Police warn of gang fighting in West Roxbury

Shades of Fruits and Vegetables: Boston Police are bracing for trouble in West Roxbury this weekend following a fight on Centre Street last weekend that left three teens seriously injured:

After investigating the incident it was determined that the dispute was between teenagers from West Roxbury and other surrounding neighborhoods. These individuals are students at Catholic Memorial, Boston Latin, and Boston Latin Academy.

Officers from E 5 are expecting a second incident to occur this weekend. The Area E5 police officers will have zero tolerance for this type of behavior. In order to be preventative in our approach to this matter we ask residents to be vigilant and to communicate any information they may have to the police. Be mindful of where your teens will be spending their free time during the weekend, and enlighten them on the consequences of not only being involved in a fight, but merely just being present during it.



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Shoulda asked Mumbles what he's doing about it...

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The marble mouthed thug (aka the mayor) was getting takeout at Fresh Catch last night on Centre St.

Although what I really wanted to confront him about -- as his cop chauffeur eyed me walking by -- was the infamous "Menino's Mosque", a sweetheart deal the corrupt cruller-crunching cretin (aka the mayor) made with anti-American Islamic radicals.

Google "menino's mosque" and read the Phoenix article.


As if.

I mean, Boston has so many cops already that we can afford to let countless officers act as traffic lights, or put their lives on the line guarding gas workers, and telephone workers, and construction workers, and all manner of civil servant ... somehow exerting their unearthly protection powers while sitting in their cruisers talking on their cell phones, or reading a magazine, or outright sleeping.

(For the record: this condemnation is aimed directly at Mumbles for not hiring more officers to police the streets, and not the actual officers, who technically aren't doing anything wrong by working detail ... though, could they at least not sleep on the job while my taxes pay for their services?)

So despite the fact that traffic gets stopped every day around 2/2:30 on Centre St, by roving gangs of h.s. hip-hop thugs and punks who cross the street whenever and wherever they want while laughing at you and acting like they own the street (until a truck runs one over) ... I guess we just don't have anything to worry about.

Like Obama, "Mumbles will take care of me!"

Oh, my god, poor Westie!

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It sounds like sheer hell! Especially with all the squashed thugs lying about the street.

Roving gangs?

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I'm on Centre St. around that time pretty often & the only roving gangs I see are gangs of mothers in mini vans going to pick up the kids. How did I miss the hip-hop thugs?

Did you look ...

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Under the wheels of the semi that's always parked in front of the Starbucks?

You must be at the wrong end of Centre.

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Try where Spring runs into Centre, between Shaw's and Tony's.

Count the number of jerks walking down the middle of the street, blocking traffic and laughing it up while they strut and hold their pants up.

And lest anyone think this a racial comment (and yes, the above kids were black), I've also been privy to having to drive around a pack of about 20 to 25 white kids brawling in the middle of Centre (again, by Shaw's, where I live). It was in the evening, and it looked like a bad Spike TV "When high school kids go bad!" video.

Where are the cops??

Ah, Spring Street

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That's been gangland going on 40 years now, based on the old newspaper clip Tony's still had on the wall the last time I went in there.

Could one of the problems be that some of the brawlers are kids of cops? Wasn't that one of the issues the last time West Roxbury was almost overrun by punks, oh, three years ago or so. Then again, it's not like the BPD normally warns a neighborhood of impending street brawls, so maybe they are being more active this time with the knuckleheads.

As much as I enjoy the incongruity of the idea of Westie gangs

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The last time around, the Fruits and Veggies actually put some people in the hospital - for that matter, let's not forget the serious injuries the police said happened two weekends ago. There's something to be said for putting the fear of God into these "good" kids from Boston Latin and Catholic Memorial who think they can do whatever the hell they want just because daddy wears a uniform.

Man, next thing you know I'll be yelling at them to stay offa my lawn.

West Roxbury Rap

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Mah name is Lucky Charm
I’m gonna do some harm
The ladies all hurry
To the West of Roxbury

Wicky wicky wicky wicky

My hat’s cocked to the side
But my acne it don’t hide
With my pants around my knees
You can see my BVDs

Wicky wicky wicky wicky

It’s the wearin o the green
Not the wearin o the clean
You best be runnin scared
From my dirty underwear

Wicky wicky wicky wicky

You might call me suspicious
But I’m magically delicious
I ain’t never gonna stop
Cuz my fat old man’s a cop

Wicky wicky wicky wicky

Yeah boyooo

Did you call?

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If you saw an actual brawl in the middle of Spring St., did you call the cops?


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Roving gangs of h.s. hip-hop thugs... from West Roxbury... aka wiggers..

If you've missed them, it's because your involuntary laugh reflex momentarily blinded you.