Isn't France the France of the 21st century?



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      Holy Crap

      He's like his own caricature.

      What the hell ever happened to the f----- establishment clause? Anyone?

      Romney is just infuriating,

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      Romney is just infuriating, that he is out of the race and off of the televisions soon will add years to my life.

      How he was less than transparent to anyone is beyond me.

      I'd be even more pissed if I were french.... I mean the country allowed him to dodge Vietnam, and then he pisses on it.

      Wow. If his departure from

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      Wow. If his departure from the campaign can upset the liber^H^H^H^H --sorry--, progressives this much, it's even more the pity that he's out.

      I have to part with Mitt on one thing, though. If one of the Dems manages to get her cankles back in the White House again, it wouldn't surprise me to see her shift back to the more hawkish persona we saw back 5 or 6 years ago when it was politically useful.


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      Dave 9or is Bill o.?), take the Fox News hat off again and re-watch the video and re-read the comments. How are Liberals upset by this? We laugh. We laugh at the rubber android of Mitt. The only thing that upsets us is that he isn't in the campaign to spout more silly jibberish. And that was the stuff that makes our fat, welfare filled,bellies chortle with joy.

      By the way, progressives are different than liberals. But maybe Mitt taught you that when he wrecked our infrastructure and made a mockery of Massachusetts. He'd say anything to make you happy. I think Mitt is actually for Progressive Marriage but against Liberal Marriage anyway...

      Your saying that we are upset s akin to us saying Mitt left the campaign to help out his many wives. Duh!

      the liberals weren't the

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      the liberals weren't the idiots that could be convinced that Romney was a conservative.


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      Can't we expect at least a modicum of respect and intelligence on universal hub? Maybe craigslist rants and raves is more appropriate for your trash talk, Dave.

      I wonder why Gates has to

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      I wonder why Gates has to beg and threat for more EU troops to fight extremists... maybe it has something to do with the fact US has extremists of itsown in charge and apparently even bigger ones running for office lol... Attacking germany for refusing to take up offensive opperations in a bs "crusade" takes the irony cake of the 21st century and it has barely started lol

      Man I only wish I was around 1k years later jsut to se what judgment history passes onthis crazy period and its main actors lol...