The Mittens of the Beast

If you've been reading UniversalHub for a while, you may remember the Subway Knitter's CharlieCard mittens, which let you magically tap your hands at the gate to make it open.

Someone recently mentioned the pattern for these mittens on a knitting site called Ravelry. And you should see the discussion that this caused:

I just saw this on the preview of IK [Interweave Knits] Winter issue and it reminded me, I heard on a knitting podcast that people who take subways have been getting their hands embedded with an RFID chip so they don’t have to show a pass!!! On IK Winter there was a pattern for these mittens:

Honestly! It’s sad but it’s prophecy coming true. However, many will take the mark of the beast because they didn’t know God’s Word!


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The Googles do something, however.

Some of the comments are pretty loopy, but I couldn't help remember all those police department programs to fingerprint kids back when I was in gradeschool. Looks like they're still spoon-feeding people the same bullshit.

A vision

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I have seen God.

And she knits.