New Rozzie Square cafe more of a new Rozzie Square sub shop

The Square Corner Cafe on Washington Street is getting closer to opening - they've posted menus in the window.

And those menus look a lot like the menus at the area's other "cafe" - the Checkmate: Pizzas, subs and pasta, with a few things such as salmon thrown in. No breakfast listed.



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Well, it will still be much nicer than the nasty storefront that was there before, but I was really hoping for good coffee and breakfasty things like bagles. We may have seven bakeries in the area, but we basically have one coffee shop - Emak's, which doesn't really do breakfasty things and has pretty mediocre coffee.

Aw, too bad

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It hasn't opened yet, and I'm already disappointed. I live two blocks across the street, and was hoping for a place like the Centre Street Cafe, not just another sub shop. Even a place like Java Jos would bring me in for lingering over good coffee, a bagel sandwich, and free wifi. Oh well.