Comm. Ave. to get bike lanes

Boston Biker has the scoop on the new lanes between Kenmore Square and the BU Bridge.



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    No offense

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    No offense to bikers but these are not all that necessary. Comm Ave was never that fast anyways thru BU. Students are just going to stand in the lane every light and use it as a prep station for jaywalking. With the "beautification" project removing most of the parking around BU, expect the rest of the lane to be used as parking/double-parking.

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    Comm Ave is a fast area.

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    Comm Ave is a fast area. Cars race by (literally, drag races)

    The story is sad for many reasons.

    1) Theres no scoop in the link provided
    2) It took until 2008 for Boston to get a bike lane
    3) It took until 2008 to get a bike lane that neither protects bikes nor pedestrians.

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    Too fast an area

    There are far too many cars and motorcycles that drag race up and down Comm., and there are too many thoughtless pedestrians wandering out into the street and bikers who want to jockey through traffic.

    What I can't figure out is how the "beautification" is going to be sustainable. There are some lovely flowebeds replacing the parking meters, but flowerbeds cost money to replant year after year, especially after heavy snow and salt during the winter. The meters were a revenue stream for the city (and so were the tickets), and now that's gone.

    Sigh. Beauty at any cost, I suppose.

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