streets of Eastie:

... Someone with GREAT taste is clearly moving out of her apartment and I guess some of the stuff she didn't want to take or didn't have room for are now on the sidewalk. I scored almost 10 books. Several art books, novels, a brand new Lonely Planet Guide for China...YAY! I also scored a kick ass lamp. ...

No known connection to the trash, but she also reports a Kate Hudson sighting at East Boston High.

Photo of the scene near Tufts by Sixes & Sevens.

Jason reports on the scene last night in Hudson-free Brighton, where he was helping a friend move:

... Evidence of people moving was already in full effect, with boxes and discarded furniture on the streets, moving trucks and pickups double-parked, and people carrying lots of stuff into and out of buildings. ...

Michael Pahre also surveys Brighton:

The U-Hauls have started circling the block, and double-parked cars and trucks are all over the neighborhood already. I've already gotten stuck behind two double-parked cars on the Comm Ave carriage road. Walking is always a better way on days like this.



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    Maybe we should start a UHub "Office" Pool?

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    Set up a bunch of squares with dates and times. $5 buys a square.

    When the first UHaul or Ryder or other Rent-a-Tall-Thing hits an overpass on Storrow, Memorial, or Soldier's Field road, the owner of that date/time square takes all!

    Last night

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    Last night at about 8 p.m. there was a major backup on Storrow eastbound. Why? A U-Haul was stopped just before the Copley underpass, trying to figure out what the heck to do. Yeah, it wasn't quite as exciting as the time (last year or the year before) when I saw a rental truck with its roof rolled back like the top of a sardine can, stuck in the entry to the Western Ave. overpass. Ah, good times.


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    Congrats, Shelley; your check is on the way.


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    Ironically, "the check is on the way" is what lots of students and parents have been saying this week as they try to move into the residence halls without having resolved their tuition bills.


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    don't I feel lucky, dorms open Sept 29th, fees including accomodation aren't due until Oct 20th.

    don't know why

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    but I like it.

    :) I'm doing my MSc IT at the University of York, in the UK. Can we say a wee bit of last minute argh!!! panic!!! is setting in before I fly out?