Officials, media, rent garments over poor election turnout

But seem unable to look in the mirror.

The Outraged Liberal, meanwhile, compares democracy in Boston, where nobody votes and we have a Mayor for Life, and Pakistan, where lawyers are getting beaten by police and getting thrown in cells for daring to want the right to vote:

... Joni Mitchell said "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." The lawyers of Pakistan know. Do we?



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      Lawyers in Pakistan

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      I didn't know it was something political causing the beating, I thought it was because they are lawyers. drumroll, please


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      Render unto Caesar

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      But as Woody Allen once wrote:

      "They rent their garments, then raised the rent but refused to paint."

      Actually, according to Merriam-Webster, we're both right (everybody's a winner today!).


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      Rent is the past tense (I'm not paying it anymore). However, you want the verb tense to agree with the subtitle / continuation of your title sentence, "But seem unable to look in the mirror," and so it should be rend. Otherwise, you'd have to change seem to seemed to preserve agreement.

      More examples of how the media didn't give a damn

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      Adam Reilly reports:

      ... Exhibit A is the invisible candidacy of Carlos Henriquez, who challenged longtime incumbent Chuck Turner in District 7. As far as I can tell, the Globe didn't do a single article about Henriquez; the Herald gave him a column (by Wayne Woodlief) and passing mention in a crime article by Michele McPhee. He did get some nice attention from Boston magazine, but it came immediately before the election. True, Henriquez was a long shot. But the press helped make his race basically invisible.

      Exhibit B is John Connolly, Boston's newest at-large councilor. In 2005, the first Globe article mentioning Connolly ran on April 10. This year it came on November 6, the day of the election--and only because of some ill-advised anonymous attack pieces Connolly sent out the prior week. ...