Roslindale set to "Roslindale"

Jim Galofaro put together this tour of the neighborhood, set to the song by Birdbrain. Rozzie rats will notice a couple of now gone landmarks - the Happy Hour and the JFK radio and TV repair shop.



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    I assume that someone got

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    I assume that someone got sick in Roslindale, so they took them to the Faulkner - in Jamaica Plain.

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    What about Head and Mags selling their wares down at fallon Field?

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    Not as dark as we intended

    That's me playing drums, and also helped write the song and flesh out the concept for the band. The video makes it look pretty nice and suburban. That's the rub with Roslindale I suppose. Nobody who's never done more than drive past the W.I. can really understand the underbelly of it. Folks sort of assume you're suburban middle class. I have gone on to study and work with the suburban middle class and I can tell you we aren't it! More of my friends growing up died from drugs or violence than graduated.

    Anyone else here have Birchill for home room in the 70's? Remember the card games, the weed, the "moon-baahs", the pills, the sex, the pandemonium... in middle school? Good times!

    They did not get this in Westwood baby.

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