Kefteh after dark in West Roxbury

It can be hard to get to Samia's on Centre Street in West Roxbury when you just have to have some Middle Eastern meat - Samia closes her door pretty early these days.

I stumbled on a place tonight that can meet your kefteh and kibbeh needs at night: Cristelle's, which recently expanded and moved to a new location at 5268 Washington St.

For the most part, it's your basic pizza/sub shop (although it now also serves breakfast, including crepes). But owner Krikor Garabedian has put kefteh and kibbeh plates on the menu (along with a chicken shish kebob wrap). For $9.95, you get meat on rice with a small side salad and hummus. I got the kefteh. Very good. All that was missing was some pita bread.



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Do they...

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..have falafel ??

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I don't think so

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I could've missed it on the menu boards, though.

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