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It's always most cool to put faces with the blogs you've been reading for months or even years - let alone catching up with some folks you've known for awhile. Last night, about a dozen of us blogger types, from as far away as Dedham and Dorchester met up at Doyle's Cafe basically just to say hi. Alyssa lists some of the folks and posts photos (including one of me taking a picture of her). Mike Ball proved far more organized than me - he brought name tags (and pens, even). Even the Drew Gilpin Faust Fan Club represented. It was most fun, we should do it again, and next time I should bring the kidlet.



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      A blog format for Boston City Council notices

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      A blog format is needed for the notices from our Boston City Council. Setting up the blog is a bit problematical. The difficulty is the format of the notices. The problem is how to receive and forward the Council notices including
      . Council Committees Hearing notices
      . City Council Meetings Agendas
      . City Council Meetings Agendas Revised.
      . Legislative Calendars
      . and various updates, cancelations, revisions et al

      With a blog people would be able to exchange ideas and comments.

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      Hi, Don!

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      How are you today?

      What do you think of the original topic in this post?

      Bloggers Meetup

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      Sorry I missed it. Previous plans prevented me from going out. There should be another meetup soon, easily accessible from East Boston with format including
      . Good Location at a Friendly Bar
      . Relaxed Comfortable Atmosphere
      . Appetizers and Pub Food For Those Who Want It
      . Casual Discussion
      . and various photography, URL exchanges, plans for future events et al

      Details of previous meetup at
      Boston area bars
      Current Major Leage baseball standings


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      As in ...

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      "So I'm browsing the site while drinking my morning coffee and I read this thing Michael posted and it makes me spew coffee all over the keyboard and now I have to go over to IT with my shorted-out laptop and explain how I destroyed it this time."

      that sucks.

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      not usually a happy response

      Oh, didn't happen, sorry

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      I was just imagining what could have happened. I'm actually on one of my longest stretches of not destroying my laptop; must be at least a year now (the last time, one of the IT guys rose up from his cube, pointed his finger at me and yelled "Murderer!").

      I don't get it

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      ...what was funny about his post? I'm clueless.


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      Don Warner Saklad (which always sounds like a character in a Zorro movie to me - "I'm warning you for the last time, Don Warner Saklad!") has been WTFing the Internets since before the Web even with these often-off-topic, cryptic posts. He used to be the Archnemesis of the Evil Librarians at the BPL, but now he tilts more frequently at the Boston City Council's failure to provide stegographic, um, stereographic, um, stenographic meeting minutes. He also occasionally makes a lucid point.

      There's a far longer Donroll here, but it might not make much more sense if you're not familiar with his oeuvre.

      Yes, yes!

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      Michael's comment was basically a parody of Don's.

      sorry I missed it!

      By Sarah on

      Looks like a good time was had by all! I hope you put another one on soon!

      Sorry I couldn't join you,

      By Andrew on

      Sorry I couldn't join you, although glad to have been in the arboretum with the family. Will try to make the next one.

      What a great idea

      Adam-- What a great idea! Is there going to be a follow up? I would love to attend in the future.
      Beacon Hill


      Somehow I missed the details on this soiree. I remember everyone talking about it a few months ago, but never saw a post about a date and time. Oh well...

      I think you should start an email list Adam! That way you can keep us all in the loop when these things happen! :)

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