Free ride on the Franklin Line

Sure, his train this morning was 40 minutes late into South Station. But, Steve Sherlock reports, at least the conductor announced over the PA:
You can put your tickets and passes away. I am not going to get around to checking them today. Don't leave them behind.
Does Channel 5 know about this?



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    Makes sense, arent trains

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    Makes sense, arent trains delayed over 30 mins free anyway?

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    No they are not free. Trains

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    No they are not free. Trains over 30 minut3w late -you can apply for the "on time service guarantee" refund. However, if the tickets *aren't* collected, those people who do not have monthly passes are essentially getting 3 free rides if they choose - the ticket that didn't get collected, and the round trip reimbursement.

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