Teen charged with murder on an MBTA bus

Jonathan Sanders, 19, of Dorchester, has been charged with gunning down another teen on a T bus last spring, the Suffolk County DA's office and Boston police announced.

Conveniently for authorities, Sanders was already locked up, on an unrelated probation violation at the Nashua Street jail. He is scheduled for a Thursday arraignment in Dorchester District Court on a charge of murder for the March 30, 2007 death of Dwayne Graham, 18, of Hyde Park.

Graham was killed on a 23 bus around 4 p.m. at Washington Street and Columbia Road.

The Suffolk County DA's office and Boston Police say grand jury investigations into a spate of street killings around the same time last year continue.

Innocent, etc.



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    27 Bus?

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    I think either the bus route number or the intersection given is a mistake. The 27 runs between Mattapan and Ashmont, via River Street from Mattapan and then Dorchester Avenue to Ashmont. I used to take it somewhat often when I lived in Lower Mills.


    23 Bus

    is what the linked Globe article says.

    Yeah, 23

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    I'm on another typo roll. Fixed.

    Alleged gunman held in lieu of $750,000 bail

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    Well, not that he was going to be walking free, given that he was already in jail, but in any case, Dorchester District Court Judge Tracy-Lee Lyons set bail at $750,000 today, the Suffolk County DA's office reports, adding some more details of the official version of events leading to Graham's death:

    Hallal said that evidence developed in the course of the grand jury investigation suggests that a group of teenagers began chasing the bus – which was moving slowly due to heavy traffic – near the intersection of Normandy and Washington streets. Some of them were yelling and hitting the sides of the bus in an apparent bid to challenge Graham to a fight.

    As the confrontation further escalated and both groups exchanged words, Sanders allegedly drew a handgun and fired a single shot at Graham, who was standing near a window. That shot, Hallal said, went through the window and struck Graham in the head. The young man fell to the floor, mortally wounded.