The first Rozzie Plain blogger get-together

Live in Roslindale or Jamaica Plain (or even just in a neighborhood that borders one of them)? Meet your fellow neighborhood bloggers for a beer:

Wednesday, May 14th, starting at 7 p.m. in the back room (yes, the famous back room) at Doyle's Cafe, 3484 Washington St. in JP (map).



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    Wowsers, yes

    I'll be there. Mike Ball, a.k.a. massmarrier, for Marry in Massachusetts, Harrumph! and Left Ahead!

    (Maybe I need an explanation point for MinM, eh?)

    I look forward to bending elbows with JP/Rozzie/WR bloggers.

    Credit where credit is due

    By on

    This was all Mike's idea, folks. I mostly just kept not doing anything at all about helping to organize it. So when you come, buy him a beer!


    Great place to get together! I like the worn linoleum. Hope they didn't replace it.Enjoy!

    Gotta be there

    By jpbeat on

    Looking forward to the first *JP* Rozzie get together.

    No Jim Sullivans Imminent

    By on

    It appears that we both have come up with work-related commitments for that evening. So, instead of two Jim Sullivans, there will be none present.

    (Although, given the common availability of people with our name in this area, you'll probably be able to grab one off of the street if you feel that the shindig really requires one.)



    hope to make it

    By Sarah on

    I hope to be there, even though my adoption blog has gone private. My husband who has an illustration blog at will join me. Sounds fun!

    Prior commitment

    By on

    I'd be there if I could, but I can't, so I'll look forward to future gatherings.

    Me too

    By on

    I'll be there! (Dorchester counts as a neighboring neighborhood, doesn't it? And my wife works in JP...)