Damn you, DCR: You made her miss brisket

Nothing should stand between a girl and her Chanukah brisket, especially not the crappy, axle-cracking condition of Charles River Drive in Watertown, a grumpy Mels grumps.



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Missing my brisket wasn't the worst.....

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Although it is very tasty (pat mysrelf on the back), we just missed her over at our house for a nice holiday dinner and to light the candles with us.

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Ummmm... where?

I am guessing that she means Nonantum Road (neither Soldiers Field Road nor Charles River Road [not Drive] across the river), and near to the Charlesbank Road (not Charlesgate Road) intersection. Nonantum Road's surface is truly awful. (Charles River Road is in good shape -- I've biked it many times.)

Nonantum Road has a rebuild design in place and funding that was bonded this year -- but Governor Patrick has not yet released the money for starting the work. (I bet he's trying to get federal dollars for it instead at this point.)

Anyone who has ever traveled Nonantum Road eastbound east of Charlesbank Road knows this: never, ever drive in the right-hand lane. It has potholes so large that they have been known to swallow up whole beavers. (Yes, I have seen a beaver on the side of the road near to one such pothole. Why he wandered so far from the river is anyone's guess.)

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She's updated the location

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And so have I.

Missing good brisket'll do that to you (and Pomsmith is just cruel).

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That is exactly what

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That is exactly what happened with the location mix-up; I was starving!! :) (I also wasn't expecting so many folks reading the blog entry.) Fortunately, my friend saved me some brisket and is handing it off to me this afternoon so that I can enjoy it for supper.

The previous poster is talking exactly about the spot where I popped the tire: right hand, eastbound lane (whatever that road is called in that location.) I am glad to learn that funding has been allocated to fix the road; it would be nice if they got on that before anyone has a bigger accident!

The driver from AAA mentioned that I might have some recourse with the Commonwealth, but I don't know exactly how to pursue that. I am going to write a letter of complaint to the DCR once I get my repair bill.

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and even worse . . .

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We made kugel and latkes, too! But luckily Mels won't have to wait long . . . the handoff is in about 40 mins.

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