DA: T fare evader was also carrying loaded gun

See what happens when you don't pay your fare?

Part of a new T ad campaign that started today.

A man arrested Friday night for trying to avoid paying for the T will be arraigned this morning on illegal gun possession charges, the Suffolk County DA's office says.

Transit Police nabbed Cristobal Garcia after they spotted him walking through a fare gate at Ashmont station right after somebody had used his CharlieCard, the DA's office says. On a pat frisk, officers found a .40-caliber Glock semiautomatic loaded with nine rounds of ammunition, including one in the chamber, prosecutors say.



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Im going to assume the

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Im going to assume the patdown was due to his actions besides fare evading.

However, remember a couple of months ago the TP said they would ignore fare evaders and focus on real crimes?

Obviously those willing to evade fares may be willing to do more

patdowns and fare enforcement

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Everything within your control is subject to search during an arrest. The laptop in front of you on a desktop is fair game; your car 2 blocks away is not. The 9mm handgun in your pocket sure is!

Not like it matters, anyway- as with most of these losers, they'll be back on the streets in days.

I watched two girls run through the gate at Green Street in JP; the station "attendant" was 20 feet away outside yakking to a friend. When I told her they'd run the gate, she told me that "the cameras got it" and "it's not worth me getting beat up over."

So much for "see something, say something."

Solution to that problem

Arm everybody. If the attendant yells at the girls to stop, and they turn and see her holding a gun, I guarantee you they'll be brought to justice.

As for the ad campaign, I dared to not pay my fare recently, but that's because the Silver line driver emboldened me by refusing to collect it.

Are you nuts?

Yeah, good idea, arm everybody. Half the population can't tie their own shoes but you want to give them guns. I hope you don't have one.

Garcia's bail was set at

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Garcia's bail was set at $5,000 (prosecutors recommended $20,000); he'll be back in court next month.