West Roxbury restaurant pulls up steaks

The Transcript reports Vintage - not just West Roxbury's only steakhouse but its only restaurant with valet parking - shut down yesterday, barely a month after it got a new chef.

The chicken wishes to give Vintage a hug:




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damn it

Vintage was one of the first projects that i worked on at the firm i used to work at. thats really sad, food was good and i always loved the building design and the interiors just worked so well.


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I have a friend who does a perfect imitation of the chicken on that sign. I'm about the only person who gets it. That says something about both of us, but probably not anything good.

Where did you get the graphic, Adam?



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Love the Topsy's graphic. I went to Vintage once and was not too impressed. Overpriced and not too original. I wonder if the location didn't help either.

Vintage comments

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The majority owners are clamming up, but the Boston Business Journal talks to the chef brought in a couple months ago, who says he "pulled the plug" when the existing owners refused to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars to upgrade the place.

Hmmm... sounds suspicious

My guess is that they are not closed at all. When I last spoke to the chef, Jeff Fournier, he indicated that they would be changing the look and feel of both the menu AND the space. They are probably do construction... my co-worker just saw Jeff yesterday (in Hyde Park... getting ready to open Townsend's) and he didn't mention any issues with Vintage. Let's just wait and see...


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I called and the recording says they are closed for remodeling............

Vintage is now an ex-Vintage

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I just had it confirmed by somebody in a position to know (who, natch, doesn't want his or her name used): The majority owners pulled funding (for the renovations you heard about on the voice mail) and locked the doors on Monday.

Also, if you go to the restaurant's Web site, you now see:

Closed for good

Only with a lot more black around it.

Sad to see them go....

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OK, I never made it there, although I wanted to try it out. I always heard that they had "Boston prices" with sub-downtown food quality. And yet every time I drove by it seemed like the parking lot was packed and people were coming and going. Let's hope that the 99 will come in and take over. We really need more family-friendly restaurants in the Parkway area. It kills me every time we drive to Dedham to go to Friday's or to Walpole to the 99. I'd love to have more local options.

Farewell Vintage...let's hope your failure will bring on something new and needed!


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99 tried coming to that area once; the community decided it didn't want one where the IHOP used to be (granted, that was on the actual parkway part of the parkway, but still, right next to the Home Depot, too).

Good riddance. Capital

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Good riddance. Capital Grille prices, and the 99 has better steak. I went there 3 times hoping to not have to make the trip in town for good steaks, but 2 out of the 3 times were just terrible.

Vintage reopened under new

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Vintage reopened under new ownership and management a few weeks ago!!! Check out the new menu and prices at vintagewestroxbury.com