If it's not as fresh, it could be Legal

Larry Davidson compares the fresh soft-shell crabs at Roche Bros. and the Legal Seafood fish market and finds the Roche Bros. versions "tastier, fresher-tasting, and plumper" than the ones at Legal.

He also wonders why the Shaw's and Stop & Shop in Dorchester can't be as well stocked and have as good employees as the Roche Bros. in West Roxbury.



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Is he talking about south

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Is he talking about south bay?

I'm always finding expired and soon to be expired food on the shelf's there. It's horrible.

Is he talking about South Bay?

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Anon asks whether I'm talking about South Bay. Yes, but only in part: I frequent not only South Bay Stop & Shop, but also Freeport Street Stop & Shop, Harbor Point Shaw's, and Lower Mills Shaw's.

Roche Bros gets their

Roche Bros gets their seafood from Foley - it always seems to be better than the other local supermarket supply.

F*uck Roche Bros, horrible,

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F*uck Roche Bros, horrible, overpriced store, the one in Acton is a rip off. Market Basket forever!!!

New Deal Fish Market:

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I like New Deal Fish Market even though it's somewhat pricier, because they never buy any given type of fish that customers request unless it looks really, really good when comes off of the boat. Moreover, their fish is tasty and fresh, and they have a wide selection of fish, too. If, however one wants a specific type of fish, it's best to phone them in advance to see if they have it in that day. I've gone there myself, and their red snapper, wild king salmon, wild coho salmon and their Alaskan black cod are excellent.

It's also much tougher to get really fresh fish now that many of the fishing hatcheries have been shut down.