Was it fun on the Red Line this morning?

What with the fire near Porter forcing passengers onto buses and all?



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    A real blast. I just got

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    A real blast. I just got into work after walking like a refugee from Davis to Porter, intending to walk all the way to Harvard. The shuttle buses at Davis didn't arrive, at least while I was there for 10 minutes, and by the time I got to Porter and had some breakfast to kill time the line was back up and running. It wouldn't have been so awful if it weren't the hottest day of the year.

    minor inconvenience

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    It was not a big deal. It took me about 15 minutes more time to get to work.

    No bus for me

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    Nobody forced me onto a bus; I just walked a mile to work. It felt like three miles in this heat, though.

    Oddly enough....

    I was prepared for the worst, but the train
    that arrived at Central about 8:35 was not only
    mostly empty, but had fully functional air
    conditioning. Amazing.

    Unrelated note: that sidewalk shutdown on the Longfellow
    isn't working out so well. Most people are simply walking
    in the bicycle lane instead of the closed sidewalk.

    Screwed up traffic, Lots of Cyclists

    I decided to bike the "low" roads and loaf my way through Cambridge and across Prison Point. I first heard about the mess from a traffic cop at Mossland and Somerville Ave., who was directing traffic around some construction in the area and said there was a "fire at Porter" causing traffic to divert away from Mass Ave.

    I also encountered a bunch of cyclists who had encountered problems when they got to Davis and even Alewife, went home and got their bikes, and were riding into work or over to Harvard. A couple got their text messages and just grabbed their bikes instead, despite the heat.

    Hence the value of warnings: people can take other modes and not join into the mess.


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    I waited for 20 minutes for a mythical shuttle at Porter and then walked to Harvard Square in the miserable heat where I waited for the Harvard Square train for 15 more minutes. I switched over to the Green at Park Street and my B train went Express, causing me to have to get out at BU and wait for another ten minutes. A++ commuting experience.

    All along the watchtower

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    CharlieBlog starts a new feature: FireWatch:

    I think its time to begin a new series here at the CB called "FireWatch", which, in addition to being another made up word consisting of two otherwise separate words, will follow track fires, smoke, and other "fire department activity" around the system.


    Chasing fires? No problem. Ray Flynn can help.

    would have been fine except

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    that when i got on around harvard, we were stuck right outside of central because of some medical emergency at south station.

    'it's a hot day out there, so please remember to keep hydrated,' the conductor reminded us. thanks, mbta!