Everything Mitt Romney did wrong

John Ellis compiles a Romney Campaign Mistake List - which includes the Mittster's you'll-still-have-me-to-kick-around speech yesterday:

... Having mismanaged their candidate to political defeat, the Romney team added insult to injury by spinning his departure as reminiscent of Ronald Reagan’s defeat in 1976. This is preposterous. Reagan electrified the conservative movement in 1964 with his televised address on behalf of Barry Goldwater. Reagan came within one endorsement -- Strom Thurmond's -- of wresting away the Republican nomination from Richard Nixon in 1968. And when he arrived in Kansas City in the summer of 1976, he had carried any number of critical states by majority votes (and in some cases, by wide margins) in Republican primary elections. Reagan left the stage as a force because he was a force. Romney leaves the stage having carried Michigan and Massachusetts and a number of caucus states. ...

Via Jay Fitzgerald, who has a much shorter list:

... At what point do you stop blaming the consultants and blame the candidate who so casually brushed aside integrity and honesty? Mitt lost because Mitt's character allowed him to be multiple Mitts.

Speaking of the speech, Mike Ball dissects it. David Bernstein takes a few whacks at the speech as well.



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      Dear Mitt,

      Think of the number of illegal immigrants that you could have funded (paying out of state tuition expenses of course) with that $35m....

      hahahahah you schmuck....

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      'scaping by

      They would have to mow his lawn first, then it would all be okay.

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      The Paranoid Android speaks.

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      Please, its algorithm couldn't keep up or understand what happens in the real world. It could not compute. It has to suspend its campaign. Too much money spent; it had to abort while it still believed in it (regardless of the reality and pun intended, of course).

      I could almost see the sparks coming out of its ears during its speech. It's the closest thing thing to actual emotion I've ever seen that thing do. The software must be getting better. It's amazing what they can do these days.

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