God, I thought only my father and sister could eat stuff like this

Apparently, spaghetti and ketchup is a Swedish delicacy (OK, technically, dad and sis ate macaroni and ketchup, but, still):

... If you have left-over spaghetti all you need to do is heat it up and sprinkle some moderate amount of ketchup on it and breakfast is served. An awesome duo, like peanut butter jelly but with class, taste, refinement and elegance. ...

Complete with stomach-turning photo.

High Holy Days at Nehard Shalom Community Synagogue



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      FUNNY... every year after

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      FUNNY... every year after christmas I toss pasta with some ketchup, heavy cream, shredded cheese and some diced christmas ham. It's delicious... who knew it was a reflection of my Swedish roots!

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      It is NOT a midwestern thing!

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      My Texas cousins used to put ketchup on their eggs. We never did anything so heinous in Minnesota, though.

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      What she said. I can't brag

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      What she said. I can't brag about Iowa cuisine, but we did not think ketchup on spaghetti was a good idea.

      Not that there weren't some marinara sauces that were distressingly close...

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