Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, Blue Line-a-phone

Michaela reports that on a Blue Line ride from Maverick to Government Center yesterday afternoon, not only did the conductor not pick up the phone, he or she left the PA on so all the passengers could enjoy the ringing, too:

What's the deal, MBTA? Why didn't anyone pick up a phone that was ringing in the conductor's cab? So annoying. I'm actually pretty intrigued no matter how annoying it was. Who was on the other line? Who called the train?



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was it her cell phone?

She may be letting the passengers know, she is not on her cell phone while she's driving the trolley.

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Maybe ...

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It's part of the Carmen's Union's new Work to Annoy action.

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They certainly were in fine

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They certainly were in fine form today on the Red Line. Switching problems at both Alewife and Park Street. Sure, that may have been for real, but the trains weren't exactly speeding zippy along once some of the traffic subsided.

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