I'd almost think Dennis and Felger are closeted but ...

That would be an insult to gay men.

Ed. note: Post updated to reflect the fact that Felger was filling in for Callahan.

Seems the boys are avid readers of the Boston College student newspaper, the Heights, and they spent 15 minutes on Tuesday discussing an article on male friendships on campus. Only being the bottom dwellers they are, it was more like they spent 15 minutes thinking up ways to call the students quoted in the article "gay," as the Heights reports:

The commentators made a number of derisive comments about students who they specifically named on air. They asserted that the students are in fact homosexual and that the friendships they share with other men are not as they say. At one point, the commentator referenced a particular student, and, upon reading his name, said, "If that's not gay, I don't know what is."

And then, after their show was done, Dennis and Felger shared a manly chest bump and smashed a couple of beer cans against their foreheads.



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    I didn't hear the show, but

    I didn't hear the show, but I just read the article, and it does seem a bit odd. I get the whole concept of "bromance" and all that, but some people seem to embrace it a little too much, to the point where it gets kinda odd. Maybe its a generational thing, I have had the same best friend for almost my whole like (25+ years) and am sure at times I had the same type of relationship they are talking about in that article, but we always had some sort of group of friends around us as well (not that we didnt hang out, it just wasnt at fancy dining establishments with candles and roses on the table lol.) Maybe Im past that point and am in the old married couple stage of the relationship. It sounds like alot of these friendships started at the beginning of college, so maybe the freshness adds to it?

    Nothing New

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    The term bromance is, well, asking for ridicule, but certainly the concept of deep friendship between men is nothing new. I have several very close relations with other men similar to what the article describes. In my day it was called male bonding.

    Let me get this straight ...

    (as it were ...)

    These guys are saying that when men are close with other men, it makes them gay.

    CHB says that a man being BFF with his girlfriend makes him a girly man.

    That's pretty sad - you can't have friends, at least not close friends - and still be a man?

    Friendship = quiche of death?

    I listened to this segment,

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    I listened to this segment, it was completely in jest as most things are on WEEI. In the same segment, the hosts were also poking fun at themselves for their own "bromances" and "man crushes." Though maybe not the most politically correct, the segment was not gay bashing.

    Simple example of locker room vs. academia communication breakdown, something that happens far too often and is a two-way street.

    Come on, look at that forehead

    I'd take this much more seriously if D&C didn't sound like they were touching each other under the broadcast table most of the show.

    They are barely credible observers of sports. When they veer off into politics, they are out of their depth, and I turn the dial.

    Just to be clear, I think

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    Just to be clear, I think this was John Dennis and Mike Felger - Gerry Callahan has been out sick since Monday.

    Slander lawsuit in

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    Slander lawsuit in 3...2...1...

    I wish WEEI would just take those idiots off the air. They barely talk about sports, which you'd think they might want on a sports station, and the rest of what they say is usually bigoted nonsense.

    I listened to D&C yesterday

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    I listened to D&C yesterday morning through this whole segment and it had me laughing hysterically. And, because it was Felger instead of Callahan, they were milking it for all it was worth.

    For those of you who don't listen on a regular basis, Felger brings a sort of loose looniness to the show when he subs. I don't know whether it's the ungodly hour at which the show starts thus making all involved a little punchy by 9:00 AM, or if, like a lot of people under the age of 40, Felger seems to take human sexual attraction as being a rather fluid thing, but it makes for funny radio. Part of me wonders if he does his schtick only in order to poke holes in the heavy testosterone-laden atmosphere. Felger has gained a reputation for being enamored of certain people, both male and female. He's not afraid to admit when he finds members of both genders attractive.

    While the phenomenon described in the BC newspaper does make me feel a little itchy and scratchy, I have to stop and examine why. Is it because it challenges our ideas of what same-sex friendship is? Would I get just as itchy and scratchy if female friendships were being profiled? (Yes, and yes.)