Caribbean parade

Parade: Women

Third Decade took in the Caribbean Carnival parade in Roxbury today (that's one of his photos above).

Joe Driscoll also took photos:

Parade: Man

Lolita Parker Jr. also posted photos.



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    Our Culture?

    Which of our cultures would that be? Or do you not get out much?

    Not sure how old you are

    By on

    but those halter-tops look quite young.

    They didn't build 'em like that when I was a teen.

    Assimilation... a two-way street. "OUR" culture is, or at least should be, embodied by the acceptance of people from all backgrounds, of different orientations, of different ages, and different social creeds.

    While in many ways we should consider "OUR" culture as a "mixing bowl," it sometimes is treated more like a "tossed salad" by those who can't accept the heritage of various communities.