Obama, Obama, Obama

Seems Margery Eagan didn't refer to Barack "Osama" once yesterday, but three times. At least the Herald's fixed it online.



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    Every time I blog about either one, I'm so nervous that I got it wrong that I go back and check repeatedly. So far I haven't screwed up that way.

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    She should be more careful

    I mean, it isn't like someone with a name like Margery Eagan doesn't share an ethnic group with a few radical persons known for shipping weapons and money to terrorist associations in their homeland.

    (actually, just about any ethnic group would fit that description ...)

    Just call it guilt by Assholeciation.

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    Oh, come on!!

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    Ted Kennedy just made a slip--so what? Who hasn't made a slip-up in speech now and then?? Also, he immediately corrected himself thereafter.

    Besides, I think that Ted Kennedy is one of the best, most steadfast Senators that we've had here in the Bay State. He's fought for people's rights, when many, if not most other politicians haven't.

    And, I'll add this: Mandated school busing, as much as it was a disaster here in Boston, does not, in any way, excuse the way that all the people protesting against busing went after Ted Kennedy and chased him into the State House. These people were out for blood--they wanted to beat the shit out of him and kill him. That, imho, was disgusting...and nasty!!

    As for Mary Jo Kopechne....for god sakes, leave that go already!! She's been dead almost 40 years.

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