The Back Bayification of Allston

Andrew Teman notes with disgust the arrival in Allston of a frou-frou sushi bar and a salon that promises "Metropolitan Grooming For The Metropolitan Man:"

... I'd prefer Allston keep its Allston feel, and that the chic-Back-Bay joints stay over in the Back Bay, which isn't that far away.



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I'm sure they have some space for you in Lynn

Wow, if you're that nostalgic for the Allston of the 90s I'll break into your car, vomit on your front porch and get into a drunken brawl.

I went to BU, so I spent alot of time in Allston. The college bohemian vibe is intermixed with creepy homeless people, the stench of vomit and the spectre of date rape. A few 'higher end' businesses who don't want to pander to the 'I'm a poor college student' life or attract people who might actually come to Allston to spend their money and shouldn't take away from you enjoying the crapulence.

Unless you're under the age of 23 or some sort of hack stand up comedian going from job to job, I suggest moving out of Allston, selling the keg stand and Rush Box set, and growing up. Otherwise, go down to herrel's have some overpriced crap coffee, and shut your pie hole.

Not True

It's part of the college culture, the 'rediscovering the classics' - like how in the 90s, everyone had Joshua Tree and Nevermind?

Perhaps I should have said, "get rid of the Bob Marley box set and take down those posters."

I chuckle when I'm in Newbury comics and I see kids flipping through the same posters they sold 14 yrs ago. No Allston studio is complete without the Animal House poster.

Btw, anyone remeber the incident in 1996 where a carload of black kids tried to rob a guy on Comm ave who was using a pay phone in the late evening, and the guy pulled out a samurai sword from under his coat and stabbed two of the robbers before they fled in terror? To me, that was the turning point of Allston. =)

Mixing Decades again

Joshua Tree was 1986 dude. My boyfriend had a CD player and it was the first disc we purchased for it.

Nevermind was after we got married and were on our second apartment together ... 25% of my lifetime later.


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Wow, if you're that nostalgic for the Allston of the 90s I'll break into your car, vomit on your front porch and get into a drunken brawl.

You mean the Allston of 2000s?

You mean

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The Allston of the 1980s?

See, some things never change!


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THANKS FOR THE LAUGH!!! I NEEDED THAT!!! You and I could be great friends one mans opinion. I went to B.C. (live in Brighton) but I own two investment condos. in Allston that I care a lot about. My properties are NICE and my tenents always exceptional. It will be a long time if ever that Allston loses its bohemian vibe - a little come-up-ance here and there as the years pass by can only be a good thing for this neighborhood. Anyway - thanks - you said it much better than I.


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When they start calling your neighborhood NoCo (North of Comm. Ave.) or SoBe (South of Beacon) or WeSu (West of Sutherland Rd.) then its time to move. You dont want to see what moves in.


I have no idea what homophobia has to do with not wanting yuppies or Starbucks or overpriced condos in one's neighborhood.

Well, I suppose if you don't

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Well, I suppose if you don't want that, you could just like in a crappy area, like Slumerville. Oh look, people are fighting to keep the evil IKEA out!

I'm getting sick of people

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I'm getting sick of people calling Somerville "Slumerville."

There are some nice, family-centric parts of Somerville. There are also some rougher parts. I'd much rather live there than some place with a Starbuck's and a health spa on every corner. Get over yourself.

Also, Somerville has two Starbucks

One in Davis Square, the other next to a laundromat near Porter Square.

Everyone came to an agreement last year regarding the IKEA, and construction will start later this spring or summer.

Wow, and the IKEA is only

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Wow, and the IKEA is only ten years late!

Maybe now the mayor will let in the Olive Garden. They blocked them from opening in Assembly Square because it would degrade the character of the area. HAH!

I don't care for Starbucks myself, but I'm sure that Slumerville will be more acceptiong of them once they open in a triple decker with a chain link fence. The staff will be all white Tufts students; their overpriced rents are what is keeping that city from degrading into another Lynn...but even Lynn has better public transit.

Watch your pocketbook at that farmer's market. ;)

It isn't the Olive Garden,

It isn't the Olive Garden, it's a pissant city like Somerville thinking it is too good for a chain restaurant. OG's are crap, and I'm not a fan of Starbucks either. Bottom line is, live wherever you want, but if you're thinking of moving because there's a new sushi place within walking distance, seek help.

Keep in mind the guy who actually posted about this is an underemployed wanna be stand up comic in his late 20s, but Allston is nowhere near 'up and coming' - look at the hole central square continues to be, and yes Ron, we know living in Somerville makes you cream yourself, get over it already.

An Olive Garden

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Why would anyone want any establishment whose proper name is preceded by an indefinite article?


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If we started today, tearing down one Allston building and replacing it with one Back Bay building, how long would it take to make one neigborhood look like the other? Furthermore, how much would the whole process cost?

Here's your answer: don't worry about it.


Huh? Homophobia? Those ridiculous Sowa Nowa SoHa anacronyms start popping up when the gays START LEAVING and the developers and realtors are trying to attract the straight suburbanite yuppies into thinking they're buying into something edgy and chic.