Dear Mr. Manning: How 'bout that score?

Angela cannot believe how bad the officiating was:

... I've had to fight off the urge to puke for about six minutes but it's not bad. I liken it to tears of joy - this would be victory vomit. Good thing I didn't have a halftime snack or else this could get ugly. ...

Kristen confesses to a crisis of faith:

... I admit it, I lost faith. I didn't think the Patriots were winning that game. I tried to rationalize it and tell myself, "Well, it's better to lose to the Colts now than in the playoffs, right?" and "Maybe winning all of the games is actually a bad thing. Maybe Belichick is Obi Wanning right now." But honestly, none of that made me feel any better.

I'm not even going to complain about the officiating because that would just be sore winning, but I will say that if the Patriots can win a football game where Tom Brady performs well below the admittedly sky-high standards he's set for himself this season and the defense can look tired and, frankly, old, then this is one hell of a football team.

Beth: Thank God we beat those a-holes, horrible refs, broadcast homers and uncharacteristic mental lapses and all.

Always Thinking About Papelbon: The Tom Brady/Randy Moss relationship is more satisfying than all my previous romantic relationships combined.

Miss Von Schtoop: We ARE the Evil Empire Now Beyotch!

Sports of Boston cautions: If the Colts defense plays as they did today for the rest of the season, they'll be very tough to beat.



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    That was some of the worst officiating I ever saw.
    Calling pass interference against the Pats when the Colt player tackled him before the ball arrived, calling pass interference against Moss for simply jumping up to catch the pass... I lost track of 'em all there were so many bad calls.

    Hmmm ...

    I call for an automatic review of bank account activity for all officials involved in that game. This either was really really poor performance, or it was something else entirely.

    Maybe they really are just that lousy and they really didn't mean to make so many unevenly distributed bad calls. I wonder why there isn't some automatic provision for financial review of referees for any huge big betting game, let alone when they turn in this sort of amateur hour.

    Putting on flame suit .... I

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    Putting on flame suit ....

    I think the Pats would have lost that game had Marvin Harrison been on the field. When the two teams meet again in the playoffs, the outcome might be different. The Pats have no answer for the Colts' running game, and with Harrison on the field, I think our defense will be inadequate in the playoffs.

    Questions about the officiating aside, I have to say that our coach showed no class at the end of the game when meeting Dungy midfield.

    Too many Massholes worship the ground he walks on, but in the end, Belicheck is a jackass, albeit a winning jackass.

    Flame activate... What did

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    Flame activate...

    What did you want him to do, hand Dungy a cupcake? They shook hands and exchanged a few words. That's no more or less than anyone else does. It's football, not a tea-party. This whole, "the Patriots have no class" thing needs to stop. It's not running up the score when you go for it on fourth down because, on fourth down a team is more likely to be stopped than on any other down. Kicking a field goal on fourth ensures a score, while going for it, more likley than not, ensures a turnover. It's not the Pats fault that their opponents failed to live up to their end of the bargin. Furthermore, point differential is a tie breaker that could effect post season seeding. Sure, the Pats are on top right now, but what if they suddenly suffer a spate of injuries and have to slog it out for the rest of the season; those points will be pretty usefull then.

    It's not the 2001 Pats

    By Fornya on

    That team (2001) showed amazing discipline on the field. Hardly any penalties, and very few of those were costly in terms of yardage. Sunday's game was quite different. Aside from the really bad (read: wrong) pass interference calls, the Pats had a number of really stupid penalties. They've got to get those under control (things like Seymour's spike).

    That being said, holy shit were those pass interference calls terrible! And costly in terms of yardage. Just look at the box score:

    Pats: 10 penalties - 146 YARDS!
    Colts: 4 penalties - 25 yards.

    That ain't right. And never mind the return of Harrison, the Pats need to figure out a solution for Joseph Addai.

    I'd be more impressed with

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    I'd be more impressed with the argument about our needing more self control if JUST ONCE the Colts had been called on any ONE of the late hits on Brady!

    NFL Should be Ashamed

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    The officiating was so bad, and so one sided against the Patriots, I had to turn the game off. I've since heard about several other events - a Patriot was on the ground and a Colt walked over and kicked him in the head. The ref was right there, it was caught on camera, and nothing was done. Add amplified crowd noise and Brady's radio being jammed and my opinion was pretty much cemented on how fair this game was. The NFL should be ashamed.

    Bottom Line

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    The Patriots won.

    The NFL or the Colts or God may or may not be doing all of these horrible things to them, but they won. They've been kicking ass and taking names. They appear likely to continue to do so. If they get through this season undefeated, amidst all of this (either real or imagined) rubbish, there will be little doubt in anybody's mind as to their status as the best football team of all time.

    Bring on the distractions. It just makes the winning sweeter.