Swearing not allowed in front of ladies at Fenway Park

Yell "Yankees suck!" all you want, but don't be unchivalrous about it - or threaten to punch out other fans. Boston Police report arresting an alleged lout from Somerville for refusing to stop being crude and rude, in particular toward a distaff Yankees fan in the Green Monster seats at last night's game. Or as the BPD describes it:

It should be noted that the area that the suspect was seated in was heavily populated by families with small children. Additionally, the suspect during his tirade against other fans, Red Sox and Yankee fans threatened to punch other fans.

Officers advised the suspect that he would have to leave or face arrest after they were informed of his behavior. After the suspect was told of his impending arrest, he exclaimed to officers, "I paid $300.00 for this ticket and I am not leaving! Arrest me!" Officers complied with the suspect's request, placed him under arrest, and transported him to the station for booking.

A gentleman until proven a ruffian.



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    Rivalry Ruined

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    I haven't been there for one, but it sounds and seems like the crowd at the Yanks/Sox games at the fens is totally different from the average game's crowd. You can tell by the number of obnoxious people waving at the camera on their cell phone - It's not 2003 anymore, soccer mom/fidelity middle manager X.

    At least we didn't have to listen to Joe Morgan last night on ESPN. I have a newfound respect for Jon Miller.

    This has been true for a long time

    I've had season tickets for a while now (nearly a decade), and early on I wanted them so I could always get in to see the Sox/Yanks games. Now I practically give those tickets away to friends because I am sick to death of the bullshit. Unless it's the playoffs, I'm just not interested in dealing with 35 kilolouts[*]-worth of drunks who don't actually know anything about baseball. I'd much rather go see the Royals a couple of nights each summer. They're seldom good, but sometimes they're interesting in a novel, low-key way.

    [*] Kilolout: the amount of stupid generated by one thousand people who've had too many $6 Bud Lites.

    Jonny Miller

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    He's great when he's not saddled with that Red Sox hating clown Joe Morgan.

    My brother used to be a

    My brother used to be a wrestling fan and I remember going to the Fleet Center (at the time) a while back and for some insane reason people started chanting yankees suck during a WWF performance. Being the good older brother I was a bit taken aback by it, then realized that some guy just set another guy on fire in the ring 5 minutes earlier and got over it. It just shows tho that we have this base level of crazy fans with no decorum or sense of when it makes sense to do things (Ive heard it at a Bruins game, and at other Red Sox games where the Yankees werent even there!) Its insanity and Im happy to see that Fenway Park is looking to control it , even if its only in a small portion that happened to be be teeming with families.

    It's not just local...

    I've heard it on TV at a Sox-Rays game (huh?), but also at a U2 concert before the show started (huh?).

    And speaking of families, what really makes my blood boil is the number of parents who encourage the chant amongst their offspring. And the tasteless anti-Yankee paraphanalia sold by vendors along lower Brookline and Boylston Streets.

    There was a moment of

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    There was a moment of silence for a former Sox manager or coach at last night's game, and someone shouted out "Yankees Suck" during that as well. Very classy.

    What section was he in?

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    What section was he in? Sounds like the guy sitting near me at one Sox game.

    Foul mouths

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    I wish someone had ejected the guy in the bleachers of last year's ALCS, Game 7, who kept yelling at Grady Sizemore that he "sucked [male anatomy term]". I was there with my sister and her 9 year old, and she was afraid to say anything because we weren't regulars in that section. Finally around the 7th inning someone told the guy to shut up, but why let it go on so long? I wouldn't have been as bothered if he hadn't thrown in the male anatomy term.

    If you had told an usher or

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    If you had told an usher or security, they would have told the guy to knock it off right away. He would get one warning. A second complaint is an automatic ejection. Works every time.