Tim McCarver needs to die. Now.

A commentator on national television calling on pitchers to drill Manny Ramirez?



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    At least he was honest. I

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    At least he was honest. I ain't a McCarver fan, but if Manny pulled that move 8 or more years ago, he would have been plunked next time up. And he would have deserved it, as well.

    edit: I just went back on the Tivo, and McCarver only said that "30 years ago, the way to cure that: drill him. If you drill him in the ribs, he doesn't do that anymore. If he continues to do it, you continue to throw at him. But the game isn't policed by the players anymore, its policed by the umpires and executives."


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    brilliant insight did he have about the 6 blind umps robbing Manny of a HR? I have RKO on even though they're a few seconds behind the action on TV.

    Bouncy, bouncy

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    He spent half his time babbling about the ball bouncing up and what that means and the rest of the time challenging Manny to step outside for not ending up on second.

    Manny's non-HR

    I didn't get to see it, but most of the subsequent news coverage (including today's Globe) says that the umps called it correctly: a ball bouncing into the field off the yellow line is in play according to Jacobs Field ground rules.

    Now here's what I don't understand: why would any opposing pitcher have cause to 'penalize' Manny for failing to run to second? Manny would be 'penalized' enough if Lowell had then gotten a hit (instead of striking out) and Manny had not been able to score because he couldn't get all the way home from first.

    Timbo had two Manny rants

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    He took it personally that Manny didn't run to second on the not-a-homer, you could tell somebody was up next to him with a big towel wiping the spittle off his teleprompter, but his call for Sabathia to throw a fastball at Manny's head came in the first inning, when Ramirez's mere presence at the plate set him to ranting about the way Ramirez did the touchdown move after his home run in the game the other day.

    Send him to a special hell when he does

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    Tim McCarver will get sent to an alternate reality after he dies - one where he is a young dominican child whose parents seem to forget that he exists from time to time, have to pass him around his relatives at other times, and who transport him to one of the nastiest slums in a foreign country where they pretty much abandon him. McCarver will get to live this life - over, and over, and over, but not past age 11 before it rewinds and the hell restarts.

    It would serve him right.

    On the plus side...

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    At least he didn't mistake Manny Rodriguez for
    Manny Delcarmen...that would have been pretty
    standard for both TBS and FOX...

    "Well, Tim, Manny DelMirez grew up in Hyde Park
    and played for West Roxbury High School, New York..."

    More votes for ending McCarver's reign of suckitude

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    Ben is disgusted:

    ... Tim McCarver is massive jackass ... He seems to hate Manny more than Dan Shaughnessy. Buck and McCarver, huge douchebags.

    Kristen: There has got to be a way to silence that man:

    ... Thank god the Sox managed to pull it out last night, lest we be subjected to thousands upon thousands of articles - on top of McCarver's histrionics - about Manny lollygagging around first and getting gunned down at home and oh my god, you'd think the man personally peed on Ted Williams' grave. ...

    Ben Ostrander can't believe Fox's "keys to the game," the Red Sox key being that "they have to win this game."

    I've been begging, BEGGING for those guys to go away and die

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    I've been begging, BEGGING for those guys to go away and die for years now. They're morons, they hate the Red Wsox, bash the city, and act like homers for whatever team the Sox are playing.

    Watching the Sox on TBS was so much more enjoyable, even though the announcers were incompetent, at least they were nice, reasonably insightful, and didn't pretend they were the ones everyone came to see. Its so excruiciating to listen Joe Buck and McCarver trash your team and root against them in Fox games.


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    Last night I was thinking that McCarvers comments were fairly insightful. At one point he was talking about how more and more pitchers are not working as hard on their fielding abilities and how the net result is pitchers who cannot throw the ball accurately to a baseman. I agree with this assessment.

    I also thought he was right on about how the Umpire did a great job of keeping a fight from occurring as well as his commentary around Beckett - both putting rumors of his "back injuries" to bed and giving him many kudos about what a great job he did in both games.

    Don't get me wrong - I've heard some ludicrous things come out of his mouth over the years but ironically I felt last night was not one of those times.

    I would love to see a format where the announcers in the post season include color commentary from an announcer from each team - like a Jerry Remy for us, and a Tom Hamilton for the Indians - plus a neutral play by play guy. These guys would change along with the teams that are playing at the time. I believe this would keep things balanced, and please the fans immensely.

    If you folks want something truly annoying to bitch about, how about the incessant playing of that song "Cleveland Rocks" or those ridiculous promos by Dane Cook?


    McCarver was right for once

    For once in his life, McCarver was right. I'm glad he called Manny out on national TV. Manny is a great, great hitter, but not a great ballplayer - he doesn't play the game right. There are plenty of great hitters who do play the game right, and I hope that once Manny's contract is up, we can replace him with one of them.

    As for the game once being policed by players - how about the game being policed by coaches? In an ideal world, Francona would have benched Manny after he failed to run out that wall-ball. But he can't do that because all of Boston would be yelling for his head, and Manny would probably sulk and sit out the rest of the playoffs.

    I like Derek's idea of having a color commentator from each city join a neutral play-by-play guy.

    So the right way to play the game ...

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    Is to intentionally injure people? Try to hurt and injure people? Break the written rules to keep some (insert racist explitive) in line?

    Puhleeze. Just you and your kids stay away from my kids, mkay? I don't like your bullshit "rules" for cheaters, and I don't like thuggishness being sanctified in any arena.

    The right way to play the game

    is to run everything out, and celebrate when your team wins, not whenever you hit a homer.

    I wasn't saying anything about beaning people... that's a different discussion.

    Watta Love Triangle!

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    Burn On -> Hunk of Burnin' Love -> Love that Dirty Water

    October 11, 1999

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    In 1999, my wife-to-be and I watched game 5 of the ALCS between the Sox and Indians at the Sligo in Davis Sq. For much of the game, there was a barfly with her head down at a nearby table. But she did lift her head long enough to say "Shut the @*#! up McCarver! You're such a chatty Cathy!"

    Sadly, McCarver did not heed her sage advice.

    All night long, McCarver

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    All night long, McCarver kept saying things like, "2 outs in the bottom of the sixth," and then, like 2 seconds later, "oops, only 1 out." Does he watch the game?! When they showed Becketts pitch count being at 73 while Sabathia's was at 106, McCarver said, "Beckett's pitch count is at 63," while FOX had the number up, right in front of him! Five seconds later, McCarvers all, "oops, 73." I don't have an official count, but he was doing stuff like that all night! Dear Tim McCarver, if you want to say somthing, pull your head out of your ass, take a deep breath, think about what you want to say, and then, and only then, say it.

    6, no, 10, no, 9

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    He also did it with some post-season record (number of games Beckett has won? Like Tim, I can't remember anything anymore). It was in the later ininngs).

    FOX Flub

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    My favorite flub of the night wasn't McCarver's; it was from some anonymous techie typist.

    They were showing a graphic of the pitching match-up for game six, Carmona vs. Schilling, and under Carmona's picture they had the following stats from game two:

    IP - 4
    ER - 44

    Which would make his ERA 99.00

    Bring him on for game six! I think the Sox can hit this guy :-)


    Tiimm'ys great

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    Are Yu crazie? Tim Mucarvur is auwsum. He catched for lots years and nos his baseball. Yu jerks.